Coffee Rediscovered

As the truth would have it that single morning cup of coffee stands out above the rest. That first cup of coffee stands almost as a monument to the splendid reality of the day. Maybe possibility and possibility alone brighten the entire day. Perhaps, it could be said without that first cup of coffee the outlook for the entire day becomes slightly dimmer if not less resolute.

Nescafe Instant Coffee

A cup of water entered the microwave at room temperature. Two teaspoons of instant coffee grounds now reside in the heated cup of water. Overall quality of the Nescafe instant coffee has increased significantly over the years. For those people who simply do not have the time to wait for the coffee maker to produce viable results instant coffee provides a viable alternative.

Microwave Coffee

In the first part of 2010, the coffee moratorium ended; one cup of Starbucks instant Columbian brew just enjoyed some time in the microwave. After giving up coffee in principle since 2006, I can safely say the nature of the experience has not changed.

Thinking About Movies

Maybe a free trial from Netflix would be entertaining. The current configuration of mobile internet provides access to information without providing access to online streaming video. Maybe an interest in barbeque sauces could translate into a movie selection preference. After all some movies have to exist that are about the fine art of barbeque style food preparation.

Early morning writing does not tend to yield any publishable results. Maybe the art of writing take a few minutes to build toward an actionable conclusion. For some an early morning cup of coffee can become as standard as any routine. At some level, the habit of writing can overtake even the need for a cup of coffee. The habit of writing can even overwhelm the highest quality of coffee cup.