Notes from 20110806

Please take the time to read the August 5, 2011 S&P US credit rating report, “Full Report: United States of America Long-Term Rating Lowered To ‘AA+’ On Political Risks And Rising Debt Burden; Outlook Negative.” The long term US debt rating has been lowered from AAA to AA+. Anybody with adjustable interest rate financing should increase strategic saving to match future expenses. Traditionally, negative debt rating changes are followed by periods of inflation. I would suggest some type of inflationary hedge…

Q: Has this weblog developed from presenting a single poignant narrative to presenting a series of derivative summaries?  

A: Something had to give. I have been out of the game for far too long. Maybe this weblog has been on autopilot for the last few years, but now would be the time to knock on the sky and think about the sound.


Notes from 20110731

The weblog layout (appearance) will now include a Colorado links section as a sandbar widget. Given the divergent nature of local and national news broadcasts the requirement to intentionally target the consumption of local information online was inevitable.

Western Digital makes a few different models of various network attached storage (NAS) devices. My home network has some USB attached storage that runs behind a hardware firewall. I have been considering adding a NAS device. Will having a redundant array of independent disks (RAID) matter? Serious long term data storage options will always require redundant backup schemas.

Based on a recommendation from James at work,I have been reading a fair amount of Brad Cleveland’s weblog posts and books throughout the weekend.

Notes from 20110724

Sometimes expanding a series of truncated thoughts requires a certain amount of time and energy. Over the course of time, I have taken being word economic to the extreme. As a young writer, I spent hours working over my thoughts by pounding out page after page of prose. Somewhere along the way, I became overly focused on the outcomes instead of the writing process.  Grammarian considerations including form and style have become increasingly more important to me on a personal level over the years.

Extremely short version:

Joni and I spent Saturday in Denver, Colorado. We shopped at Guys and Dolls Furniture store and spent the afternoon at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. We went to the Gates Planetarium showing of Black Holes after visiting the Real Pirates (National Geographic) exhibit.

Expanded version:

Shopping for furniture has become a combination of physically examining products and performing a series of price checks on the internet. The furniture business is an example of capitalism in action. Consumers endeavor to make rational decisions that maximize value and minimize expense. In an effort to better understand the furniture market, Joni and I drove up to Denver to check out the 50,000 square foot showroom at Guys and Dolls Furniture. The showroom had a variety of furniture price ranges and staff was fairly knowledgeable.

Our trip to Denver would not be complete without visiting the Denver Museum of Nature and Sciences (DMNS). When we lived in Boulder, Colorado we were patrons of and held membership in the DMNS. After moving to Colorado Springs, we let our membership expire. In part our visit to the DMNS was inspired by the traveling “Real Pirates: The Untold Story of the Whydah” exhibit. Apparently, National Geographic has been supporting the recovery of a pirate ship off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Overall, the trip was worthwhile and entertaining.

Notes from 20110720

For some unknown reason my TiVo Primer stopped downloading video podcasts. For several months everything worked swimmingly. However, for some reason the TiVo Video Podcasts Download Manager was not working (in fact the TiVo did not bother to download anything). I asked the TiVo support team, “What do I need to do to trigger the video podcast season passes to download properly?”  The support technician from TiVo suggested several generic resolutions, but did not provide any real advice to resolve my specific situation. Canned responses are virtually pointless in a troubleshooting environment and TiVo should reconsider the canned response strategy. Resolution was achieved by forcing a system restart and manually (item by tiem) permanently deleting every item from the deleted items folder.

Notes from 20110719

What would it take to complete a total website redesign? Over the last few years the design of this weblog has changed incrementally and slowly. The coffee cup wallpaper is really the only standard iconography included in the weblog design. I got my monthly haircut today. Sport Clips had a thirty minute wait. My HTC EVO sporting Android Gingerbread 2.3.3 had the battery power to entertain me throughout the entire wait time.