Words on a page can be powerful

Writing happens for a variety of reasons. Bringing prose to life can be reward enough to keep writing. Words on a page can be powerful. A good series of thoughts can be transformative. A few words can spark the imagination or bring forward unimaginable change. At the same time the turn of the page can be nothing more than a distraction to help pass the time between memorable events.

Writers write. We measure that time in front of the keyboard. If we are lucky enough to keep writing, then we may find ourselves drawn to the keyboard. My attempts to use dictation software failed miserably. It turns out that the simple act of typing is what keeps the process going. Sure I have been looking at purchasing a fountain pen. My switch to using Parker IM rollerball pens went well enough that buying a fountain pen seemed like the next logical step. Keyboards will probably be my main writing tool for the foreseeable future. Writing by hand is something that will still occur to sketch out ideas or take notes.

Thinking about Chromebook screen resolutions

Screen resolutions are very important. They dramatically change the user experience. Chromebooks resolutions seem to be designed somewhat different.

It seemed like a good idea to change the resolution on my ASUS Flip chromebook to 1440×900. I strongly prefer the 1200×800 resolution. The change lasted for a couple days. For the last few weeks I have been toying with the idea of getting a larger Chromebook. Obviously, that is not something that I need to purchase.

Weather in Colorado has turned cold. This is the season that I break out my sweater collection. It always seems like a good idea.

A few notes on YouTube vlogs

A few of the travel related vlogs have recently been added to my YouTube subscriptions list. They probably do not help teach me anything useful. My interests do not generally focus on traveling. However, I do like the idea of traveling to places with fantastic beaches and fun things to do. Some of them do film in 4K. My main computer monitor supports 4k content and finding content to watch has been a challenge. The videos are usually pretty short and a welcome distraction to my routine.

Over the last few months, I have watched more YouTube than ESPN. Most of the early KU basketball games are on ESPN3. Those games are pretty easy to stream using a Chromecast. Maybe I lost interest in ESPN programming. Every time I’m traveling I listen to Mike and Mike in the morning. Turning on the television is not a part of my early morning routine. Most days we do not even turn on the television until dinner time.

Thinking about wireless headphones

For the first time in a long time, I dropped my Bose headphones into my travel bag. Earbuds have dominated my mobile listening experience for the last couple of years. Making the switch was easy. It saved space and seemed to work just fine. I’m sure that the wireless headphones experience would probably change my preference. A ton of companies appear to be making wireless noise cancelling headphones. I’m sure some of them are very nice. I have carried an original pair of Bose acoustic noise cancelling headphones all over the nation. The pair I have still work just fine. I have worn them enough to have to replace the ear covers and the top bar is very worn.

I have noticed my YouTube viewing experience has changed recently. Most of the time I open YouTube and search something specific. Within that experience I treat YouTube like a search utility. I expect it to return some type of relevant search that will either teach me something or provide entertainment. Over the years, I have subscribed to a variety of channels. My subscription feed always has something to watch. The part of YouTube that seems to have changed is related to suggestions. My best guess is that the YouTube suggestion algorithm values relevance over time. Most of the things I subscribe to on YouTube involve an ongoing conversation. The newer content enhances that ongoing conversation. Suggesting content from months and years ago is not really the best user experience.

Oh Folger’s

Sometimes that Folger’s commercial about the best part of waking up bounces back into my thoughts. I’m not sure if this morning’s cup of coffee from the ballroom carafe might be Folger’s or something else conjured up that memory. It would be easy to say they don’t make commercials like they used to without being trite or cliche. Advertising has changed over the years. Targeting has changed the dynamics.

and snow falls in Colorado

Today was one of those days. Things did not slow down for a minute. I just sat down long enough to write for a few minutes. Netflix is queued up and playing the first episode of season two of Frasier. It seemed like a good way to end the night. Both Frasier and Cheers were solid television shows.

Today is one of those days that will involve shoveling the driveway. Snow falls in Colorado. This is the season for snowfall. My thoughts centered around adapting to changes in software. I logged into Skype for the first time in a long time. Some software fails to live up to any reasonable promise. Skype just never really became a part of my daily life. It could be that video chatting never really became a part of my daily routines.

Today I had some espresso that was decent enough. It was from Columbia. It was a medium roast that had some subtle notes, but was otherwise forgettable.

Thinking about getting some new gear

That pile of nonsense on my desk was no match for my extreme dedication yesterday. Page by page the pile was decimated. Focus can be a true gift. A gift easily squandered. Maybe it got wasted on a pile of mail or maybe that effort will pay dividends. It did open up space on my desk for new and exciting projects.

I spent about 20 minute yesterday watching videos about the Samsung Gear 360 VR camera. I’m not sure getting a Gear 360 and a self-stick are a reasonable path forward. My journey will probably always involve the written word. Sure the NelsCAST was an interesting foray into dissembling the intersection of technology and modernity. The few hundred folks that got to listen to that podcast were no doubt touched by greatness. I’m sure it was a positive note that will pay forward throughout their lives.

Electing to return to a video based medium would probably just involve a series of YouTube driven events. My weblog writing style has never really been as personal as some of the more active YouTube vlog authors. It could be that my life is not as interesting or that my ability to engage in active storytelling is somewhat lacking. That may be a question that never gets answered. It may be a question that echoes throughout the ages. Much like why the fajita burger never really became a huge thing during the heightening of burger recipes that has occurred over the last few years. One thing is for sure. We are watching the advent of VR content creation. Some of the technology is super expensive and some of it reasonably affordable.

My thoughts on the Amazon Music Unlimited service

A few minutes today will be devoted to the incredibly important act of cleaning up the papers on my desk. The pile of papers has gotten a little out of control over the weekend. You may recall a few weeks back I cancelled my Pandora streaming service in favor of trying out the Amazon Music Unlimited service. It is an interesting experience to have access to pretty much anything you want to listen to anytime you have an internet connection.

Renting access to digital music is probably not the best way to support independent artists. I make a conscious choice to actually buy vinyl albums. I buy albums that I really like and for the most part they sit on my shelf. It is much easier to play streaming music throughout the day. I do listen to them, but not every minute of every day. Consider for a moment the sheer daunting weight of the music based choice when you stand before your Amazon Echo and ask Alexa to play any album. Literally, you could just listen to the top ten albums of all time and call it a day. You could ask Alexa to play anything.

Overall, the Amazon Music Unlimited service is very powerful. If you like to switch it up and listen to a wide variety of music, then the service is probably a good fit. Most of the time I switch between listening to an artist inspired station (Pandora is great at that) and listening to albums from start to finish. My preference usually is to listen to albums.

A day of watching football

Writing is both about the experience and the output. Sometimes a little bit of writing is akin to a little bit of thinking. Making sure you think things through is important. Yet again, I have been thinking about getting a bigger Chromebook to replace my ASUS Flip. Naturally, it would be easy to conclude that I always want the next great computer. It would probably be prodent to recognize that I should just focus on getting the most out of the technology already in my arsenal.

It has been a very interesting and wild week. I went to the Chiefs vs. Broncos game last Sunday. The game was moved from early to late. A touch of food poisoning picked up at the game wiped me out for the rest of the week. It absolutely wiped me out. The experience made me glad I got my flu shot this year. Great health is nothing to take for granted. Sometimes a truly uncomfortable experience is enough to remind you just how important maintaining and sustaining good health can be.

Speaking of thinking about the value of great health, I was going to send a note to the owner of the Cleveland Browns offering to help fix the franchise. It turns out the owner is staying the course. That will render my offer for assistance unnecessary. My theories on recruiting and team building could probably assist Cleveland. Late this month I might sketch out a basic 100 day play. That could be a fun diversionary exercise.