Day 45 the one with some basketball and some thoughts

2018: Day 45 the one with some basketball and some thoughts
Word count 120,984 + 1,030 or 122,014 of 1,000,000

Dear Reader,

Today was a very very busy day. That last sentence has the word very in it twice to help emphasis just how very very busy a day it was. You probably get the point. Things started off slow this week. Yesterday was the shortest blog post of the year. That is better than missing a post, but it is not a very good way to keep my average word count per day above 3,000 for the year. You can imagine that I’m going to have to make up some ground. Exactly how that is going to happen is somewhat elusive at this point. Seriously it is starting to get a little bit problematic. Maybe it will work itself out with some hard work and dedication. I was going to live blog the Kansas Jayhawks basketball game against the Iowa State Cyclones tonight. For some reason that just was not in the cards tonight. That entire live blogging project failed out miserably. It was one of those days where from the time I woke up until about 5 minutes ago no writing was going to happen.

Those moments are hard. When you are wholesale occupied by things and cannot get to the respite of the keyboard. So many thoughts came and went. I think some of them were useful, but they are not gone completely. They are just temporarily lost until they show up again. That is how it goes sometimes. Even moments of greatness can go unrecorded. That is the challenge of this whole writing endeavor. You have to figure out a way to take the very best parts of things and explain them within a string of words. It has convey all the power of the moment without any beyond imagination. That last sentence should have been striking. Beyond imagination. Putting those two words together as a construct implies a limit to the possibilities of imagination. A limited imagination really does limit possibility.

Imagination opens doors to worlds beyond our limits. A certain power exists in that. Within the confines of my mind I can close my eyes and zero everything out to a moment of pure calm. Within that moment a certain power also exists. From that purely tabula rasa moment anything can happen. At peace in the moment I can think about the future and what will happen. Beyond plotting and scheming the future is a road that comes into focus one step at a time. That is one way of looking at things. I’m sure plenty of other perspectives exist. They are not really of interest to me at the moment.

I’m pretty well worn out today. That might mean that two days in a row my word count might suffer. You may very well have to suffer through another subpar effort. Sometimes they say muddling through can be a science. In this case it is just a part of the journey and that is how it works. Things have highs and lows. Understanding that takes time and a little bit of perspective. Today was a day that started off with a lot of promise. The weather seemed decent. Things could have worked out well enough.

Topic 1: That power supply will arrive someday

My new Corsair power supply is on backorder. The website indicated that the power supply usually ships 1 to 2 weeks. That is interesting as always. My new computer case is ready to go. It is just waiting on that power supply to show up. It has not shipped. I’m not entirely sure it every will ship. Corsair is the brand of power supply that I purchase. I’m not going to buy one that does not meet my future needs. It seems that all of the best power supplies are sold out these days. Back in 2016 I picked all the parts and bought a computer with ease. These days things are not that easy. It seems like computer parts are getting harder and harder to come by even via online sources. Someday that power supply will arrive.

Topic 2: Getting a new KVM switch

Somewhere in the basement is an older keyboard video mouse (KVM) switch. My new computer build will need access to the monitor, keyboard, and mouse on my desk. My Corsair 740 air case will have a power supply at some point. At that point I will need to plug in peripherals. The case will need to be setup. My goal from before was to setup the computer case and just remote into the desktop as necessary. Maybe it would be easier to setup a solid KVM switch and just remote into the box when necessary. Having a solid new computer setup should make it easy to mine some cryptocurrency on my second computer box. That would make it easier to increase my hashing power. That tiny little micro-atx motherboard cannot support 3 graphics cards for mining. I’m looking for a motherboard that can support a 3 graphics card setup.

Topic 3: Writing about the journey not the process

Writing an endless string of banal prose lacks purpose. This epic writing effort has to be about the journey and not the process. To that end my level of action must increase. We tend to write about what we know and knowing more will tend to hep in the process of writing more. Sitting in a state of pure inaction will inevitably box in the writer. Yesterday happened in part due to a lack of time. Some of it could have been overcome by not letting barriers and obstacles like a lack of time get in my way. Maybe I could have broken done 30 minutes into 5 minute sprints and just tried to generate as much prose a possible. Maybe a good writing sprint would have happened. That is one of those things that falls into the camp of something that could have happened. It did not happen. In reality my interest in going to sleep based on being tired trumped my need to write.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs

Day 44 the one that did not meet expectations

2018: Day 44 the one that did not meet expectations
Word count 120,320 + 664 or 120,984 of 1,000,000

Dear Reader,

Things are starting way later in the day than planned. It is 8:00 PM and my time to write draws short. Yesterday’s post fell short and the post for today is probably going to be on the shorter side. Some weeks are tougher than others and this one is a hard one. Grinding a few posts out on some rough days should be easier. At the moment my only course of action is to go into pure stream of conscious writing mode and hope for the best. I’m already pretty tired this post is going to be more or less pure instinct. Hammering the keys is how this night is going to end. Sleep will probably happen right after a last minute blaze of keystrokes.

Maybe it would be a good idea to write about cryptocurrency mining for the next 30 minutes, but that is not really the direction this one is going. My thoughts tonight are circling the nature of expectations. Without question my expectations for myself are rather high. Even the idea that I would thinking writing 1,000,000 words in the same year is possible tells you something about my self-confidence. That is one of those set the challenge and live up to it kind of moments. No matter what happens I’m on pace to have a big year. A year that helps define things. That journey is what is being captured each day in more detail than in years past.

Blog posts were meant to be reach in chronological order. That is the nature of how the software is developed and how the content is delivered. Maybe that is just one of those things. I would be highly surprised if somebody who ended up here after a few internet searches just kept reading from that point forward. A vast swatch of the posts that are stored here go undisturbed day after day. That is really one of those things that begs the question if nobody is going to read them why do I leave that legacy content online. The answer is pretty simple. Sometimes I search through it looking for something.

A weighty tome of my collective works would be millions of words long. It would be a massively heavy pile of papers to pick up. I would really wonder how or why somebody would try to read that entire thing from start to finish. Maybe parts of it could be broken up into a collection by topic or theme. Trying to read it from start to finish as an autobiographical sketch might be a little much. That is what makes this year different. That is what makes 2018 such a big year. Every one of these posts starts off with a greerint to the reader. The very first post in the series for this year calls out where things are going and why they are headed that way. This grand chautauqua into the nature of quality in our lives and within the foundations of society has been strung together in daily snapshots.

Even that first look at things tonight only strung together 500 words. That is not enough to round out a 3,000 word cut at life, the universe, and quality. Everybody is now asleep. I’m going to switch from listening to a very heavy rock titled digital station to that Dune (1965) audiobook from Google Play Books. The application has indicated that I’m 67% complete with only 6 hours and 52 minutes left. That is interesting enough at the moment. A fair amount of the book is rather offensive. I wonder exactly how it was received 53 years ago at the time of publication. That was a long time ago. Our very social fabric is much different today than it was 53 years ago. Our very rapid pace of technological advances have been ramping up in amazing ways.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs

Day 43 the one where I got my 11th NiceHash mining payment

Some Denver Snow

2018: Day 43 the one where I got my 11th NiceHash mining payment
Word count 118,196 + 2,124 or 120,320 of 1,000,000

Dear Reader,

Writing just wrapped up on the day 42 blog post. That was just in time to start this writing session. My level of writing today will need to be kicked up a notch. That should be easy enough. Back in 2015 I switched out my keyboards to the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard model 4000 for business. It was a decent switch. These natural ergonomic keyboards work really well. I have not had any problems with them at anytime during the last three years. For the most part I really do appreciate the comfort and build of the keyboards. I’m not an expert in ergonomics, but they really are very comfortable keyboards for extended writing sessions.

It feels like this year has been one long extended writing session. Things are just getting started. The places we will go will be amazing. That is the promise writing brings. It is a road that can take you anywhere. Imagination is a powerful and amazing thing. Tonight is going to be a wild writing night. I’m watching both kids and they have no interest in watching the Olympics. That pretty much means it is time to turn on Frozen (2013) and hope for the best. Toddler logic is a strange and unpredictable thing. That seems to be what is going on right now. We will see how it goes.

Topic 1: A real vignette

I think maybe the start of this blog post was a false start at a vignette. That probably means that right now we should roll the dice again and see if some better prose is forthcoming. It is a rather simple test to conduct. I’m just going to start writing here and see where it leads. Yesterday was a day of plans and that did not work out all that well. Today is a day of action. A day of striving forward on the path toward figuring things out. The nature of our economic condition is a state of perpetual spending and cost. It is hard to figure out a steady state within our very modern economy that does not require some type of spending. That state sparks the question at all times of what next. Within that question a ton of branches exist and that is where it all starts.

Maybe starting out with some economic questions about the nature of things is not the right way to open the door today. It might be easier to sit back and listen some music from The Doors. You might have guessed that my go to standard of Warren Zevon tracks is not appropriate for deep thoughts about the economy. Warren’s view on things may tend to stack the deck in one direction. That could be interesting or it could just be a path to wickedly mercurial false start. It could be that thought was pure hyperbole. Maybe I just wanted to work Warren Zevon into this post. That just might be the case.

Oh yeah —- I figured out my 1394 fire card problem today. You can imagine my surprise after opening the Lian Li case to pull out my trusty 1394 firewire card that I had completely forgotten about only to learn it would not work. That old motherboard features traditional PCI cards. My newer motherboard only has video card and PCI express slots. I stared at it for a minute or two and frowned at it. None of that helped. The configurations did not match. Physically the 1394 firewire card in my possession would not match and fit the motherboard slot. It was a deflating moment. I think in the back of my mind this is something that already was known, but I was ignoring it in favor of a false hope. That meant it was time to make a decision. I was either going to buy an adapter that could connect a 1394 cable to a USB port or get a new PCI express firewire card.

It seemed more certain to go the firewire card route vs trying to mess around with cable adapters. Ordering the card online was pretty easy. It seemed like a bad idea to drive around looking for a legacy firewire card from a big box store. Sadly it seems that the shipping process will be delaying my adventure into figuring out what exactly is on the 31 tapes for about a week. It could be worse I guess. Each of those tapes may be full of memories or they may just be tapes that have given way to the inevitable decay of magnetic storage. I’m hopeful that some of them contain some interesting footage or at least something that reminds me of my college years.

Topic 2: Wondering about wonder

Visualization can take you a long way. At the start of this endeavor I visualized all 1,000,000 words printed in a coffee table format with gilded edges. Like the complete works of William Shakespeare only in prose form and limited to one story about the last year. I guess it is really nothing like the complete works of Shakespeare. That was a pretty poor analogy. I’ll try to do better I guess. Anyway —- I visualized the final product as a printed manuscript on my coffee table. I don’t actually own a coffee table. Maybe I visualized it on my dream coffee table. We did see a coffee table at American Furniture Warehouse that we almost purchased. I’ll visualize it on that imaginary table for now. That seems like a better idea than just visualizing it sitting in the middle of the room on the floor for no reason. I mean Peppercorn the dog would leave it alone, but that sounds exactly like the type of thing that Captain Pickles would chew on. Now I am visualizing an entire years worth of writing being chewed on by our dog.

You get the point nonetheless. The idea of visualizing the finished product is an important part of the journey. Any journey with a map has a beginning and an end. You know where you are going and how you are going to get from the start to the finish. That is also true about this writing journey we are on this year. I started to think about where things are going and what will happen along the way. A lot of thinking and exploring is going to happen in the next 300 days. That is for sure. 2018 is shaping up to be a very productive year. Even if I just figure out what was on all those tapes I will have accomplished something. That Sony software I downloaded should help me export the content. I’m sure most of it is not in HD. intellectually I’m already preparing for the disappointment of stand definition video. It is like a pop up box on my 4K monitor. A small little window into the past that lacks enough pixels to be awesome.

Topic 3: Things are getting quiet around the house

Everybody is getting ready for bed. Even the dogs are starting to wind down for the night. I’m getting ready to settle in to a couple hours of writing before bed. I’m not exactly sure what topic will recieve my attention, but it will probably be technology related. That seems to be a common theme across a lot of this blog posts. My attention over the last year has been devoted to the exploration of artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks. You can see hours of content on YouTube about that journey. I’m still planning to bring the live stream back this month. I might even do a couple throwbacks to the Nelscast format. It could happen.

Topic 4: I got my 11th NiceHash wallet payment

Mining cryptocurrency is an adventure. All of the market swings have happened and I’m betting they will happen again. I’m watching the countdown for my 100 day mining adventure. Right now the big mining adventure has 58 days left. I’m guessing that the end of this whole mining adventure the outcome will be about $300.00 worth of BTC. It took me about 30 days to mine 1% of a bitcoin. That means that at the end of the 100 day mining adventure all my efforts using NiceHash mining software should yield about 3% of a bitcoin. That may not seem like a lot of mining, but it is a reasonable amount of mining for 2 graphics cards.

NiceHash wallet payments in reverse order:

11. 2018-02-12 Mining payment → 0.00102953 BTC
10. 2018-02-09 Mining payment → 0.00102322 BTC
9. 2018-02-06 Mining payment → 0.00101337 BTC
8. 2018-02-03 Mining payment → 0.00135065 BTC
7. 2018-01-30 Mining payment → 0.00102840 BTC
6. 2018-01-27 Mining payment → 0.00120973 BTC
5. 2018-01-24 Mining payment → 0.00125795 BTC
4. 2018-01-21 Mining payment → 0.00133244 BTC
3. 2018-01-18 Mining payment → 0.00119401 BTC
2. 2018-01-15 Mining payment → 0.00105970 BTC
1. 2018-01-13 Mining payment → 0.00118327 BTC

You may have noticed that during this adventure I have been reporting the payment process and have recently removed the time of the payment. That level of detail was probably not required to communicate the pace of payment. Maybe it would be better to show how many hours between each payment, but I think give you a list with the dates shows that pattern to anybody that is interested. For me the process is for better or worse to document the whole cryptocurrency mining adventure and talk about what it took to keep the computer up and running for 100 days.

Seriously, it is a process to monitor the temperatures and the reboots to see if the NiceHash Miner software v2.0.1.10 beta has stopped running. When the software stops running the mining stops happening. You can imagine that every bit of time the miner is offline reduces the overall profitability of the equation. This run at mining is set to span 100 days and that means being offline for a day is going to slow things down and give a false accounting of what is possible within the window.

Topic 5: Living without cable television

I’ll admit that it has been over a week now since any content from the Curse of Oak Island has some my way. I did breakdown and catch up on Top Chef using the YouTube TV streaming service. Otherwise I have been ok so far without messing around with surfing channels on my cable television box. Maybe this will increase my usage of Netflix. We will see how that goes. The amount of content on Netflix has shrunk a lot from what I remember. It seems like the corporate focus on original content has take over the content library for them. That pretty much means that I may have to spend more time on YouTube. It is easy to find content on YouTube. I follow a number of very active creators that produce all sorts of content. That is a pretty much never ending string of distractions. I had tried to watch the Limitless television series again on Netflix and that did not turn out very well. The first few episodes were ok. After episode 5 the series just seems to start falling apart.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs

P.S. This week is going to be a challenging week in terms of time to write. For the most part I am not going to have any morning writing time this week. Things are going to have to happen in the evening. Only having one key writing session per day is going to require me to focus and get things done in an expedient fashion. My theory at the moment is that I’m going to have to break my evening writing sessions up into 3 sprints of 1,000 words. It will be key to pick 3 really good topics to help me push things forward. That is a good recipe for knocking these things out. We will see if it is a recipe that I can manage to execute in a reliable way.

As we settle into day 43 I just need to pick a direction and go. Picking that direction has been a real problem so far this year. My typical stream of consciousness style writing is good for about 1,500 words per day. To create this volume of long form prose I’m going to need to pick a topic and start generating more content around that. I need a tentpole media property to focus the efforts of my blog on building toward something of value. That focus needs to be related to a specific topic.

Somehow the search for a 1394 firewire card has create a tremendous amount of clutter on my desk. Things were going so well in terms of keeping my office clean. I’m not sure what happened exactly, but it appears that everything that was on the floor is now on my desk. That is a problem. I do not even have enough room to set down breakfast.

Day 42 the one with some Xbox One S fan noise

Xbox One S noise cancelling

2018: Day 42 the one with some Xbox One S fan noise
Word count 115,180 + 3,016 or 118,196 of 1,000,000

Dear Reader,

This was supposed to be an ode to Douglas Adams post full of witty and insightful prose. That just did not happen today. I could not muster the energy necessary to take this writing session to the next level. Sure the best intentions were present and the will to write and the time were available. That spark that takes something ordinary and makes it extraordinary did not happen in a meaningful way. That might sound like an indictment of the 3,000 words that were written today. I’m pretty direct in my self-criticism and today that is just where we ended up. I should have done better, but my best was just not happening. That is going to happen from time to time during the long march to writing 3,000 words every day for a year. Investing all this time and energy into writing 1,000,000 words in the same year is going to have its ups and down. I guess the plan now is to try to avoid as many down moments as possible by striving forward.

Today should be a day of answers. That is entirely possible. It could happen. Sometimes you have to ask the ultimate question. I mean life, the universe, and well everything can be complex. Sometimes the right question makes all the difference. Not only does the right question matter, but also the answer probably matters as well. If the answer is of no consequence, then the question itself may well lack merit. By the use of the phrasing may well I’m saying it pretty much does lack merit. Yeah all those questions that that tie up thought without any real consequence are probably irrelevant and at worst somewhat destructive from our goal to strive forward to the best perfect possible future we can muster.

I’m going to write for a few minutes here as CBS is broadcasting the University of Kansas Jayhawks basketball game against the Baylor University Bears. At the end of this little spurt of writing upstairs I’m going to plug my Bose Qc35 headphones in to charge. They keep beeping at me and I assume that they are hey don’t forget to charge me beeps. The Bose COnnect application says that my headphones are at 40% charge. I guess that means they do not need to be charged at the moment. They hold a charge for wireless use of about 20 hours. I do not end up charging them very often. My use case for them typically involves about an hour a night of listening to some type of audio before falling asleep. Recently that has been an audiobook, but usually it some type of album.

The Jayhawks are not really demonstrating the type of game play that is associated with being ranked #10 in the nation at the moment. They appear to have only scored about 11 points in the first 10 minutes. That is not a recipe for success. Working toward a scoring pace that averages 40 points per game is not going to be very successful. Coach Bill Self is probably not enjoying this first half of basketball. This first half is not really the best example of Jayhawk basketball. This would have been a good game to have Svi at full speed. That ice pack Svi was rocking today was a little bit concerning. All of these commercials for Taco Bell’s $1 nacho fries are strangely needy. They are not really compelling me to run out and buy fries to dip in cheese.

Yesterday we had that freezing fog. Today it is just snowing and well snowing a little bit more. My Google weather application says it is going to snow until around 6 PM. That means we are going to be getting snow for the next five hours or so. That should work out just fine. We are not planning on leaving the house today. The weather outside is just frightful and that is a recipe for staying indoors. This game is going and going. The second half is well under way. For some reason I’m not really producing very many words doing the game. It could be that the poor performance from the Jayhawks is just sucking the air out of the room. Oh that game did not end well either. We will see what happens in the next few games. Coach Bill Self is going to have to make some adjustments to get things going again.

Topic 1: Managing Xbox One S noise

Last week I went online and found a pack of 6 acoustic noise cancelling tiles. They are about a square foot in size. Our television stand has three racks in the middle and sets of drawers on either side. My Microsoft Xbox One S has started making the most annoying fan noise. It sits on the top shelf just under the television and it makes a clicking noise. I am seriously disappointed in the quality control and part selection from the Microsoft team that built and designed this Xbox One S. Installing a quiet fan would have cost them a little bit and saved millions of people the annoyinging savage clicking sounds of a fan that just fails basic design tests. To combat that noise it seemed like a good idea to install the noise canceling tiles using an adhesive above the TiVo Roamio and the Xbox One S. Each of the panels was pretty easy to install. The liquid nails adhesive held the form tiles in place. Two and about a half of a tile are sitting on the top. I cut one of the leftover tiles in half and just slid the halves against the sides. Overall the solution has reduced most of the noise from leaving the shelf.

The fan became a really big problem when listening to the Olympics and other sports where they do not have any music in the background and it is mostly just people talking or background noise. When the volume drops off the sound of that Xbox One S fan just jumps out and annoys people in the room. I’m not sure how many people take the route of installing acoustic noise canceling tiles to combat Xbox One S noise pollution. That is probably the best and most accurate way of describing the fan noise. It is just plain and simple noise pollution that Microsoft elected to create in people’s homes. You can take a look at the thumbnail for today’s blog post. It includes my Xbox One S and some soundproofing acoustic studio foam wedge style panels. That is where things ended up and they are working so far. The amount of noise being spread throughout the room has been reduced. That was the goal. The goal has been achieved. You can tell the device still has plenty of room to exhaust heat.

I really do hope that Microsoft team figures out how to put together a better hardware build for the next generation. My best advice would be to hold some product forms and make sure you write on the whiteboard in very clear and bold letters that the next generation will have an ultra whisper quiet fan. That should be design consideration number one. A fan that will prevent the device from overheating and can deliver that functionality while being near silent. That is really not that much to ask. My entire computer case makes less noise and has a lot more fans.

Topic 2: Upgrading to USB 3.0

Tonight was the night that my backup computer “The Borg Cube” was upgraded to full USB 3.0 technology. The Corsair Carbide Series Air 740 High Airflow ATX Cube Case has been working out pretty well. I mean it looks good and all the parts fit well. Tonight I dropped in a PCI express card capable of supporting 2 external USB 3.0 ports and that card was able to connect the 2 front I/O Panel USB 3.0 ports. Connecting the I/O panel USB ports required a 19 pin usb 3.0 internal connector. That PCI express card was really the only way to add that functionality to my older motherboard that is hanging out in the case. I really wanted to have access to front facing USB 3.0 ports. That makes it really easy to plug things into the case.

Both of my computer builds feature USB 3.0 ports. That was something that I wanted to have on the devices. My Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone and my older Google Pixel XL smartphones both use USB Type-C connections. That would be the logical way to take my build. It was not the direction I decided to go. Getting the front ports on the Corsair 740 working was my primary goal of adding the ports. I was really disappointed when I realized that the older motherboard did not have the right pin connection for the case I/O panel USB ports.

Topic 3: New hard drives and other computer parts

It seems like the price of hard drives has dropped a ton. These 3.5 inch drives in my Newegg search have gotten so cheap compared to where they used to be. The Corsair 740 case can support 3 drives of the 3.5 inch size on the hidden power supply side. It would be pretty easy to setup 3 small 1 terabyte 3.5 inch drives in a RAID 3 configuration. The case can also support 4 of the 2.5 inch size drives. Those drives are always interesting. I’m not entirely sure it would be necessary to have 7 hard drives installed within my current case. That much storage is probably not required for this build, but it would be possible. The motherboard would support about 6 SATA drives and the power supply that I ordered would have no problem with that amount of storage.

At some point in the future I plan to buy a new motherboard, CPU, memory, and a Corsair CPU water cooler to install in the case. Right now my favorite motherboards are made by ASUS. Over the last several years I have either gone with ASUS or Gigabyte motherboards. Both have worked out well enough. My preference at the moment would be to acquire the ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero LGA 1151 (300 Series) Intel Z370 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 ATX Intel motherboard. It looks pretty good and meets all my needs. That board supports an 8th Gen Intel Core Processor. That would lock me into buying an Intel core i7 processor. We will see if my interests shift to getting an Intel i9 processor box setup.

Topic 4: Rounding out the day

Welcome to the next day. That happened.

Today started off with a banana and a lungo pull of espresso. That should have been enough to kick off the day and get things going. Today was not that day. It took about 30 minutes to settle into the day and get things done in this very sentence. For some reason, I’m operating about 1,000 words behind and pushing forward each day. We will probably be watching some Olympics coverage today. The TiVo has been trained to record Olympic coverage. Without using any streaming that means that we just have to record a bunch of coverage and watch it when we want.

Ok —- I finally broke down and started watching Top Chef on YouTube TV. Right now Season 15 episode 9 “Bronco Brouhaha” is playing on my Storm Stryker custom built computer rig. It is not playing in 4K. The content on this one actually tops out at 720p (which YouTube has labeled as HD, but I’m not buying that). It looks like as we watch those last few Kansas Basketball games that will be on ESPN this year we will be paying for one month of YouTube TV. That means streaming content to one of my Chromecast devices when necessary.

It turns out the only show on television that I could not go without watching was Top Chef. Oddly enough that show is in its 15th season and still going on Bravo. We will see how that goes. I may have to turn it off. This Top Chef episode is not fueling my writing endeavors. The drama of this quickfire has pulled me in as a viewer. It is a show of details that you have to really watch to catch. They do not talk through everything that you are seeing. You really have to watch to see what folks are doing and presenting as food.

We ended up getting about four to five inches of snow outside the house. It was enough to get us to really stay home and enjoy the day inside. It does appear that YouTube TV does have commercials. I’m watching the same ones over and over again during the commercial breaks for this episode of Top Chef. That is going to keep happening I guess for the next 30 days. After that this whole end to cable television will really be an end I guess. So many choices for streaming exist that any content that really jumps out can be purchased.

Ok —- Those folks from Purple who made the seat cushion I’m using right now almost sold me a pillow. I have been pretty happy with my, “The Ultimate Purple No-Pressure Seat Cushion.” I use it every day it works well enough. I keep seeing advertisements for the Purple pillow. Those advertisements did get me to go look at the pillow online. It looks nice enough. It cost a little more than I want to pay for a pillow. That is a matter of personal preference.

Topic 5: Tackling the Firewire problem

I crawled under my desk and checked the back of my computer to see if any 1394 firewire ports existed. It was already pretty certain before I crawled under the desk that no 1394 firewire ports were attached to this computer. A few quick searches for 1394 firewire to USB adapter turned up a couple options. I’m going to roll out my Lian Li cube case here in a few minutes and check to see if a Firewire card is hiding. I’m pretty sure that at least one if not two cards are hanging around in my office somewhere.

After climbing up on my stepladder and grabbing the old camcorder bag I was able to figure out exactly what model had been purchased. It was a Sony digital video camera recorder model number DCR-TRV140. It was made in Japan. I have had it for a number of years. I guess two problems are rumbling around in my head right now related to this camcorder. First, will the device itself plug in and work properly. Second, will any of the tapes still be in working condition after this many years. We will find out here shortly assuming that I find the long lost firewire card.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs

P.S. I’m like two hours into my day and things are just starting to get rolling. It took a little bit to get things started today. It could be that Captain Pickles was very wild today. Puppies being puppies you know. At some point, I’m going to need to jump up above the fold here and write one more topic to get this post up to a total of 3,000 words for the day. That our you are in for a very long postscript today. It could happen and that could the way this ends up rounding out the night.

YouTube TV just took me down a Top Chef rabbit hole. I have been watching the last few episodes and catching up. I’m going to try to figure out the firewire card problem here shortly this afternoon. I’m not sure exactly how many of the 31 tapes can be offloaded, but that is really what I am curious about at the moment. In this time that I should be looking forward to think about what is possible and what I can do I’m focusing on looking back. Even the fact that I went out to the internet archive Wayback Machine is a strong indicator that something is happening. My interest in being reflective is growing. It is possible that writing over 100,000 words this year has given me the opportunity to really think about things at a deeper level.

Part of this journey will include some reflective thought, but the core of the journey has to be focused on looking forward and thinking about what could be. It is about looking toward that perfect possible future and striving toward it. This inquiry into quality takes time. It will keep doing. Making it to day 42 took a certain amount of effort. It is really starting to set in that making to 365 days is going to be a battle. That is the part of the process that I want to truly avoid. It should be hard to write this many words, but the process cannot be a battle for an entire year. I have figure out how to make it a part of my routine and allow it be more of a writing process vs. a writing battle. I’m not the first person to realize that a battle with the page is the quickest way to active writers block. Fighting the blank page is a battle that never really works out well. You have to embrace the blank page and work with it and avoid working against it. That is the foundational recipe of truly writing for the sake of writing.

This Tervis tumbler came from the cabinet. It holds about 16 ounces and was Made in America and has a lifetime warranty. After grabbing the tumbler from the cabinet it was a short trip to the refrigerator. I made a snap decision to go with cubs instead of crushed ice. It took about 30 seconds to fill the tumbler about 2/3 full of ice. That was enough to have it ready for a beverage. That is what happened just before I sat down to write these words. This last little bit of content to push this blog post up over 3,000 words for the day. That was what needed to happen to make sure things do not fall behind.

Day 41 the one with some deep thoughts about conversation

Denver winter snow

2018: Day 41 the one with some deep thoughts about conversation
Word count 112,174 + 3,006 or 115,180 of 1,000,000

Dear Reader,

Tomorrow will be day 42 of this journey. I guess that means it should be more epic and answer a lot more questions than the first 41 posts. However, at this point in time, my mind is absolutely clear. This is one of those times that we could go in any direction. A world of perfect possible futures exists. We strive toward reshaping this world to be close to that image of what we consider the perfect possible future. This morning my breakfast was unsatisfying. It was one of those things that happens from time to time. A couple hours into the day it seemed like a good idea to have a Protein & Greens smoothie. Those protein juice smoothies are pretty good. A few days per week that is my breakfast. It has worked out well enough. Maybe I should figure out a better breakfast routine. That might help me strive toward a perfect possible future breakfast. The rest is more complex. Maybe instead of dealing with perfection I’ll focus on some simple goals for next week.

Next week my goal is going to be to spend more time on my walking desk. In the basement I have a treadmill with a board across the front that is big enough to hold my work laptop. This setup allows me to walk at a pretty slow speed and keep using the laptop. That seems like an easy goal to achieve, but sometimes it is not all that easy. My goal for tonight is simple enough. I’m going to listen to this Dune (1965) audiobook from Google Play Books and write for the sake of writing. That book was written 53 years ago by Frank Herbert and I’m pretty sure some of the language would be different today. Now that I’m taking the time to listen to the audiobook and not speedreading like I usually do I have had time to think about all the language in detail. Some of it is a little cringe worthy. These words are just going to be based on whatever blinks into my mind tonight. About three times since using Play Books I have had to force close the application and restart the audiobook. For some reason the audio just started to stutter a little bit and basically failed.

My plan for this weekend is pretty simple. I don’t really want to do anything. It should be a weekend of peace and quiet. That should be pretty decent. This weekend is a good one to watch coverage of the winter Olympics. We are pretty much going to just watch whatever Olympic coverage ends up on NBC. I did not set the TiVo Roamio to record the Olympics, but NBC should have coverage all weekend. Next month my cable television bill will be around $150 cheaper. That will be exciting. My viewing habits have changed a ton in the last week. Instead of just passively listening to CNN on my computer that channel has moved to my car that has SiriusXM satellite radio. Now i thought they were two different companies, but apparently the service I thought was XM satellite radio is SiriusXM satellite radio. Anyway, semantics about company ownership aside —- I’m now listening to more CNN while driving around and listening to more music at home instead of watching CNN.

Neither of those things really boosted or lowered my productivity. For the most part I require some kind of background noise to go about my day. It is a very rare moment that everything stops and we have absolute quiet in the house or just around me in general. Thanks to our new puppy Captain Pickles it is even more rare. I know pickles is about 8 months old now and that conventional wisdom only considered a dog a puppy for like the first year or so. According to the puppy age calculator from the folks at Pedigree if Captain Pickles is a large dog then puppy food is on the menu for about the first 2 years. Maybe that is how it works for food and I suppose the folks at Pedigree are dog food experts, but I imagined at about a year they stop having many purely wild puppy behaviors.

Topic 1: Mining 1% of a bitcoin

Well my Coinbase account now has 1% of a bitcoin. The cryptocurrency mining struggle is real. The market value goes up and down rapidly. My mining journey from Monday January 1, 2018 to Wednesday April 11, 2018 continues. My mining rig is comprised of 2 graphics cards based on designs from NVIDIA GTX 1060 configurations. My account at the moment has 0.0116 BTC. That equates to about $103.11 USD. Overall my cryptocurrency mining efforts are making good progress toward paying off my my GTX 1060 graphics cards. It took 10 NiceHash wallet payments to be able to transfer enough BTC to Coinbase to hit 1% of a bitcoin. That does not seem like a huge amount of mining, but it is a reasonable amount of progress. Those payments happened between January 13, 2018 and February 9, 2018. That means that about every 30 days my mining rig generates 1% of a bitcoin in value. The value of that bitcoin will go up and down like a roller coaster if this last month is an indicator of future performance. I believe that the cryptocurrency market will continue to be volatile.

NiceHash wallet payments in reverse order:

10. 2018-02-09 03:48:05 Mining payment → 0.00102322 BTC
9. 2018-02-06 06:30:13 Mining payment → 0.00101337 BTC
8. 2018-02-03 05:50:10 Mining payment → 0.00135065 BTC
7. 2018-01-30 04:28:59 Mining payment → 0.00102840 BTC
6. 2018-01-27 04:51:21 Mining payment → 0.00120973 BTC
5. 2018-01-24 04:25:25 Mining payment → 0.00125795 BTC
4. 2018-01-21 05:32:06 Mining payment → 0.00133244 BTC
3. 2018-01-18 04:27:55 Mining payment → 0.00119401 BTC
2. 2018-01-15 04:30:34 Mining payment → 0.00105970 BTC
1. 2018-01-13 04:51:00 Mining payment → 0.00118327 BTC

Topic 2: Let’s talk about trying to write after giving blood

Last night I just wanted to go to bed. This is the first time this year during my 3,000 words per day journey that I have given blood and tried to write 3,000 words afterward. I could sit down and pen words. It was not a question of cognitive functioning it was a question of that spark that generates awesome original engaging and fabulous prose. It was not happening. Maybe it has nothing to do with giving blood and coffee is the true spice of writing. On days that I give blood my coffee intake is curtailed to like 2 cups. I know that is a normal level of coffee. Maybe it really was the coffee that is year to be determined, but something happened. In about 56 days when I am eligible to give blood again I’m going to have to ensure that all the words for the day happen before that appointment. It seems like after that appointment I just did not have the energy to write 3,000 words. That is a lesson learned and I’ll keep track of it for the rest of the year.

I talking about giving blood because it is a part of my routine, but not necessarily as a public service announcement that giving blood is a good idea and helps people. It does help people and it is a good idea, but you make your own choices about what you want to do.

Topic 3: Long form prose

You may have noticed that I have a strong preference for writing long form prose. Instead of thinking with an internal monologue I have developed a preference to slowing down and thinking in written form while typing. Sometimes that ends up being a very natural type of action that follows an almost rhythmic sustained typing effort. Those are the good days when the prose flows and things work out well. My pure internal monologue or thoughts race around and all day. Like a ripple in a pond my thoughts branch out across possibilities and I always try to calculate what will happen next. Thinking within the dimension of time and where things are now is something that consumes a large part of my day. In general, I have found it relaxing to sit down and engage in an hour a day of pure stream of consciousness writing sessions. Some of those yield blog posts and they for years. I’m not going to write decades, because that word choice while accurate makes me sad.

The fact that my stream of consciousness writing sessions have morphed into blog in a box type of efforts is interesting to say the least. It is one of those things that happened gradually. This blog is based on a pure functional journal style of writing. That is my style of writing in a nutshell. My prose is very functional vs. purely theoretical. My research is mostly applied vs. purely theoretical maybe that is a shortcoming in my nature or just the way I go about things, but it is for the most part very consistent. Over the last few years my writing style has been very consistent and I think has been improving one day at a time. Maybe all my efforts were building up to having this one big year of writing output. Focusing in on producing 1,000,000 words about my journey (life & times) in 2018 has changed that writing a little bit.

Instead of being supremely world economic I’m focusing on really flushing things out to explain and debate in detail. That is good in some ways. Instead of just plainly saying what it is I’m working to elaborate on that position and advance my argument in different ways. Saying what you want to say and saying it in a way that is engaging and thoughtful adds a certain degree of depth to the prose. In the past a lot of my prose was more focused on moving through a number of topics with a degree of breath vs. depth that exposed the limits of brevity in communication.

We as a society are dangerously pulling on the last strings of those limits. The very limits of brevity in communication are in some ways tearing down our interpersonal and intergenerational communication. Imagine for a moment that the greatest thinker of our time was walking down the street and wanted to strike up a conversation with a strange. Most of the time that stranger would say hello exchange pleasantries and never move beyond having a surface level conversation. Our routines allow us to pass by the thinker and move on without a second thought. We spend a lot less time debating and engaging in actual conversation. This is not an argument about social media or the internet. Those are gated platforms of a digital divide that separates us into bubbles of our own selection. This set of arguments is just about the nature of in person conversation and the limits we impose on it. This could be an argument about the power of self-censorship and how ignoring or engaging the thinker in a thoughtful conversation would be limited or engaging. The proposition of the conversation with the thinker is about the opportunity to have the most insightful and informing conversation possible. It is about the opportunities to connect with others that are missed and the reasons that happens.

Instead of engaging in conversation online and on social networks I just tend to want to write at the end and beginning of the day. During those windows of the day I have very little interest in engaging in conversations. With a little bit of hubris it would be easy to assume that I have become the thinker incarnate and breakdown the social contract of conversation to a singular form of prose. That would be beyond the pale of ridiculous indulgence. The thinker is a construct based around the perfect conversation. Outside of that I could strive to engage actively in the road toward inquiry and strive toward being an active and free thinker. That would be a more reasonable presumption.

Topic 4: Keeping up with the stream of words

Writing at a pace of 3,000 words per day every day and publishing them in blog form is about keeping up with the stream of words. My thoughts are plentiful enough to generate 3,000 words per day. It is the actual act of sitting down and writing that takes planning and opportunity. Sure things like that are about making choices and that is really what this whole journey and inquiry into the values of quality is all about. The choices we make inherently influence our path toward quality. That might seem a little overly straightforward, but hey it is snowed last night and it is still 6:00 AM. I have only had one cup of coffee and a wonderful breakfast that included a banana. Today was one of those days where John Paul announced that it was time to wake up at 5:000 AM. The day started a little early for all of us and strangely enough NBC is not really broadcasting any Olympic coverage until this afternoon. You can imagine my shock and surprise that the channel does not go all in on coverage and broadcasting recaps of events wall to wall. I think right now they are broadcasting some paid advertisement. Based on the amount they paid for the right to broadcast the Olympics you think they would want to just get people to tune in to the NBC channel for 2 weeks continuously. Wait I’m presuming television executives are rational actors… they did cancel Firefly and pretty much any other show I have enjoyed.

Topic 5: Today’s winter wonderland thumbnail

Two shots of espresso were just made using my Nespresso Expert machine. Those shots of espresso are resting in an Italian glass cup with a metal handle that reaches around the base for stability. These espresso pods made a thick crema on the top of the rich and decadent shots. That was enough inspiration to convince me to open the door to the cold outside world and reach out with my Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone camera and snap a picture. That picture of a light snow dusting is the thumbnail today. The sidewalk, street and years are covered with just enough snow to remind you it is winter. The chill in the air reminds you of just how cold it can get in Colorado. Last night I thought we might see one of the stranger things in nature the phenomenon of freezing fog. This manifests itself in wonderful crystal like coverings on trees and other things. The water droplets in fog basicly freeze on contact with surfaces and produce some interesting phenomenon.

Some of my best photographs are of tree branches with ice on them. That happened back in Kansas a lot more than it does here in Colorado. You can search for images of freezing fog and see what I’m talking about. It is very interesting and at time very beautiful. It is also very dangerous as you can imagine. A ton of ice arriving very quickly and in some cases being almost invisible on the sidewalks and roads is a recipe for problems. You have to be vigilant. I asked Google Photos to search through my more than 10,000 photos for “freezing fog” it found a bunch of photographs and a bunch of videos. I would have to say that more than half of them are really examples of freezing fog. You can tell because the branches on the trees are sagging from the weight of the ice attached to them. Machine learning has come a long way and it is amazing that I can just search my collection of photographs. Oddly enough a search for “tree ice” produced a number of different photographs. It seems like the machine learning algorithm over at Google considers freezing fog and tree ice to be two different conditions.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs

P.S. Today was one of those days that required a recovery of my word count due to problems from a previous day. At this point my 24 hour buffer is almost gone. Working ahead was supposed to give me a little bit of time to edit and clean up my blog posts. That does not appear to be happening. We are well over 100,000 words this year. Even editing the 3,000 words from the previous day feels like a struggle. That really is a metaphor for how we strive forward everyday into the new day without letting the weight of history remind us of where we were and where we are going. That context of how we got the momentum that propels us forward can be informative, but for the most part we feel empowered in the moment by the fire that feeds our interest and passions at the time. We are creatures of the moment. In the brilliant and beautiful now we make choices. Each new moment brings the opportunity for another choice. That is how things work and how it goes. The reasons why and the consequences of those choices seem to fall away.

My hope is that now that we are approaching 42 consecutive days of writing we can venture deeper into the philosophical questions of our time. All of my mental power needs to be focused on answering the most difficult questions of our time instead of debating the nature of what would make the best breakfast possible. That split in some ways explains the nature of the inquiry into the the intersection of technology and modernity. We have a tidal wave of technological change in our time and we focus in on the smallest details instead of the bigger picture. Taking that step back and really thinking about the nature of technology and society involves moving forward from John Locke and thinking about social contracts to thinking about the social fabric that exists today and how it binds and holds us together. We are in some ways beyond the foundational social contract described by Locke. So many foundations have been established that entrench the contact to the point that we can really only debate the nature of the social fabric that binds us together. Maybe that is a point that deserves some later consideration.

Stay tuned for tomorrow and the 42nd blog post in this journey…

Day 40 the one where the winter Olympics started

Sony camcorder

2018: Day 40 the one where the winter Olympics started
Word count 109,148 + 3,026 or 112,174 of 1,000,000

Dear Reader,

Tonight the Olympics started. The over the air broadcast from NBC has been pretty good. Tonight I did need to move the TERK indoor antenna from next to the television to the DVD rack. Our television is sitting on a nice stand we picked up when we moved to this house. The DVD rack sits in an alcove on the far external wall. At the moment the TERK indoor antenna is sitting on top of the DVD rack and it appears to be working well. That is good news given the amount of NBC Olympic coverage we are about to watch over the next two weeks. Part of cutting the cord and ending our monthly cable television subscription was knowing that the Olympics would be mostly broadcast on NBC.

My writing plan for today is pretty straight forward. I’m going to write a vignette for the next 30 minutes and then move into essays related to some thoughts on my sports trading card collection, a post about my top ten favorite science fiction television shows, recap of all the video camera equipment I have owned, and all the promise and failures of my first Sony camcorder. Those four topics together should provide enough content to to yield over 4,000 words for tonight. You can imagine that right now this post already has 4 topics listed below. That means that the framework for my writing endeavors already exists. Now the real quick will be how much effort it will take to execute the plan.

Writing my vignette tonight should help ground me. Getting grounded into the habit of writing takes some time and is rewarding. This week has been very interesting. Solving the problems of the world is worth a significant amount of time. We only have so much time to devote to important manners. That pretty much means that we have to figure out where we want to spend our limited time. Trying to solve some of the worlds problems might be a worthwhile use of that limited time, but getting the motivation to strive on requires a little bit of foundation. Setting up that very foundation takes a lot of education and experience. Some of the problems we face are very complex and very challenging. At the same time, it is entirely possible that a simple view of things could end up solving some of the challenges. True understanding of a matter allows people to explaining highly complex topics in simple terms.

I’m about 30% done with my Dune (1965) audiobook from Google Play Books. Tonight could be one of those nights that continues on for awhile. Writing 4,000 words might just be the cause of that late night. I did not start writing early enough today. Part of my writing routine involves a solid morning and evening writing session. This morning was spent trying to catch up with the word count from yesterday. Chasing words had been an important of the day. At some point, you just have to give up on the previous blog post and move on in a journey that lasts an entire year. Writing at a certain speed helps move things along. Tonight is one of those nights that a certain amount of writing speed could be useful. That pretty much means that I need to think in written form and allow that to be translated to the page via my keyboard.

Tonight we watched some mogul skiing and some ice skating. All of the coverage from NBC was pretty decent. The announcers managed to explain things. They spent more time talking than they should have given the amount of spots content they have. They should try to move to a 90% awesome winter Olympic event coverage and only 10% talking heads. To be honest NBC could have people talking on screen sitting in chairs without the winter Olympics. Talking heads seem to flock to television. The winter Olympics only show up every 4 years. This year they showed up in South Korea. So far it seems like the winter Olympics in South Korea will be pretty good.

Topic 1: Some thoughts on my sports trading card collection

All of my sports cards are sitting in some Rubbermaid ActionPacker lockable storage boxes. To be exact they are sitting in a collection of three Rubbermaid boxes. The ActionPacker line is pretty solid. They have held up really well over the years. To the best of my knowledge these boxes will keep my sports trading cards save from weather, bugs, and flooding. These are my thoughts on my sports trading card collection. Some of my cards are encapsulated and graded. Those cards are primarily George Brett cards. Over the last few years, I have been buying up a ton of graded George Brett cards.

My sports trading card collection started out with a bunch of 1981 Topps football cards. My Joe Montana rookie card from that collection is sitting on my desk. It is in pretty rough shape. If it was professional graded by Beckett, then I would imagine it would be a 4 or maybe a 3 out of 10. The rest of the those cards were put into plastic sleeves several years ago. They were inherited and were the start of my collection. The next batches of cards are from 1987 to 1989. They are a collection of baseball cards. My collection from 1987 to around 1995 was primarily baseball cards. It was not until after 1995 that my interest in football cards really started. In the last few years my card collection has shifted to mostly football card packs and graded George Brett cards.

Topic 2: A post about my top ten favorite science fiction television shows

This one is just going to be about my topi five favorite science fiction television shows. Maybe later I will dig deep and make a true top 10 list. As always this list is just a reflection of this moment in time.

1. Firefly (2002)
2. Farscape (1999)
3. Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda (1999)
4. Battlestar Galactica (2004)
5. Dr. Who 10th Doctor (2005)

Oh dear —- None of the Star Trek shows made it into my current top 10 science fiction show list. It also appears that I have narrowed the list from 1999 to 2005. The reason that Star Trek The Next Generation got left out of the top 5 is that it has so many episodes that when I rewatch them do not hold my attention anymore. Maybe it is entirely the fault of Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher). However, I’m willing to admit that the Wesley Crusher factor is not the only reason. I’m pretty sure Star Trek The Next Generation would be number 6 on my list. You will have to stay tuned to find out what ends up on my top 10 list.

This topic thing is not really yielding huge epic essays on the these topics. All of this should have gone better based on my outlining and planning. Maybe my setup broke down at the point that I did not outline each one of these sub topics into at least 5 parts to generate essay like long form prose. At the moment they seem to be getting a paragraph or two of coverage and that is not going to be enough to leg this post out to 4,000 words like a broken bat infield single. That was a baseball reference. You are welcome for that. You can probably expect more baseball analogies and folksy stories within the blog. That is coming. It is just one of those things that you can expect to start to see as things dig deeper throughout the course of the year.

Topic 3: Recap of all the video camera equipment I have owned

I’m pretty sure all of my equipment has been Sony. After looking through some of my tapes and equipment it looks like original Sony camcorder is gone. It has probably been a couple years since I could even remember exactly what it looks like. I still have 2 tapes from it. They may or may not be working tapes. Maybe that is something that I can purchase on eBay. Even if I managed to get a device that could play the tapes getting the content offloaded to my computer would be a challenge. I kind of remember plugging the device into my television and not really having a method to really edit the video.

My next two camcorders are sitting on a shelf in my office. I’ll dig into the exact models and such later on. At the moment, I would need to get the step ladder to be able to reach them and that is probably not happening until after coffee round two occurs. One of them is standard definition and the other is high definition. All of the tapes from the two of those Sony camcorders are sitting in a binder that was designed to hold tapes. This is one of the few times that I purchased the correct holder and they have all been in the correct holder for years. I really mean years. Some of those tapes are just so old now. I’m starting to wonder if the magnetic values are starting to give up the ghost.

To the best of my knowledge I never really recorded video journals on the tapes. Some of them have audio of me talking about things like a narrator, but none of that is all that useful. I’m wondering why that one Sony camcorder is missing. Maybe it broke and got thrown away. I really have no memory of it since college. It could have gotten put in some box and is long since gone. The only reason I’m thinking about it is because I’m wondering where the tapes that might have been in the case for it went. I know 2 of them are in my current binder. That binder is sitting right in front of me at the moment. It does not have a brand on it. It is one of those black nylon looking binders that people put CDs in and this one holds tapes. This thing has about 30 tapes. I counted them again it contains 31 tapes that include a variety of content. Apparently the side that i thought was the front was the back and it is a Case Logic case. It even has that little light bulb with lines coming out of logo on it. All the tapes in this little binder appear to be 8mm video cassette tapes. Some of them are from movies I started to direct and gave up on. The next Clerks is not hiding in this binder. My skills as a video director or cinematographer are still highly suspect.

My Friday night project is going to be related to figuring out how to get a Firewire cable setup and exporting content from my newest Sony camcorder. I have one terabyte of storage space ready for all of this video. I’m even willing to stop my NiceHash Miner v. beta software for a few minutes to install a new pci card. I think this motherboard only has pci express slots open. That could be a problem. One second I’m going to to check on the one Firewire card I found in my old Lian Li cube style case. Ok —- so I made an error on this one. The last Sony HandyCam I purchased was an HD AVCHD 4.0 Mega Pixel model that recorded on an internal Hard Drive. It has an HDMI out and a tiny little HDMI cable in it. It also has one of those usb outputs that will probably let me access the files on it with ease.

Well this model HDR-SR10 digital HD video camera recorder that was made in Japan by the Sony Corporation is charging. The one thing that I am really reliable about is putting the cords for camcorders back in their travel cases. That problem has to do with what a pain it was to get new cables back in the day. Their were expensive and you had to go to multiple places or custom order proprietary cables. I’ll let this thing charge for about 30 minutes and offload any content that is on it. I can probably even ghost the drive to figure out if any recently deleted content is hiding. It is all video files that should be possible. This computer does have PowerDirector 15 installed. I’ll probably use that to manage the content or exports if necessary.

I just turned that Sony HDR-SR10 on using while it was charging. It defaulted back to January 1, 2008. It has a touchscreen. That was fun. It has 29 video clips on it. I wonder if Sony still has the software for it on the website. Those 29 video clips contain my last trip to Hawaii and Cancun. The one series has a lot of content from a wedding. The Sony website pointed me to a free software called PlayMemories Home Installer. We will see how that one works you today. Right now the software is working on importing 13.8 gigabytes of video content to one of my backup drives. It looks like this could take awhile. Based on this new research it appears that I only have one camcorder that can play actual tapes in the house. That is probably going to be problematic. Out of the 31 tapes that camcorder may only be able to offload one type.

Topic 4: All the promise and failures of my first Sony camcorder

My first Sony Camcorder was epic. It was full of promise. At the time I had no idea that the standard definition content it recorded would not stand up to the test of time. I thought it made fantastic files. I would record things and watch them on the television again. That was basically how it worked. These little tapes had a label with the date and what was on them and that was pretty much it. I knew how to edit VHS tape content using a deck, but this was different. I basically had to offload the content from the Camcorder like clips to a VCR. Stiching things together was the extent of my video editing skills. That all changed when things could be imported to the computer. Throughout my college experience those tapes pretty much languished. That is probably why only a couple of them exist. I know at one point a stack of them existed. That camcorder never really sent me down the right path. Maybe it was a lack of technical skill on my part. My ability to capture epic video has never really been one of my core competencies.

Topic 5: The illegal ivory poaching in Zimbabwe

Someday our 3D printing technology will become very advanced. People are already working on methods that would allow a 3D printing of bone. Maybe a material called hyperelastic bone will replace the market for ivory. It is entirely possible that 3D printing could introduce something new and better to the market. Really any advances in technology that help make elephants less valuable for ivory is a step forward. My knowledge about elephants is limited. The ones I have seen at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and the Denver Zoo seemed aware enough of their surroundings. I have seen them interact with people. Advances in technology could solve a variety of problems. I’m not exactly certain of a policy solution to the ivory problem. My first thought would be based on supporting policy framework devoted to permanently restrict all import and export of ivory. My second thought would be on a personal level to avoid purchasing, owning, or participating in anything related to ivory.

Topic 6: A few thoughts about today’s thumbnail

My Google Pixel 2 XL was just hanging out this morning. I picked up that phone and snapped a photo of my Sony HandyCam HDR-SR10 and that Case Logic binder. It is not the best photo that I have ever taken. It is however the thumbnail that is attached to the post for today. You can enjoy it and muse that my desk was at least clean enough to take that photograph. That means that the process of getting things in order and removing clutter is working. That is awesome.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs

P.S. Today is one of those days where I was not able to get everything done. That is always a frustrating moment in time. My strong preference is to work real time and to have everything done from my to do list. Figuring out how to avoid having a to do list is about more than just maintaining a stop doing list. Today I had some time to think about that while giving blood. Every 56 days I have been giving blood for the last half year. It is not something that I normally spend all that much time writing about, but it is something that I do to make a contribution. At some point they will figure out how to make synthetic blood, but that has not happened as of yet.

My goal for the day was to write 4,000 words. That just did not happen. I guess things are going to work out well enough at 3,000 words. Tomorrow will have to be the day to help catch up and move things forward. This last little bit of writing effort felt a little bit forced. Maybe I’m tired. That is a bad sign given that I still need to write another 4,000 words today or tomorrow morning. That might happen tonight. It is Friday after all. It is a night where I can write as late as I want and just deal with the consequences tomorrow. It is going to be interesting. Maybe I’ll be able to finish a good chunk of my Dune audio book tonight. That would be a fun way to just finish things out tonight. This last very long sentence should push the blog post over 3,000 words for the night. It did not push things over the edge it came up about 10 words short. That is fine, but now is the time to stop writing in this Google Doc and move over to the next one.

Day 39 the one where I realized my fan is not balanced

Chips and nuts

2018: Day 39 the one where I realized my fan is not balanced
Word count 106,813 + 2,335 or 109,148 of 1,000,000

Dear Reader,

My TiVo has been setup with a OnePass to record new episodes of the X-Files. That is exciting mostly because we actually have new episodes of the X-Files. With broadcast television I’m going to have to hope that they arrive over the air and are recording without any interruption or single degrediation. That was always one of the great mysteries of my last setup. Was that recording actually recorded. This time around the antenna worked great plugged directly into the television. We will see if the same level of consistency happens with the TiVo. It should no material difference exists between the way the antenna connects via coaxial cable to the back of the television or the TiVo. The pass through is different. At this very moment the TERK antenna is grabbing over the air broadcasts, the TiVo is outputting that signal via HDMI cable to the XBox One S, adn the XBox One S is passing that signal to the Sony Bravia television via an HDMI cable. Both HDMI connections are obviously digital and should not see any signal degradation. That is all very exciting and new at the moment.

Right now I’m trying to use TiVo Online to setup all of my television show recording options. It took me a minute to figure out how to use the OnePass manager. We don’t really watch shows at specific times anymore. The whole point of the TiVo is that it will record and hold content for us when we want it. A real exception to that theory is live sports. Tomorrow we will start to get broadcasts of the Olympics. That is exciting. I’m pretty sure that the whole family will sit down to watch some of the winter Olympics this year. John Paul really likes ice hockey. We went to one Colorado Avalanche game and that was enough to apparently earn a fan for life. I’m pretty sure that the kids will like the figure skating and the downhill skiing. It will be interesting to see exactly what catches our attention.

All the Olympic fun stars tomorrow. My opening vignette just stalled out. I lost focus for a couple of minutes. Captain Pickles is attacking the dog bed. That is some pure puppy behavior happening on the far side of the room. Maybe now is the time to turn off my music and return to listening to my Dune (1965) audiobook via Google Play Books. It appears that the book is 19% complete and only has 16 hours and 58 minutes remaining. That probably means that I’ll be listening this audiobook for the week or two before bed. The Play Books app has a wonderful shut off feature that lets me listen to 30 minutes or an hour more. That has worked out well as an application feature. It has worked out poorly as a writing tool. The last couple of nights I have just shut down the ASUS Chromebook Flip C101P and gone to bed. My writing effort at night has to yield 2,000 to 2,500 words or it is not a successful writing session.

Yesterday I was digging into the differences between my blogging efforts from 2003 and 2004 vs. the content that is being produced this year during my long journey to writing 1,000,000 words in the same year. Writing a million words is not something that is new to me. Writing them in the same year is both new and a little bit of a reach. This year will be my most prolific writing year by far. I was talking to Andy today about one of my more recent efforts. During 2009 I had thought it was a good idea to spin up a podcast called the Newscast. In hindsight if I had uploaded it to YouTube vs. Blog Talk Radio it could have reached a much wider audience. That show featured interviews, news, and even callers. It was a fun broadcasting activity. That show did not last. I lost interest in broadcasting or something else happened that took up my time. For some reason that specific detail alludes me. Some of the transcripts got posted on this blog.

The major difference between the Nelscast and the YouTube live streams is the difference in content. All of my YouTube live streams are focused on bringing artificial intelligence news and content to the forefront of the public mind for consideration and debate. The Nelscast was a pure commentary show devoted to my interests at the time. It was sort of a live version of this blog in many ways. Maybe that would be a fun thing to do on YouTube for a few days, but it would end up falling into a weird category of social commentary mixed with autobiographical content. That pretty much describes most vlogs and the art of vlogging. Oh well —- maybe that is a topic for another day. They type of video content I’m interested in at the moment is devoted to helping people dig in and understand artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, and neural networks. I feel like those topics deserve a lot more consideration than they get on the news these days.

Topic 1: Copy editing my post titles

I just realized that the title of Day 37 was pretty much nonsense. It was not a grammatically correct title. Today I just went back and updated the title to something a little bit better, “Day 37 the one where I rethink mining 1% of a bitcoin.” That is a stark reminder that I need to at least proofread the titles along this journey. Copy editing has never really been my strongest skill. I write a lot and for the most part I can get away with avoiding the act of copy editing or even proofreading really. As long as I’m engaged and writing with full focus the prose I generate tends to be at least reasonably readable. One touch writing is a skill I guess. Maybe that skill is better than being most excellent at copy editing.

Topic 2: I realized my fan is not balanced

Our ceiling fan was installed last year. It was a decent purchase. We spent a lot of time hunting for the exact perfect ceiling fan. After searching a ton of shops and looking at a ton of fans we finally picked one. That was just the first part of the process. Buying a fan in a box and putting the box in the back of the car was easy. Hiring an electrician to install the fan required a real hunt. Online services and other methods exist for finding help from an electrician. It took a little bit, but I found a company with good reviews to do the installation. The fan is in place and it works great. We run into one problem with it however. Our ceiling is at a slight pitch and the fan from time to time will get slightly unbalanced. Figuring out how to balance the fan is something that needs to happen.

Topic 3: Hitting that wall

My thoughts are focused, but my will to write is non-existent at the moment. Today might just be a day where this post does not make it to 3,000 words. My desk is mostly clean. I have one pile of mail to clean up and that is pretty much it. My war on clutter has been fruitful. I even cleaned up the pile of laundry up in my room. None of that cleaning helped me find my long lost pair of glasses. They may be gone forever. I’m going to have to face the possibility that they were left somewhere and will never be in my posession ever again. Acknowledging that loss is hard enough, but having to mix it with falling short on my writing goal today is devastating.

We are basically at 1,500 words for the day and that means the halfway point might just be the end. That would mean that I would need to make it up over the course of a bunch of different days. I thought maybe a few days would really jump out and shatter the daily writing goal, but so far this year that has not happened. Sometimes runners hit the wall and just power through that wall and keep on going. I’m not sure if my writing rises to that same type of breakthrough, but maybe just maybe I can dig deep and keep going. Digging deep is going to take a little bit more effort today. I’m not sure why exactly that is the case.

Topic 4: Using Google Hangouts as a home phone

Since we gave up cable on Saturday I have been looking for new ways to make phones calls. One of the ways that has actually stood out and has been a good positive experience is Google Hangouts. I just grabbed the old USB headset and microphone combination that was laying around and plugged it into my computer. It was picked up as part of Google Hangouts and I was able to make make a call straight away. It was really easy to use. The one thing that really caught my attention was when I got a call on my Google Pixel 2 XL phone and I was on a Google Hangouts call. Both services worked at the same time. That seemed really promising.

Topic 5: My writing plan for tomorrow

Today was a day where it looks like I am going to end up being 66% productive. That means that this blog post is looking to be about 2,000 words long. That means 1,000 words will have to be picked up tomorrow. I better pick a really good topic for tomorrow if it is going to inspire an epic and awesome 4,000 word essay. It would have to be a topic that really captures my attention and inspires passion in my writing. That might just help. I went and grabbed the future topics list that I was keeping and it looks ok.

Upcoming 2018 Writing Topics:

— Write an open letter for students on the first day of college
— Some thoughts on my sports trading card collection
— A post about my top ten favorite science fiction television shows
— Recap of all the video camera equipment I have owned
— All the promise and failures of my first Sony camcorder
— That one with a roadtrip to Florida
— Applied AI: A use case based exploration
— My ode to minor league hockey
— Progress within general AI vs. specialized use cases
— My review of the ASUS C101P Chromebook
— On leadership and the modern workplace
— The best way to archive digital content

Maybe tomorrow will be a good day to try to attack that list from topic one down. It might be a good idea to just start writing and keep going topic by topic until the goal is achieved. Maybe tomorrow I will follow my own advice and sit down and sketch out a solid outline of the blog post I am about to write. That used to be the way that I wrote papers and essays. It is even the way that I used to write book chapters. I would grab my trusty notebook at the time and start to sketch out the chapter. You can imagine that the process of writing a book is very similar to that chapter writing approach.

My first question was always about what argument is being made. I work from a reverse pyramid approach. Instead of building up all the foundation and then making the argument. I approach it from the other direction. I make the argument clearly and with purpose before really digging into the reasons why in the subsequent chapters. That is a different type of approach, but it has worked for me over the years. I then took all those supporting arguments and organized them into chapters in a logical order and moved forward with writing the book. My notebooks have a ton of false starts in them resetting on pages never to be chased down again. I have sketched out a lot of books and I think that is a really healthy thing to do. Being able to separate out something worth devoting months to writing and something that sounds good, but maybe is not worth the time commitment.

Maybe at some point it would be worth it grab my old notebooks and just work my way from the distant past all the way to current day. Now that would be a very interesting thing to do with my previous works. Maybe one of those notebooks or even one of my idea books has a gem that was beyond my skill at the time, but now is within the realm of possibility now. Right now from my desk I can see a stack of 12 notebooks and 2 large format books that contain my notes. One of them even goes all the way back to when I came up with the captain fractal algorithm. Now that is a blast from the past. Some of my blog posts that go back to 2004 or maybe a little earlier were really focused on working with captain fractal. Even just thinking about those efforts takes me back to an earlier time when I really tried to solve hard problems. I mean I tried to dig in and really solve the impossible problems of our times. I guess that’s just how things stacked up at the time. Now that topic could easily take up 4,000 words tomorrow, but that story may not be the best story to blog about.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs

P.S. Well today fell short of the goal, but things worked out better than they could have worked out. I had that little stretch of productivity when things looked darkest, but that set of reflective thoughts only brought things forward a little bit toward the goal line.

Day 38 the one without a ton of market coverage

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2018: Day 38 the one without a ton of market coverage
Word count 103,811 + 3,002 or 106,813 of 1,000,000

Dear Reader,

Both the dow jones industrial average and bitcoin seemed to do better today. You can be thankful that I’m not going to spend the next 3,000 words writing about how inflationary pressures, bond market stress, and overvalued commercial real estate could be enough to trigger several thousand points in market correction. Economic considerations aside. This is not a market driven functional journal. My words are always a reflection of the things that draw in my attention and at the moment that is not a detailed macro economic analysis of inflationary effects on the market. Maybe if it was related to the cryptocurrency market I would cover it in detail.

Today should have been a big adventure. It was going to be one of those days where things work out well enough. Tonight the TCU Horn Frogs are going to play the University of Kansas Jayhawks on ESPN2. You may have already considered that my plan to give up cable television might be interfering with my ability to watch that game. Nobody is giving me the option to pay to watch the game ondemand live via an À la carte streaming service. That option does not exist. At least I’m pretty sure that option does not exist. On option did jump out at me and that happens to be a very interesting one. YouTube TV was offering a 7 day free trial that includes ESPN2. You can imagine that it only took a couple of clicks to make that happen.

Right now ESPN2 is streaming to my Sony Bravia television via a Chromecast Ultra device. It had some trouble streaming to my generation 1 Chromecast. Oddly enough that television has two Chromecast devices attached. That original generation 1 Chromecast and the 4K capable Chromecast Ultra device. Yeah I know my television is not capable of displaying 4K content, but I had plugged it into my 4K computer monitor. At the time I had thought it was a good idea to try to do some multiple content source picture in picture type display work. I gave up on that after about one day. It just did not work the way it was pictured in my mind. It didn’t really work out well at all. That meant one thing had to happen. Instead of wasting the new device and just putting it on the shelf it became my backup Sony Bravia Chromecast. When for some reason one of them is having trouble I flip over to the other one. That happens from time to time. I have no idea why or how it does, but Chromecasts devices tend to give me trouble right when i need them to work.

Topic 1: Kansas vs. TCU

We are sitting down to watch the University of Kansas Jayhawks play some basketball against the TCU Horn Frogs. I’m hoping this game will be better than the last game. Coach Bill Self has had a lot of work to do this year. This year is a year that is really going to come down to coaching and the quality of point guard play in the tournaments. The game seems to be streaming well enough. YouTube TV really does deliver ESPN2 via Chromecast to my Sony Bravia. The wireless internet connection the Chromecast Ultra does hold up well enough. I have never tried to stream 4K content on it using wireless, but it works just fine with regular old high definition content. We will see if I end up keeping the YouTube TV service after the 7 day free trial. It does look like the Jayhawks have 6 more games on the ESPN family of networks this year. That probably means paying for either YouTube TV or maybe Hulu Live TV for about 30 days. It looks like I need access to the ESPN family of networks until March 3, 2018. We used to be able to go out to a restaurant and watch the game, but with two kids trying to hang out at a restaurant for 2 hours seems like an impossible dream. They have a hard time sitting still for 45 minutes during a regular dinner vs. a 2 hour basketball game.

You might be wondering if it is really necessary to watch every University of Kansas basketball game. If you have not figured out by now, then you may have missed something. Our entire schedule is planned around being able to watch these basketball games. That has been the case for years. It is probably not something that is likely to change. It is really the only strong use case we have for cable television. Live sports are really the last thing you cannot stream online with ease. It does appear that even the new offering of ESPN Plus that will be coming out soon won’t give me access to the primetime games on the base ESPN family of networks. I guess that must be the one thing traditional broadcast media is not willing to give up. I gave up on cable television and it reduced my overall bill by almost $150 per month. YouTube TV and some of these other streaming services are not all that expensive, but they still do not let me just pay for the one channel or game that I want to watch.

I’m sitting here writing and watching the Coinbase dashboard. It has been a wild month for bitcoin and the Coinbase dashboard shows the values 24/7. Bitcoin trades like a currency and it trades all day every day. That means the value when you went to sleep and when you wake up are not going to be the same. Something has to give. Something will probably change. Stocks are based on the market they trade in. Other than gaining or losing momentum outside of trading hours the stock price when it opened will be generally what it opens at on the market. Sometimes the momentum on a stock will change overnight and it will radically jump up or down at the opening bell, but that shift will happen at the bell. That makes cryptocurrency a very interesting case study. It has a real follow the fun cycle where people are buying and selling it at all times.

Kaylee is almost asleep. Some yawns and a little bit of babbling are the key indicators that sleep is quickly approaching. Based on what I can hear from the game downstairs it does not appear that things are going all that well 10 minutes into the first half. I am about to venture downstairs and watch the game. I need to drink a bunch of water tonight. My water consumption for the day is behind schedule. My Fitbit data is also suggesting that today did not involve enough steps. Sitting down and watching this game is not really going to help either. I should Chromecast the game on in front of my treadmill and walk a couple miles during the game. My walking desk has not really made an appearance during my journey to write 1,000,000 words this year. Maybe it should be more prominently featured.

TCU players are having a lights out 3 point shooting night. The clock is ticking down to halftime and things are not looking all that promising. Oh they were going for the 2 for 1 at the end of the half and that first possession did not go all that well. That first half of the game gave me heartburn, but the Jayhawks are only down by 2 points. Coach Bill Self has a little bit of work to do at halftime to get the team ready to win the second half.

Topic 2: Graphics cards

I really thought the market for graphics cards would be getting weaker today. A few quick eBay searches for NVIDIA GTX 1080 do not appear to be showing softness in the market. I will admit to spending a couple minutes thinking about the newly released NVIDIA Titan V graphics card that is on sale now for the exalted price of $2,999.00 on the NVIDIA website. Don’t worry they limit people to only buying 2 at a time. It looks like an amazing piece of technology. At some point that Volta technology will get applied to the whole line of graphics cards. It is more likely that a soft mining market would make some GTX 1080 cards available to me compared to getting one of those amazing Titan V cards. It would be fun to try to train some deep learning models on that new Titan V card.

My last trip to Best Buy on Saturday did include a trip to the area of the store where they sell NVIDIA graphics cards. It was completely empty. That is the really how things seem to be everywhere. Graphics cards are in short supply these days. My NiceHash Miner software is mining at about $3 per day. That is between two GTX 1060 graphics cards that are running at about 80% power. My cards will be mining for at least 64 more days. At some point my new power supply is going to show up and I’m going to try out some mining on that system. It may be a Ubuntu Studio based system. I have never tried to mine using Ubuntu and it seems like that would be a fun thing to get setup and try out. All of that fun will happen after my power supply arrives. It is on backorder. I pretty much check every day to see if it is switches from backorder to preparing shipment.

This second half has been full of opportunities so far. That dunk from Udoka with about 16 minutes left was intense. Ok that one that followed on the next position was also pretty intense. My writing efforts tonight seem to be going well enough. Yesterday I just fell asleep and did not close out my writing assignment for the day. This is Day 38 and we are just moving along toward 1,000,000 words. The Jayhawks will have had an off season and will return before this writing journey is over. Even the thought of writing 3,000 words per day for the next 300 or so days is daunting. It is a very intense proposition. This year’s Jayhawk team seems to really love shooting beyond the arch. That just appears to be the way basketball is trending.

Tonight I’m sitting and writing in the family room. That probably means that it is highly unlikely that I will fall asleep during the basketball game. I guess that means that my writing productivity needs to increase a little bit here so I can close out before going back upstairs.

Topic 3: Audiobook fun

The game is almost over. Tonight I’m going to listen to just a few minutes of my Google Play Books audiobook. This version of Dune (1965) is read really well. The folks doing the voicing are really locked in and doing a good job. Given that this is well over 20 hours of reading that is pretty decent. The last book I listened to on audiobook was an authorized Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. That book came out in 2011 and I got the audiobook from Audible. It may still be in my library. Maybe tomorrow I will check to see if that application is installed on my Android phone. It is entirely possible that the application may still have my Steve Jobs biography available for download. That was a pretty decent book. I might listen to the first half of it again. That part was written very well.

Topic 4: Reading old blog posts

Early this morning I got pulled into the world of 2003. Maybe going back and reading some of words from the close of out of 2003 was unwise. That has never really stopped me from extreme self reflection. In this case it is just hard to imagine that those words were written about 15 years ago. It seems like so much time has passed. Reading those words is almost like reading about somebody else. It is a familiar story and one that I know, but the words feel different with so much time removed. Strangely enough the entire internet world from back in 2003 is backed up on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. That thing can eat up hours of my day. It is such a blast from the past to read things from that ecosystem. It is a snapshot of a world that was just coming together and in some ways about to break apart.

I’m going to do some retrospective posts on the blogs that used to capture my attention. It is hard to believe that all of that blogging was captured and stored for future generations. I’m not entirely sure what use it has, but it is interesting to see how much things have changed. Obviously, I’m still writing and still blogging, but it is different now. The level of engagement is much lower. I know some folks still have lively and engaged audiences.

Topic 5: The new TiVo arrived today

My usual FedEx driver dropped off a small box with a refurbished TiVo in it. According to the email and parts list it was the, “Bundle, TiVo Roamio OTA with AIP service TiVo-Renewed Roamio OTA 1T w/accessories.” That is exciting right. They were sold out of the non-factory renewed version. It looks great like a brand new device. If nobody had said it was factory refurbished, then I would have never known the difference. The box was covered in a thin plastic film. I got the box out and plugged it into the HDMI that is daisy chained to my Xbox One S. My Xbox One S has one of those fans that just keeps getting louder. I am literally considering pulling a noise canceling foam block on the cabinet ceiling over the unit. It would have a 2 inch gap and not be touching it, but the noise cancelling might stop the horrible pop/catching noise that the fan makes. Microsoft quality control personal owe me a series apology for bringing this noisy beast into my life.

The remote is kind of clunky and larger than it should be. I want to order another remote that either has voice recognition or the fold out keyboard. Those readers that have been here for a long time know that I have a remote with a keyboard and it is somewhere in one of my coard boxes. It is probably in the basement and it has not been unpacked since the last time we moved. Given the price of the remotes it would probably be a good idea to try to find the missing one before giving in and buying a new one. Setup took about 30 minute and I remember just how slow the TiVo boxes are. I’m comparing them to my laptop or desktop computer. If my Storm Stryker box with an i7 processor even slows down a touch I get annoyed. You can imagine how surfing on the TiVo one letter at a time for usernames and passwords made me feel. I’ll try to provide a full review of the TiVo tomorrow.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs

P.S. My writing progress has been getting slower and slower each day. Getting to 3,000 words seems to be getting harder and harder to achieve. I’m sure that is a function of having written about just about everything that caught my attention. You really have to have strong opinions about things to spend hours a day writing about them. I’m a passionate person and writing about technology has always inspired me, but sometimes the topic is just lacking the fuel and the spark. Today the dogs wanted to lay in the other room. They normally just stay in my office all day. I’m not sure exactly why they wanted to nap in the family room, but I’m sure it has something to do with sunbathing.

I spun up an album from Warren Zevon today. That album was pressed back in 1980. The album “Bad luck streak in dancing school” was in a tattered and used sleeve/cover. It shows some wear and tear. The vinyl record inside is actually in remarkably good shape. That is the real difference between all of my CDs and my vinyl record collection. None of my CDs are in that good of a condition. They have lived in binders and other containers. None of them stayed in the jewel cases they came in. My CD management was a nightmare. I should have done a better job of just taking care of them. Now I know better and my vinyl records arrive and are put in polypropylene sleeves and put on my bookshelf. They are stored in an autobiographical order based on when they were purchased. That is easy enough to do with a smaller record collection. I think my record collection has probably grown to about 30 vinyl records.

Closing out the day today has been interesting. I have been writing and writing this year. It is all about the process of sitting down and pounding keys to produce prose. Today getting to that 3,000 word threshold took a little bit more energy. Maybe I should have just written about economics and the markets. That would have created a lot more controversy out their in the world. My theory of economics is probably not ready for prime time. The last time I tried to model a real time view of the economy using sampling and data feeds was not all that successful. I know how to model and measure sentiment, but translating those indicators into a real time view of the economy was illusive at the time. Maybe my skills are better now and i should give it another shot. We will see how that goes. I always love a good Perl scripting challenge. Those are my favorite server side problems to solve.

This last sentence is going to push us over the 3,000 word barrier for the day. Well —- this last one will.

Day 37 the one where I rethink mining 1% of a bitcoin

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2018: Day 37 the one where I rethink mining 1% of a bitcoin
Word count 100,802 + 3,009 or 103,811 of 1,000,000

Dear Reader,

All day the value of bitcoin has been falling. The CoinBase dashboard shows the value of the coin has fallen 59.3% in the last month. The current price is at under 7 thousand dollars and appears to be falling. You may have pieced together that the value has dropped by 10 thousand dollars in the last month. That is an amazing decline and it has crushed the value of cryptocurrencies throughout the world. I kept an eye on bitcoin and the dow jones industrial average today. A huge amount of value vanished into the ether. A lot of the folks that have been mining or selling hashing power have seen the profitability of their efforts drop prodigiously.

Using the NiceHash Miner v2.0.1.10 beta software my system with 2 NVIDIA GTX 1060 graphics cards has now mined 1% of a bitcoin. That 1% of a bitcoin has dropped 59.3% in the last month, but hey it still feels like an achievement. My Coinbase wallet has 0.0096 BTC and my NiceHash wallet is about to pay out tonight. That payout will raise my total mining efforts this year to 0.01 BTC or 1% of a bitcoin. Strangely enough that does not mean that I will receive anything special. It just means that this year if the NiceHash miner keeps running all year I’ll probably have mined about 12% of a bitcoin. That would have been more impressive before the great cryptocurrency value plunge of 2018. At the moment, the NiceHash Miner estimates that i will earn about $3.00 per day.

One of the things I have enjoyed is watching YouTube videos of cryptocurrency mining rigs being built or being run. Rightnow my mind is racing through the possibilities of how each of those rigs was financed and what has happened to the profitability those folks were expecting. Things have changed rapidly in the last month. My mining effort is going to continue for another 65 days. That will conclude my 100 days of being a cryptocurrency miner. It has been a really interesting ride so far. I’m learning a ton about some new things and applied research is always more fun than reading about things after the fact. Watching the dow jones industrial average drop by 1,174.21 points was disheartening. Between the stock exchange and the cryptocurrency markets things have been falling.

This crash is probably going to have some global ramifications beyond hobbyist miners. In my case both cards can be used for TensorFlow projects. My interests in machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks outpace my need to sell the cards to get some money back. It is very possible that a lot of NVIDIA 1080 graphics cards will be hitting the secondary market if bitcoin prices continue to plunge. That could be a good thing for all the gamers that really want one of those graphics cards. Now the cards will have been run at excessive heats and have probably been overclocked beyond reason, but the prices will be low and that could be a good reason for me to pick up a few of them. My two computer case setup could probably allow me to run somewhere between 4 and 6 graphics cards. My Cooler Master Storm Stryker case can support three graphics cards. My new Corsair 740 case could easily support 3 more graphics cards. My initial plan was to have 2 graphics cards in each case. That was really before this crash happened and the possibility of a swarm of cheap NVIDIA GTX 1080 cards could be hitting the secondary market.

That is a very real possibility. We will probably know within the next 30 days if that starts to happen. Be careful buying up cards that have been run at full power and very high temperatures. I’m sure some of them will be just fine, but a bunch of them are going to be poor investments. Based on my artificial intelligence based hobbies having 4 graphics cards should be enough computing power to do anything that really needs to be done at the moment. For the most part I want to have one Windows 10 machine and one Ubuntu machine. That really allows me to do whatever I’m in the mood to do at the time. That is how my coding practices are best empowered. The whole reason I got the Storm Stryker case was the X-drive swap at the top of the case front. It allowed me to swap in various solid state drives based on whatever operating system I wanted to use at the time. That was before I moved my Windows 10 installation to an m.2 drive. It looks like a wrapped up stick of gum that is attached to the motherboard. It works great so far. Now i just swap in a drive for whatever Ubuntu flavor meets my needs.

Topic 1: Dune audiobook listening

It turns out that I have been really enjoying listening to Frank Herbert’s Dune (1965) in audiobook format. A special thank you goes out to Google for starting up Play Books and giving me one free audiobook. Each night I’m listening to about an hour of audiobook before bed. I really do read so much faster than the rate at which they took. This is probably the most time I have devoted to really thinking about and internalizing the words. I am writing during the listening part, but multitasking is something that I do pretty much all day every day. It has gotten so bad that when i stop to just focus in on one thing at a time my mind wonders. That is the worst thing to have happen. A wandering mind can venture anywhere. Creativity becomes unlocked at the exact moments that you should be focusing. I’m not sure if I will buy the second Dune book after this one is done. We will see what happens, but audiobooks are really expensive.

Sometimes I wonder what it would take for my writing skills to advance to the next level. My ability to write and form up sentences and useful prose has improved, but it is not work class at this point. That is really the goal for any writer. To take the formation of prose to a level where it transcends the process and becomes a work of art. Yeah you might not be buying that last sentence, but it was written honestly and it comes from a good place. Art is art. Some of my favorite art has been delivered in the form of really well written books and articles. I really do consider writing an artform. You can dispute that one if you want, but I’m going to stand behind it. You can tell that is the case based on it being written and published in blog form.

Topic 2: My TiVo Roamio shipped

An email arrived today letting me know that my TiVo-Renewed Roamio OTA 1 terabyte with accessories entertainment center has shipped. Later this week it will arrive and take my television viewing to the next level. By that I mean it will re-introduce our household to the power of a digital video recorder (DVR) device. Sometimes pausing or skipping commercials can be highly satisfying. You can imagine based on the amount of prose that I am turning out on a daily basis my time is not spend writing and I can only catch a limited amount of television per day. That is ok. I don’t really need to watch hours of television each day. Keeping up with my nearly endless stream of 3,000 words per day is probably taxing as well. For those of you who are still keeping pace on day 37 thank you for being here and enjoying the banter. I’ll try to write some transcendent chautauquas at some point, but for now you will have to setting for above average blogging.

I’m very curious how much the TiVo interface has changed since the last time stopped paying for cable television. Like anything that I get involved in I took my Tivo very seriously. I even joined the Tivo Advisors Panel years ago. We will see if they invite me to join again. They sent me these very involved surveys and I filled them out. We got beta features and that is about all that happened. It was exciting at the time. At least that is how I remember it. Sure it was not opening day at Wrigley to see the Cubs exciting, but it was interesting and amusing.

Topic 3: Be a lifelong learner

Striving to get better daily in a positive way can be fulfilling. Part of striving to improve and grow is being a lifelong learner. One of the things I learned in over a decade of college is that knowing everything is impossible, but trying to learn every day is attainable. Being a lifelong learner is about the pursuit. It is about the daily struggle to intake new and interesting information and make sense of the world. That last part is the hardest part. Learning may be a little bit easier than trying to make sense of the world around us. Things change nearly every day and the foundations of what we learn remain. Our experiences and the foundational knowledge we share are always going to be a part of us. The things we share and the things we have in common make it easier to relate to the word around us and to begin to understand the how and why of things. For me striving to be a lifelong learner is important. Being inquisitive and trying to understand things helps me stay positive and enjoy the journey.

That topic should have yielded a lot more prose. I feel like things got very word economic in that last paragraph. You probably enjoyed the concentrated learning power in the paragraph, but those ideas should have been unpacked over the course of over 1,000 words vs. that one little paragraph treatment they ended up getting. I just set the sleep timer on my Google Play Book application to one hour. It is hard to tell exactly what chapter is playing, but it is all from the novel Dune. Reading is an important part of our shared experience. We learn about the world and expand our thoughts on things by reading.

Topic 4: Rounding out the night

Day 37 is coming along nicely. This blog post is moving right along. Sure a timer is going for one hour and then things will be done for the night. That sleep timer is a solid application feature. It also means that writing for an hour should close out the night. Apparently, I fell asleep. I’m not exactly sure how much of the Dune audiobook I listened to. I may have to rewind part of an hour to figure out where the night actually ended. It is clear exactly where the writing effort left off. You can tell that happened a couple of sentences ago. That means this morning it is time to crank out 1,000 words to catch up and keep things running on time and with quality.

This morning I lost a little bit of time to watching a couple guitar videos on YouTube. That happens from time to time. Those folks over at YouTube have made some algorithms that are really good at pulling me down the digital rabbit hole for a couple of videos. I know that being consistent is the key to growing a YouTube channel. That means producing consistently good content and making sure it is delivered consistently at or around the same time. That is something that I was really good at it for some time. Then it seems that that something happened. I know it was in some ways related to my writing challenge. Writing 3,000 words per day is something that really started to slow down my video production. Dedicating 2 or more hours a day to writing is going to crowd out a lot of other concerns and side projects. That is probably the best way to describe my YouTube channel at the moment. It is a side project.

You may have noticed that YouTube elected to remove monitication from my channel again. That was enough to really slow me down and make it so that I didn’t really want to post and make content for YouTube. I do not use YouTube to make money. Some folks are able to do that and I think that is fantastic. My interests in YouTube are mostly just to help me dig into and understand artificial intelligence. For me the best way to really dig in and learn about it on a daily basis was to share my findings each day. That worked out great. I learned a lot and thousands of people were either amused or entertained with my videos. Very few of the comments that I got were mean or trolling.

Topic 5: Thinking about guitars

2018 may be the year that I add a new guitar to my collection. I have been looking at the new range of Chapman guitars. I think the Chapman Guitars Ghost Fret Pro just might be my next guitar. They look pretty good. It seems like the market has been flooded with new and interesting guitars. Some of them even have 8 strings or maybe even more strings. I have a hard enough time playing a standard 6 string guitar that the idea of moving to 7 or 8 strings does not seem likely. My collection does include one acoustic bass guitar. At some point, I should probably change the strings out on the guitar. They might be 10 years old.

My Fender guitar got some updates. I changed out the pickguard from a white one to a blue marbled pickguard. The back plate was swapped out for a black spring guard plate. All of the hardware and most of the screws were switched out for a black plastic vs. the white plastic parts that came with the guitar. The biggest change was the introduction of a brass nut at the top of the fretboard. It sounds pretty good. I have been happy with my upgraded Fender guitar. Right now it is my daily player. At some point probably today I’m going to put my Les Paul guitar back in the case and store it in the basement.

Topic 6: Thinking about all the things that need thinking

You may have noticed the thumbnail today is of Captain Pickles the dog staring out the door. It took me a few tries to capture that little Elvis style snarl that Captain Pickles does. It is sort of like a frown I guess. It mostly happens when the dog is looking out the window. Strangely enough it does not seem to happen when the dog barks. This new puppy is learning to be at home in the house and it seems to be happy enough.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs

P.S. My writing patterns have been changing a little bit. Writing and then writing some more has made me think a little bit differently. My output has increased substantially. All of this writing and not really editing has been a different sort of routine. Right now I just write and have to remember all of the things that have come before these words. That block of 100,000 words that were written this year should not be on a repete cycle. I want to avoid writing about the same things every day by creating a never ending circular cycle of what will end up being nonsense to a reader. The goal here is to write and push forward in a professional way that does not involve a lot of editing or revisiting efforts.

One touch writing is a different type of writing altogether. What is even more interesting is trying to engage in one touch writing while producing stream of consciousness style prose. All of your thoughts have to be organized and you have to approach writing in a different way. Instead of just pushing out prose and writing for the sake of writing. You have to look at each sentence and focus in on bringing things together in the form of a paragraph. After all of these years of writing and blogging my basic thinking process has changed a little bit. The outcome of my stream of consciousness is really these paragraph blocks that sometimes relate to each other and sometimes they don’t. That is probably an interesting observation in and of itself.

This postscript might have been a little bit meta and circled around the idea of writing and writing itself. That happens. It is one of those things that will keep happening. Writing for a couple of hours per day is going to focus my interest on writing and in some ways cause me to want to write about writing. That is something that I need to resist and to try to avoid in some ways. Everyday should not be devoted to writing about the writing that is occuring. That is just a rinse and repeat washing cycle that won’t really go anywhere. The name of the game is to push things forward.

My mine is perfectly clear at the moment. We could take this writing session in any direction. It could be that the two shots of espresso from my Nespresso Expert machine are kicking in and I’m wide awake. We have been adjusting to not having cable television. Today I noticed that I cannot watch CNN online anymore from my computer. That is a change to my routine. Today seemed like a good day to just get some market updates and see what is happening out in the economy. Finding an alternative should be easy enough. The internet is full of online dashboards. I could probably just open up one of my trading platforms and watch the indicators tick on throughout the day.

This last sentence will push the blog post up over 3,000 words for the day. I think that is all that is going to happen today.

Day 36 the one with the big football game and a hot sauce ranking

outside snow

2018: Day 36 the one with the big football game and a hot sauce ranking
Word count 97,468 + 3,334 or 100,802 of 1,000,000

Dear Reader,

Today is going to be a day full of watching football. Today is also the day that my overall word count will hit 100,000 words for the year. Both things happening during the same day is pretty entertaining. At 4:30 PM the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots are going to play a game to determine the champion of the National Football League. That game concludes the season for the National Football League. Even without the support of the power assist cable the TERK indoor plate antenna was able to pick up our local over the air broadcast of Channel 9 our local NBC KUSA channel. That was pretty exciting. We cancelled cable in Colorado Springs and did not have the same signal strength from over the air broadcasts. Earlier today the antenna was just plugged into the back of our Sony Bravia television and it picked up the channel just fine. It all seemed to be working. That was good news in terms of being able to watch television. I’m pretty sure that after watching this channel for a couple hours today the picture from the over the air broadcast is clearer and more crisp than what we were getting from cable. It is possible that the cable company was down-scaling our local broadcasts to 720p or some variant of that.

Lunch is now over and things in the house are slowing down for naps. Strangely enough NBC started wall to wall football coverage today very early. They were all in on football today. I guess that makes sense. People like to watch the coverage and get amped up for the game. Instead of a get psyched mix tape we have pregame coverage. I guess these days it should be called a get psyched playlist as folks don’t really have tapes or even discs anymore. I have a CD player in a box, but I’m not sure I could play a tape if we wanted to play it. The only device in the house with a tape deck is my Commodore 64. Obviously, we are not going to plug that thing into the wall. That has to be a fire risk of some kind. In this household we have had the NBC channel on since around 10:00 AM and it has been all football coverage. I would have to say that we have not had any flickering or disruption of the over the air signal. At some point this week our new TiVo Roamio OTA 1TB entertainment center will arrive. I think TiVo lists it as a digital video recorder (DVR), but to me it is an entertainment center. The only part of the TiVo box that seems to be lacking is the 4K support on the Roamio, but I’m sure they will

Wow —- Sean Evans just showed up on the NBC broadcast with Von Miller during a recap of the latest Hot Ones Youtube episode from this week. I guess Sean is now mainstream. If your YouTube show gets broadcast on NBC that means you are being accepted by the mainstream media. This is probably good for Sean. I imagine the same folks who eat hot wings and like interviews are the ones watching pregame NBC coverage. My garage fridge has about 20 different hot sauces in a plastic ice tub. It was really the best container for holding hot sauces. It has decent wall height and was wide enough for the bottle to sit side by side in two columns. I use them on vegetarian and vegan wings every week. You can catch a video of me eating the Last Dab Hot sauce on YouTube. It is pretty easy to find. The show Hot Ones really has been pretty good. It is probably one of the best examples of how YouTubt allowed creators to bring forward content that people enjoy that would otherwise be left out of traditional broadcast media.

Topic 1: My favorite hot sauces

This is a ranking of my favorite hot sauces at this moment right now. I went through and force ranked all of the hot sauces that I have had within the last 30 days. Watching the YouTube show Hot Ones with Sean Evans has been enjoyable. It is an interview show, but it really does bring out the best in the guests. I have probably watched every episode of the show on YouTube. As a result of that my diet has started to include a few more hot sauces. It is probably now full of an order of magnitude more hot sauce than ever before. It was amazing that after being exposed to hot sauces I wanted to buy them and try them. Some of them are really good. Some of them were just hot and I have limited interest in every consuming them again. I have made several purchases from the Heatonist website. If you have never visited the Heatonist website, then check it out and buy some hot sauces if you like that sort of thing. You may only want to do that if you like spicy to extremely spicy foods. My last common on that topic is that the folks over at Queen’s Majesty Hot Sauce make some really nice blends. You could start with them. They are my favorite. They really are worthy of the top 2 sauces on my list.

1. Queen’s Majesty Hot Sauce Scotch Bonnet & Ginger Hot – This is hands down my favorite hot sauce right now. My favorite midweek indulgence is dipping tater tots or tater coins into this scotch bonnet & ginger sauce.
2. Queen’s Majesty Hot Sauce Red Habanero & Black Coffee – This sauce is a close second in my book to the scotch bonnet & ginger. It is not as robust in flavor. It has one key note and it is a good one, but it does not have the waves of flavor the first sauce gets.
3. Hot Ones Fiery Chipotle – This sauce is pretty decent and works out great on my vegan and vegetarian wings. I’m pretty sure that they will come out with a 2.0 version of this sauce and it will be epic.
4. Dick’s Hot Sauce – Hot Pepper Sauce with a Tropical Twist – This sauce has a ton of flavor and is also good with tater tots.
5. Bravado Ghost Pepper & Blueberry Hot Sauce – This sauce can get a little thin, but it has some decent flavor. I have put it on leftover pancakes a couple of times.
6. Hot Ones – The Last Dab – Flavor is not the question with this one. It has some good flavor, but it is awfully hot for a daily go to sauce.
7. High River Rogue – Maybe it is just my preferences for hot sauce, but this one just tasted sweet and I did not enjoy it.
8. Secret Aardvark Drunken Jerk Sauce – For some reason this saue just does not work for me. I wanted it to be awesome, but I just do not enjoy it.
9. Blair’s mega death sauce with liquid rage – You may be aware that this one is hot and has a strange taste. I would call it fermented raise and hot.
10. Da’ Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce – Eating this sauce is not on the list of things I plan on doing again.
11. Torchbearer Zombie Apocalypse – It is easy to say without question that this is my least favorite hot sauce of all time. It is hot and I really do not like the flavor.

Topic 2: Star Trek Discovery

We switched over to watch an episode of Star Trek Discovery today. This series is darker than any other Star Trek I have watched. We are getting pretty deep into the series and it full of twists after episode 9. I get how it ended up being a streaming only type of series for CBS the writers took it in a lot darker direction than the previous versions of Star Trek.

Topic 3: Big banks are banning cryptocurrency credit card transactions

I’m reading this article from Bloomberg. It appears that a growing number of lenders (credit card providers) are stopping transactions related to the purchase of cryptocurrency. This could and probably is having a huge chilling effect on the market for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Most casual buyers of coins or a fraction of a coin probably used a credit card. My efforts are a little bit different. I’m selling my hashing power using the NiceHash mining software. That means that I receive small payments in BTC (bitcoin). I have limited interest in using my credit card to buy cryptocurrency. Just because I would rather engage in some mining and earn coins vs. buying them that does not mean people are going to stop. Now the more banks move to stop people from moving in and out of cryptocurrency positions that is going to have a chilling effect on the market. All of my TurtleCoins are safe. I’m not exactly sure you can buy a TurtleCoin with credit card. I think you have to trade some other type of cryptocurrency for the TurtleCoin within the market. I have been watching the Coinbase dashboard all weekend. The market has been wild. I’m guessing the reduced influx of small purchases is depressing the market value in an artificial way.

Topic 4: The game is about to start

We rocked 5 hours of pregame coverage for the big game today. That coverage was interrupted by a trip to Target and Costco. Oh —- and we watched that episode of Star Trek Discovery I guess, but for the most part the entire day has been dedicated to getting ready for the big game. At around noon today I even ordered a pizza for deliver after the game starts. Today is probably a pretty big pizza delivery day. I’m about to do some dangerous Google searches on that topic. Apparently, New Year’s Eve is the busiest day of the year for pizza delivery. I guess that makes sense. I can see that being a day of pizza.

The teams are getting ready to walk out. We are seeing a montage of pre-recorded player introductions. The game is about to get going here. I made it all the way until 4:15 PM without hitting 2,000 words for the day. I really thought my writing efforts today so far would have yielding more words. I think a lot of content has been included, but that has not translated to a high word count. Maybe my prose today should have been more verbose and devoted to really digging into details. Now would be the time to turn that around and begin to write at a higher level throughout the rest of the day.

Topic 5: My live game blog

Soon enough the pizza will arrive today. I decided to get an extra large pizza with half double cheese and half regular cheese. I’m just curious to compare the two sides and see which one works out better. Both of my kids stood for the national anthem. Apparently, all that pledge of allegiance training kicked in. The first commercial was for a movie that I am probably not going to see. The TD Ameritrade commercial featuring Lionel Richie with references to the song “all night long” was pretty funny. It was a little bit of inside baseball, but it was funny enough. I’m hoping the commercial game is on point tonight.

This coin toss is going well enough. New England won the coin toss and deferred. In previous years I heard a lot more about people in Las Vegas setting up proposition bets for the game. Maybe that was just not a big topic this year. It is also possible that they hype for that happened and I just missed it. This first series is going well enough. A pass got completed. That is about the extent of my play by play announcing skills. You can expect a few general game observations and that is about it.
3-0: Uh-oh the Eagles really needed a touchdown on that drive. Coming away with 3 instead of 7 is not the most effective way to start the game. We will see if those 4 points ends up mattering at the end of the game.

3-3: The game is tied after two drives. Watching the New England Patriots play offense is something that I have done a lot in the last decade. Tom Brady was a little off on that third down red zone throw.

9-3: It was an epic touchdown throw from Foles, but that missed extra point is probably going to be a factor. The Eagles have now left 5 points on the table. That Ram trucks advertisement with Vikings was lacking. Maybe it is the brilliant high definition of the over the air broadcast, but the game looks pretty sharp. I would say the overall picture quality is good and it seems sharp on the old Sony Bravia. That attempt to hurdle a defensive player by number 14 was interesting. That missed field goal by Stephen Gostkowski really hit the exact middle of the upright post. Hmmm —- they are making another MIssion Impossible movie. The best promotions during the game so far seem to be for the winter olympics. All these advertisements are probably going to drive up viewership for the winter olympics. We are probably going to be watching the olympics every night that they are on via over the air broadcasts.

15-3: Apparently, the Eagles offense came ready to play tonight. Points are getting left on the table. At this point by my count the Eagles have left 7 points on the table after that failed 2 point conversion.

15-6: Well that kick from Stephen Gostkowski was true. It feels like the 2nd quarter is not going by as fast as the 1st quarter. We ate a bunch of pizza during the game. Sadly, nobody has even cracked open the seven layer dip. That first turn over of the night was wild enough. It was batted right into the defenders hands. I really just wanted to see a competitive game. That is really the best outcome.

15-12: I’m sure this is a game that Stephen Gostkowski is going to want to forget. That missed extra point was not even close. Ok that advertisement for travel to Australia teasing a crocodile dundee remake and featuring a cameo from Paul Hogan really made me laugh. At first, I was getting nervous that it was a real movie trailer, but fortunately it was not a real movie. New England is trying to save some clock with a timeout here.

22-12: That one might have been the last page of the playbook. The Patriots defense was not ready for that move by Foles. Bradley Cooper was loving it. This last series for the Patriots is not looking crisp. On that last sprint to the sidelines Tom Brady was not going to make it.

Halftime: That performance during halftime was just not in sync.

22-19: Well it appears that Rob Gronkowski made the most out of halftime. The game is very competitive. The ratings numbers are going to be good tonight.

29-19: They need to update the rules. Even the announcers were wondering if that was a touchdown or not. If those highly trained professionals have no idea, then the rule is unclear and needs to be updated.

29-26: Well Brady is over 400 yards for the game. This game is close. It is competitive. We may see a barn burner of a 4th quarter tonight.

32-6: That field goal was a little bit of a let down for the Eagles. They need to be scoring 7 points at a time. This game is over 1,000 yards in total offense.

32-33: It took a long time for Rob Gronkowski to get going, but it happened. The Patriots now have a lead in the 4th quarter. It is bedtime for the kids. One kid is asleep and the other is almost done for the night. I have to say that the over the air broadcast has worked out really well. Not having pause capabilities is just like I remember it. You really cannot do anything about it and time marches on. At the moment, i’m watching the game on the NBC Sports website and waiting for Kaylee to finish falling asleep.

38-33: Well it is all going to come down to a Tom Brady drive. I guess that is not going to be the case. We just hit the 2 minute warning.

41-33: That last field goal might have been enough. The Philadelphia Eagles just won a championship.

It might have been a mistake to try to blog every score tonight. I really did not think that we would see so much scoring during the game. Apparently defense was not a winner tonight. It was however a very competitive game and it was enjoyable to watch. The NFL is probably pretty happy with the outcome. Ratings are probably going to be pretty high. I’ll check them out tomorrow and see where this game stacks up in the all time rating. Tonight will probably be one of those games that gets talked about for awhile. I feel like the video looked really good and crisp.

Topic 6: Rounding out the night

The weekend is quickly drawing to an end. It would have been much better to have completed my Corsair 740 build this weekend. Not having a power supply was a huge oversight on my part. It would have been a lot more fun to start working on mining cryptocurrency. I really thought a spare power supply had been sittin in the basement, but that was not the case. At some point in the next couple of weeks a power supply should show up after it comes back in stock. Even the Best Buy where I bought my TERK over the air antenna did not have any graphics cards or power supplies in stock. A big section of a shelf at Best Buy should have included NVIDIA graphics cards. It was empty. At some point, Best Buy should probably give up on the graphics cards and reclaim that shelf space.

Maybe next week will be a fun week. That is possible, but who knows. Right now all I can think about is getting some Sweet Potato Masala this week. It would be a fun lunch of fresh sweet potatoes cooked in our house favorite Masala sauce. That is something that could happen, but who knows exactly. This next week is going to be an adventure. You can probably tell that this blog post has had a lot of time devoted to it, but the total word count does not really show that. My efforts to just sit down and hammer out a ton of words back to back just did not happen. In some ways it is probably the fault of the football game and all of the pre-game festivities associated with the game. It only happens on time per year and it does pull in a lot of focus from the entire nation.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs

P.S. Some quick data analysis on my blog posts from this year pretty much indicates that I should spend my time writing about TurtleCoin. It appears that my one solid post about TurtleCoin has driven the bulk of my recent traffic. I had thought that over the course of the year my effort to write 1,000,000 words in the same year would pick up trafic. It always seems that if you produce daily content then the number of followers on YouTube or the number of visitors on a website will go up. It is also entirely possible that a website with zero traffic will just continue on with zero traffic. That first ramp up will bring in some folks and how and why that happens is context specific. I guess some of my coverage should be geared toward writing about and digging into alternative cryptocurrency. That appears to be what the people would like to read about.