Twitter Tools Reconsidered

Somehow without permission or warning the WordPress installation managed to fully delete the previously integrated and somewhat useful package of Twitter Tools.  (All of the WordPress additions had to be reset after the new update to allow the plugins to reset and function properly.) Maybe this breakdown will provide an opportunity to reexamine the integrated social networking environment contained within the weblog. Archiving Twitter posts within the weblog environment remains challenging and somewhat questionable. Content from Twitter remains extremely compressed due to the character count restraints. Perhaps the best method of archiving Twitter involves keeping a large single backup file.

At this point in the weblog life cycle the new strategy involves writing each morning for about one hour. Playing the video game World of Warcraft (WOW) has to be reserved exclusively for evenings after work.

Weblog Redesign

The new weblog redesign seems to be taking longer than usual. Part of the problem involves determining the best method for Twitter integration allowing a stronger social networking presence in cyberspace. At this point in history, at an individual level a general curiosity seems to be developing that surrounds the basic archive functions of the weblog.

  1. Should the last ten weblog post updates be considered more important than the archived version?

  2. How should the archive system be managed in terms of information stewardship?

Weblogging Thursday

The WordPress weblog platform has released a new stable software upgrade version 2.8 entitled “Baker.” At some point, the current weblog software will require updates. Before initiating the upgrade process, a backup of the entire weblog will occur in terms of storing files and exporting content. People using the Twitter micro blogging service have reported several problems with the upgrade today. Given the time considerations and headaches involved with software upgrade a wait and see attitude might be reasonable.

“WordPress 2.8 is available! Please update now.”

Completing the process will require following certain steps…

Step 1: Backup the complete weblog
Step 2: Download the content export file
Step 3: Store the files on removable media
Step 4: Consider the negative consequences of upgrading
Step 5: Initiate the 2.8 update protocol
Step 6: Provide exhaustive notes about the process

Update: No exhaustive WordPress 2.8 upgrade notes are necessary. The upgrade protocol appears to function correctly without any obvious problems or errors.