Day 168 the one where my Nexus 9 tablet made an appearance

Thank you for keeping vinyl alive

2018: Day 168 the one where my Nexus 9 tablet made an appearance

Dear Reader,

Charging my ASUS C101P tablet should be easy enough. It has USB Type-C ports and that should make it easier to manage. You may have already guessed from the title of the post that I forgot to charge my C101P. Right now it is charging from zero percent to whatever is usable. That opened the door for my Nexus 9 tablet to make an appearance. It has a bluetooth keyboard that mostly works and it happens to be fully charged. Strangely enough even though this is a Google Nexus 9 tablet the folks over at Google stopped providing updates at Android 7.1.1 with a security patch level of September 5, 2017. Overall my Nexus 9 tablet works better today than the day I purchased it. While that mind sound like a braggadocious statement it oddly is very true. As Android has gotten better so has the overall usability of the Nexus 9 tablet. It even has built in LTE service and can pretty much stand on its own as a computing device for basic writing or typing. Over the years what ends up returning it to storage is generally the keyboard. I do not really enjoy the writing on the bluetooth keyboard.

A number of different keyboards have been tested with the Nexus 9. None of them really feel very comfortable. I can write for hours on my ASUS C101P and that is really the core use case for why I need a laptop or tablet size computing device. A vinyl record arrived recently in a box that had an interesting phrase on the outside. It said in reasonably large letters, “Thank you for keeping vinyl alive.” My vinyl record collection mostly includes things from Kickstarter projects or vintage Warren Zevon albums that were purchased from eBay. I guess the collection also include a fair number of Eric Clapton records. Getting into vinyl record collecting seemed like a good idea. My Audioengine A5+ speakers are high quality and are fully capable of producing stereo audio. Given that most records are stereo these days it seemed like a good idea to get a record player and that is pretty much how it started. It seemed like a good idea and it worked out well enough.

Speaking of good ideas that worked out well enough the Nexus 9 tablet was not all that well received at the time. I’m still able to use it and it has worked well for me for a few years now. It is hard to imagine that something that was purchased back on Jun 28, 2015 is already so outdated that the manufacturer has stopped providing updates for it. At some point I’m sure it will get the latest version of Android P side loaded on it. At the moment the tablet is sporting the last official version sent over the air to update it Android 7.1.1. My Pixel 2 XL has a beta version of Android 9 on it right now and it works well. Selling people products and abandoning them after two years is a rough model. No option even exists to buy more upgrade time or to join a premium support model. That is a true flaw in the tablet and smartphone market. It feels like the latest technology gets all the support and anything that is more than a couple years old is relegated to the junk heap of history. A company like Google that only produces a handful of products does not really have an excuse to stop providing updates to the technology so quickly.

Right now I’m reading updates on how to update the Android version on my Nexus 9 tablet. It does appear that some folks have dropped a stable version of Android Oreo on the Nexus 9 tablet and have shared instructions on how to accomplish that online. Updating the device via a side process is something that I have avoided since the last update. For the most part the reason that I have avoided doing any updates is the support for the LTE connectivity that the device currently has. Apparently my preference to have LTE built into my devices is something that only a small percentage of people actually want and are willing to pay for. Both of my ASUS Flip tables have needed WiFi to connect to the internet. They are devices that have to be tethered to something else for internet support. A few Chromebooks do exist out on the market with LTE built into them for internet access. One of the 2018 models I’m tracking happens to be the Acer Chromebook 11 C732. That might just be my next Chromebook after this ASUS C101P gives out.

It might not seem like a necessary feature for a Chromebook, but I have found that having to mess around with turning on the hotspot and dealing with the battery draining consequences of having the hotspot turned on are enough to encourage me to seek alternatives. Right now I’m actually surfing the T-Mobile website to see what options they might be selling. The folks over at T-Mobile had a couple tablet options from LG and Samsung. None of those devices came with a rock solid keyboard. Overall the use case for the LTE being built into the Chromebook is that I want to be able to sit down and work. Things just need to work and that should be that. It should be very easy to accomplish. A good chunk of the time this Chromebook is able to find some type of WiFi during the course of my travels. It would be more secure to just have my own mobile cellular connection built into the device. My usage of Chromebooks does not really involve watching video so it should work out well enough.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado

Day 167 the one where things got back on track

A vinyl album cover

2018: Day 167 the one where things got back on track

Dear Reader,

Yep. The writing hiatus is over. 30 days in the valley of the real are complete. Part of it was devoted to working on a set of classes from Coursera. Sometimes learning something new or reinforcing something you already know can be a rewarding distraction. It seemed like a good idea to start and complete a series of 5 courses that made up the, “Machine Learning with TensorFlow on Google Cloud Platform Specialization.” Strangely enough it had been some time since I was doing daily homework, assignments, or taking quizzes. It took me a brief moment to get ready to take quizzes again. Instead of reading them for true right and wrong I had to read them based on the outcomes the instructor expected to see. That might seem like a slight semantic difference, but it really is a meaningful difference. My reading of the quiz and understanding of the questions might lead me to accept or reject things in a different way than it would be automatically scored. During the course of grading a quiz these sorts of things end up being binary. They are scored as right or wrong. Nothing exists in the middle. No grey area or opportunity for a philosophical debate exists. Strangely enough as a lifelong learner my tolerance for figuring out the edge cases has increased substantially.

As part of the whole big year of writing extravaganza a new blog post was being pushed every day at 22:00 hours. That worked out for a bit. Mostly that cadence did not work very well. That type of scheduled writing is pretty much over from here on out. I’m going to just hit publish in real time without using any schedule options. That is probably really for the best. Right now it is very early in the morning and I’m listening to my Warren Zevon Pandora radio station and writing. Last night instead of writing for an hour before going to bed I watched most of Part 5 of The Ranch on Netflix. That was not an example of high quality decision making that drives things forward. It was a moment of weakness that probably helped drive my interest in buying something like the Nebula Capsule Smart Mini Projector. Obviously, I don’t really need a portable projector. The new ones do seem nice, but the great 2018 projector vs. television debate is not something that I’m going to join at this time. My current theory is that portable technology will win out. That means smartphones, portable VR rigs, or maybe something else will end up winning out. Devices that are meant to sit stationary in a room are going to probably fade away.

These posts really need to diverge into two equally important paths. First, a path toward a more personal type of writing that really just explains the way of things in the moment. Second, a more technical essay driven approach designed to convey information in a meaningful and impactful way. Going down a third path toward writing fiction based prose has not worked out very well. I’m going to ignore that option at the moment. This blog post is about getting back on track and part of that is renewing my commitment to engaging in meaningful academic writing. Fulfilling that obligation probably will involve producing 15 to 30 minute blog posts and devoting more extensive blocks of time to engaging in the practice of producing academic prose. That caddence will create a scenario where my writing efforts are not going to yield a daily series of 3,000 word posts. Strangely enough that is probably for the best. Maybe a simple nudge toward a more achievable 1,000 words written during a single 20 minute writing sessions might be a more reasonable and utility effective daily writing goal. That is just 2 or 3 pages of single spaced prose produced on a daily basis and published online.

Today this blog post started out with a few thoughts on my writing hiatus. Stepping away from my creative obligations was easier than it should have been. That is the truly scare part of this whole effort to get back on track. Sometimes it is much easier to walk a path without contribution when a few minutes a day would open the door to being impactful. Maybe it really is like ripples in a pond and every little contribution has the potential to cascade out into the world well beyond the time it took to create. You might be wondering if the magnitude of that point is intentional. The answer to that question would have to be yes. Right now as we approach the intersection of technology and modernity the number of possibilities are nearly endless. Seizing those possibilities takes a bit of effort. The possibilities are not going to seize you. My new framework of hitting publish every 1,000 words is probably the right set of steps down the path toward being on track. Looking down the long and winding path toward a perfect possibility future might seem indulgent. Maybe it is or maybe it is just good to begin with the end in mind.

Breaking things down into a series of about 1,000 word essays, think pieces, or ultimately long winded chautauquas feels right. I’m about to hit publish and start the day. Today just might be the start of a wild and exciting journey toward making a last contribution. It could also be a day that involves a donuts some shots of espresso and string of literary false starts. Either way it is my day and will proceed on my own terms. Somewhere in the middle of that thought is a nugget of truth. I’ll work on figuring that one out later in the day. Right now in this moment my thoughts have shifted to breakfast. A simple 5 paragraph essay might not provide enough depth to cover that thought completely. Fortunately Netflix does not release new episodes of The Ranch very often. That should limit the number of nights completely lost to binge watching streaming content.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado

Day 137 the one with a few reflections and some snacks

Screenshot of Pandora

2018: Day 137 the one with a few reflections and some snacks

Dear Reader,

Oh the years do seem to blink on by at a pace that is mindblowing. Today was a day of reflection, triumph, abitition, and struggle. It was a mixed bag to say the least. At this very moment I’m listening to a recording of Joe Satriani play the Summer Song. A screenshot of that might very well be the thumbnail associated with this post. You might be surprised to find out that song is one of my favorite immersions into the world of electric guitar virtuosity. Maybe today was one of those days where I was full of advice to give, but short on advice to take to figure out how to go about catching up. Tomorrow may well be Friday and that is something that I am looking forward to this week. More or less to just to let things reset for next week. I try to embrace every day as an opportunity to strive forward. Every day presents an opportunity.

For some reason here at the end of the day I’m stuck in a very reflective mood. So much so that I have moved to my Joe Satriani Pandora internet radio station tonight. That one is usually reserved for periods of extreme concentration. Instrumental guitar albums are generally awesome background noise to help me concentrate. They occupy just enough of my thoughts to really let me focus in on something. Writing or working on something with extreme focus when it is absolutely silent just never seems to work out very well. It is entire possible that is just a quirk of how I relate to the world and the way i like to go about things. Sure it could work for others. I just turned down the screen brightness on my ASUS C101P to the lowest setting before the screen goes black. Soon enough it will be time to go to sleep and rest up for tomorrow.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado

Day 132 the one where I read the book Crushing It! by Gary Vaynerchuk

Nels and the book Crushing It

2018: Day 132 the one where I read the book Crushing It

Dear Reader,

Today I ventured out to an actual Barnes & Noble bookstore. Sure somebody at the store had to help me find a hardcover copy of the new Gary Vaynerchuk book, “Crushing It!: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence-and How You Can, Too.” We walked to the back left corner of the store and sure enough they had some copies of the book. I grabbed one and paid for it before heading out to watch a soccer game in the rain. Throughout the hour or so the game lasted I read the book. My evaluation system is pretty simple based on looking at the form, function, assumptions, and structure (FFSA) of the arguments being made. In this case, the argument is really disjointed by the inclusion of a series of testimonials. Some of the assides were interesting to read and a few of them were pithy and added some value. Most of them were just echoes of the original content. They were not really derivative or anything, but they were just an echo of the central message.

A lot of the content creators that entertain me on YouTube seem to really enjoy the words, speeches, and talks of Gary Vaynerchuk. The first time I ran into something from Gary was during an episode of the YouTube series “Hot Ones” hosted by Sean Evans. That was back on October 12, 2017 and it was an interesting episode within the series. I had to pretty much do some research to figure out why Sean Evans was talking to Gary. For those of you who have spent some time around me you know that I really do preach about the powers of staying positive and focusing in on finding that perfect possible future. My take on what I have ready so far from Gary is that we agree on being positive and pushing forward. The difference would be in the toolkit being deployed to push things forward and the degree of effort. I generally recognize that people have cycles of productivity and creativity. To do what Gary does and to really push a social media empire you have to be all in and always devoted to the cause. I’m always go and always pushing forward, but it is not with the same type of single minded purpose that Gary talks about.

Maybe that is something that I should spend some time pondering. My contributions are mostly written and are devoted to my efforts to help push society forward. Gary does seem to be onto something that resonates with people. Given the nature of the intersection of technology and modernity a certain degree of opportunity does exist right here and right now that has never existed before. Gary is describing how to use a increasingly powerful class of technology to help bring people together in a world where our attention is increasingly fragmented. Today I did not host a live stream on YouTube. That block of my time was spent reading Crushing It! The book overall was not a difficult read. I’m pretty sure that it is not intended to be a challenging read. Really figuring it out might take a few passes for folks that are trying to figure out the methodology and understand the differences in social media platforms and communication frameworks.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado

Day 131 the one with where I worked on some weekend planning

view of the park

2018: Day 131 the one with where I worked on some weekend planning

Dear Reader,

Talk about an epic failure on my part. All of the pieces were in place to fully publicize my blog post yesterday. It turns out that I forgot to enable the Path and Tumblr posting options. Today will be the first time that all the publicize options are actually selected. I’m not entirely sure it will make a bit different, but it will be happening today. It was one of those days where a few moments of planning would have trumped an of the false starts or failed plan executions. Sure that might be a little bit overblown. Somehow it just seems about right at the moment. My plans for the weekend are pretty undefined at the moment. Maybe having a rather open schedule for the weekend is what I need to move some things forward. We could also go and buy some mulch for the backyard and do some work outside this weekend. That sounds like a relatively fun thing to do or at least something that would be interesting.

Yesterday was the first day since buying a Casper pillow that I researched how to fluff the pillow. On the website it seems to indicate that every day is a day that the pillow should receive some degree of fluffing. It may not be the right pillow for me. Maintaining a daily routine that involves messing with a pillow is probably not something that is going to happen. Today is day 131 of this whole big year of writing extravaganza. I did breakdown and pay for one month of the Pandora internet radio streaming service. Overall my goal is to reduce my use of subscription services. This one snuck back into my life and it is probably directly based on my interest in listening to music. That is and probably always will be a part of my day.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado

Day 130 the one with some flights that did not have internet

sunset from airplane window

2018: Day 130 the one with some flights that did not have internet

Dear Reader,

A little bit of a gap developed in publishing to the blog. Some of that had to do with the fact that both of my flights this week with Southwest did not have an internet connection during the flight. Oddly enough that was really disruptive to my overall experience during the flight.

Let’s flash back to Monday and my flight…

This flight today has no wireless internet. This is the second flight in a row on two different airlines where the wireless internet was not working. Right now I’m writing on my Chromebook and watching the first episode of the Cobra Kai YouTube Red show. I downloaded the entire 10 episode first season of the reboot on my Google Pixel 2 XL. At the moment, that phone is sitting right in front of my Chromebook and I’m watching the series again and writing a little bit. This weekend I checked out a good portion of the Cobra Kai episodes. I mostly just downloaded the series to try out the offline made for YouTube. It works way better than the Google Play Movies offline mode that I tried out last week. The only thing I’m running into at the moment is some glare on the screen. Watching things on an evening flight is totally different. The level of glare present is way lower and that makes it easier to watch a show. Given that this flight has no internet connection getting anything done outside of writing or watching a show is really out of the question.

Strangely enough the inflight map still works. It says that this flight has 2 hours and 3 minutes remaining. I’m not going to get into any spoilers from the series, but it is pretty decent series. I’m guessing that this will continue on into at least one more season of content. They shared the first 2 episodes for free on YouTube so you can check it out and make a determination on your own. At this point in the flight, the second episode just started. I’m not exactly sure how many episodes that I’ll get through during the flight, but so far it is enjoyable. My seat this flight is right over the wing and this pilot has not flown through very much turbulence so far. The folks at Southwest gave me a bag of toasted veggie crackers. Sure I ate every one of them and watched some Cobra Kai. Maybe that is enough to hold off my need for lunch until this flight lands. At the airport, I had picked up a couple of protein and nut bars to help supplement my lunch.

About an hour into the flight the turbulence picked up a bunch. At that point, I could not really type anymore and focused on my Pixel 2 XL smartphone. It is charging right now via USB Type-C. My Jackery Titan charging brick works out really well on flights and other places. The only thing that makes me want to upgrade to the newer model is getting away from using a patch cable vs. straight USB Type-C to Type-C cable charging. Right now I’m using a cable that crosses over from the standard USB ports to the new Type-C reversible cable. Strangely enough the Type-C cables work out pretty well and not having to guess which way is up is oddly a pretty great feature. Maybe at some point I’ll go with an upgrade.

Sure that was a fun flash back to earlier this week…

My prose has moved back to the current moment. Things are pretty much being written in real time. This blog post will go online here in a just a few minutes. Normally, I do not write things and forget to publish them after the fact. Seriously, that does not happen very often. My publishing errors are usually on the side of being early vs. being late. Speaking of publishing things online. Right now this blog post will be automatically shared with Google Plus and Twitter. Earlier tonight I was considering updating the publishing notices to include LinkedIn. It also has push features setup for Facebook, Tumblr, and something called Path. Given that it has been some time since I gave up on Facebook that does not seem like a viable option. It is not really an option that interests me either. Apparently, I do have a Tumblr account. During the process of trying to setup an account the website prompted me to reset my password and log back into my account. Oh the suspense… I’ll kind of curious to see what type of account was setup.

It looks like some time ago I setup an account to connect to my blog posts and sent over maybe 25 posts. From what I can tell Tumblr is exactly the same thing that it used to be. Ok —- I have set up a new link from my blog back to Tumblr. Today here in a few minute I’ll make my triumphant return to Tumblr. That seems exciting. It kind of seems exciting. Maybe it might be somewhat exciting. I’ll probably forget about Tumblr after this blog post. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what the Path social network really is all about. I’m now all signed up for Path. At the top it is indicating that the website is still in beta that seems a little bit weird. This very blog post will be my first update on the Path social network. We will see how that goes I guess. Based on how things are setup over at Path I’m not exactly sure that anybody will ever see the post on Path, but the connect is setup and that is kind of interesting.

Now that all my sharing settings are updated the blog should be firing on all cylinders. Most of that linking was just for my own personal entertainment. For the most part the entire effort of writing and blogging is a very personal one. None of this writing product is really intended for a wide audience. Over the years the process of writing and publishing has really just been for my own personal entertainment. Sure this is online, but it still feels like my own little corner of the internet. It is not a corner where I yell get off my lawn or anything like that. It is more or less a pristine bastion of unexplored thought that just more or less remains the same. Maybe my writing has improved a little bit over the years, but who knows.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado

Day 126 the one where I ordered more stationary

empty airplane seats

2018: Day 126 the one where I ordered more stationary

Dear Reader,

Part of giving up on using Amazon has been learning how to order directly from companies that make the products that I have enjoyed over the years. One of those such companies is Crane and Company who make the stationary I use. Recently my focus has turned to using and writing on Crane and Company note cards. Let’s be really clear on this one I generally only have enough to say to fill up a standard note card. Writing out longer notes on their half pages or full pages is certainly one way to go about things. I’m sure after getting more used to writing long form letters that will be a more viable option. Right now I’m using one Parker fountain pen for almost all of my writing. Based on all of my traveling writing with my fountain pen has not really been on the menu. You may have noticed that my writing productivity for the blog has dropped off recently. That has to do with one certain thing that has drawn my attention.

My primary focuses has shifted from writing every day regardless of the format to a very focused allocation of time to writing academic focused papers. The only real problem with that is that producing high quality academic prose takes a good deal of my focus. It pretty much has to be the only thing that I do during that window. Well I should clarify that listening to music and writing papers is something that happens. Academic writing and listening to some type of music are pretty the only things I do when working on papers. Getting back into the swing of writing papers has been a little bit harder than I had anticipated. Seriously, it has been somewhat taxing to get back into the rhythm of academic writing.

Topic 1: Revisiting some words I wrote on a flight from May 3, 2018

Well I started working on writing out my narrative resume the other day. It was a seriously interesting thing to work on for a few minutes. The last time I sat down and wrote a serious bio for myself was maybe 10 years ago. That brief biography mostly focuses on my academic journey and the various paths that has taken. Right now it is raining in Hartford, Connecticut. My last 5 hours were spent at the airport. Two trips to the donut store in the terminal later this delayed flight is finally taking off. We are beginning to taxi out to fly to Chicago. That is just the first leg of my journey. Right now i’m typing without the safety net of spell check. I have no internet connection and Google Docs does not engage in the checking of spelling without an active internet connection. Sometimes I think that helps me writing and be a little more fluid with my prose. Stopping every few minutes to fix words can really break your stride. Sure I could just wait until the end of my writing sessions and sweep back through the entire document, but that is really not my style.

Nobody is sitting next to me on this flight which is really good. Back here in row 29 space is at a premium and that little bit of extra room to write is very welcome. My goal here is to sit down and writing for the next 2 hours. I’m probably going to need to take a nap on my next flight from Chicago back to Denver. Oddly enough my drive back will happen tomorrow. It will not happen in the morning, but it will happen after midnight and before sunrise. That is a really good reason to take a little nap. We will see how it goes. The last flight I was on was so turbulent that both writing and napping were out of the question. I mostly just sat and wondered why the pilot could not find a smoother path. I’m really not a fan of turbulence during flights. Seriously, a few bumps here and there are acceptable, but those 30 or more second jostlings are just not on my list of things to do or experience. Over the last few months I think they have been increasing in frequency. That is entirely anecdotal evidence based on my observations and talking to folks.

My only real blog post this week was really a giant typo. I had started to write on my flight out and was setting up a blog post. In the midst of dealing with the wildness of the flight I forgot that the blog post had been setup to post automatically. It did post. I went back and read the couple sentence that had been cobbled together and frowned at myself. Oddly enough on this trip I even forgot to chart my Chromebook. Right now my ASUS C101P is charging very slowly via a USB Type-C cable and my external battery pack. That will keep it running, but it is not the way things should have worked out for the flight. I did download a couple movies last night to my phone from Google Play. Apparently, I own a couple movies on that service and randomly season 3 of Video Game High School (VGHS). Naturally, I downloaded the entire season and just might watch it during my next flight instead of taking that nap previously mentioned.

I’m super consfused at the moment about why my Google Play movie downloads will not play. The application has a download only mode, but nothing has an option to hit play. I can see the two movies and season 3 of VGHS. They are taking up space on my phone. None of them will play during this flight. That pretty much means that I have access to my Warren Zevon Radio Pandora station and a couple other random stations. Ok —- my really random fix for the problem was pretty simple. I went to take a screenshot of the condition so I could submit a bug report to Google. Strangely enough when I hit the buttons to activate the screenshot the option to play showed up within the application. I’m going to call that a major win for this flight. I watched several episodes of VGHS during the flight. That was pretty fun and it was kind of a blast from the past. It made me wonder why nothing else from Rocket Jump ends up in my playlist. Maybe that will change at some point, but at the moment VGHS is the only thing from those folks that jumps out to me and held my attention.

Topic 2: Writing gaps and other forms of procrastination

Sure I have gotten back on track in terms of hosting live streams on YouTube a couple times a week. That has been easy enough to get setup on my new computer. Sure the Corsair 740 is a pretty decent case and the setup works out pretty well. Maybe at some point I’ll drop another RAM kit into the box, but for the most part that custom built computer is ready to rock and roll. My level of writing procrastination this month so far has been epic. Sure that is something that I know better about and should be able to guard against, but none that has seemed to matter very much. The procrastination has been real. It has to stop and things have to start moving forward at amore prodigious pace.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado

Day 120 The one with a really long flight

2018: Day 120 The one with a really long flight

Dear Reader,

This flight is going to be pretty long. Going from Denver to New England is always challenging. It is a really long way and the time change makes things harder. I’m pretty sure the level of turbulence on my flights has been getting worse. Things finally calmed down enough that I can manage to type for awhile.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Hartford, Connecticut

Day 119 The one with some yardword and some NBA playoffs

yard mulch

2018: Day 119 The one with some yardword and some NBA playoffs

Dear Reader,

Today was a day that yardwork was bound to happen. As you imagine, today the weather in Colorado was warm and it is that time of year. Captured in the thumbnail for today’s blog post is a few bags of mulch that are now outside the house. Really they are mostly around the edge of the yard. At the same time, the folks over at ABC were kind enough to play game 7 of the playoff series between the Indiana Pacers and the Cleveland Cavaliers on broadcast television. That was good news since the only method I have for watching Lebron play basketball at the moment is my over the air antenna hooked up to my TiVo Roamio box. We had two basketball games on today and that was pretty good. They were basically just on on the background today. Given all the mulch and other activities going on today it was not really an option to sit and watch the game from start to finish. That is my prefered method of watching sporting events. I’m not really a channel flipper. From the moment I commit to watching a sporting event I’m pretty much locked in from start to finish.

Earlier today I was thinking about what will happen when this 2018 marathon of blog posts gets adapted into a published work. Combining all these separate blog posts into one huge sweeping narrative might be interesting. I wondered if all the signposting will remain. At that point each day probably does not need the deer reader salutation or a signature line, but removing those elements sorta detract from the overall message. That is not really a problem that not all that many people will run into. At the end of this year I’m going to put together that anthology and probably sell a limited number of signed copies on eBay. Oddly enough if you are reading this passage after this year is complete you may or may not be aware of these words and actions before you ever read them. That is the amazing part of writing. We are connected to the words, but we are not always connected to the time or place. That does not flaunt temporal mechanics in fact it sort of embraces the linear causality of the passage of time.

Tomorrow is going to be one of those days where I am highly focused on reading and writing a journal article. My principal focus for the day will be to produce a few thousands words of journal article and move on with a better draft than I had at the end of today. Working toward the goal of doing better everyday is a reasonable way to go about things.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado

Day 118 The one with where the weekend really started

2018: Day 118 The one with where the weekend really started

Dear Reader,

Today was supposed to be more about writing a few decent words than anything else. The weekend had started and it was time to engage in some epic writing. Maybe my intentions were better than my execution. Things just did not go as they should have gone. My best efforts were just fighting upstream against a current beyond what was going to be overcome. Sure that might read a little bit better than it actually was. It happened in sort of a hap hazard daze of moments and thoughts that passed abruptly. Before I knew what was happening the YouTube live stream for the day was complete. Things on that front seemed to work out ok. The new format for the weekend live stream takes the vlog posts passed the 20 minute mark. Taking for that long in one straight shot is a little bit outside my comfort zone, but I’m working on adapting to it.

For some reason it feels like my blog posts are getting shorter and shortly. That is probably more of a fact than an assumption. I’m still in the rhythm of writing every day. My energy is really focused on writing some papers related to artificial intelligence. That is where my primary attention has to be for the next month or so. I have some blocks of time that are set aside for some serious in depth writing sessions. Right now my focus is on reading at least one good article every day.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado