Notes from 20110718

The weblog updates this weekend went very well. Patching software across multiple weblog deployments always seems to be an adventure.

Software alone cannot sustain a program or ultimately a program. Based on economic purchasing power a pizza is worth about dozen tacos. Does the cost of pizza indicate that pizza is valued as superior to tacos? Outside of food considerations, I have been conversing with a variety of different people about the ramifications of the NFL lockout.

Over the course of the next few months, I will be focusing on using various data mining techniques to build datasets. At the heart of the rebuilding process, a new data collection framework has to be built. The second layer of data mining involves working with the data that has been collected.

What is the best language for data mining?

Why am I still thinking about ordering pizza?

What would be the best menu item to try at an Indian restaurant?

Streaming Content

Streaming Content by nelslindahl
Streaming Content, a photo by nelslindahl on Flickr.

During the course of the last year my household has transitioned from paying for cable/satellite services to paying for streaming video services. Within this post I have included a Microsoft Visio diagram of my current streaming video content setup.

  1. At this point, the TiVo box provides digital video recording options for over the air (OTA) channels. The OTA channels provide access to local content.
  2. Hulu Plus provides next day streaming access to a wide variety of television shows.
  3. Netflix provides streaming access to older television shows and a variety of movies.
  4. Both Vudu and Amazon on Demand provide streaming access to movies.

Via Flickr:
This is a Microsoft Visio diagram of my current streaming video content setup for home entertainment.