Brinkmann Smoker Project 2.0

Saturday June 27, 2009 will mark the second attempted barbeque project using the Brinkmann square vertical smoker purchased from the Home Depot. During the previous Saturday June 13, 2009 Brinkmann smoker project significant problems occurred. Mastercool infrared temperature monitoring suggested the Brinkmann smoker failed to reach an appropriate internal temperature for smoking a brisket. Several … Continue reading Brinkmann Smoker Project 2.0

Brinkmann Square Vertical Smoker Purchase

Could today be Brinkmann Square Vertical Smoker acquisition day? Does anybody have any good brisket rub recommendations? Marinade or rub? Apparently, the fine art of smoking represents an epicurean adventure that only rewards patience. Practitioners of the fine art of barbeque (barbecue/BBQ) must demonstrate patience. The Brinkmann Square Vertical Smoker project will begin with a … Continue reading Brinkmann Square Vertical Smoker Purchase