before the graduation party

I guess today is the day of the big graduation party. My parents are coming in from Kansas City to be in attendance. I have a few friends traveling from various places to be a part of the event. Parties are difficult to plan and even more stressful if you do not know who is going to show up. This party is going to be a little different since it is a three person graduation extravaganza. Jaccie and Mr. Borys are making the party experience a little easier since they have invited some peoples and helped out in the planning process. I hope that everything turns out well tonight. I am rather worried about the fact that the party last for such a long time. From 6pm to close is like an eternity for things to go wrong. An eight hour party is a very serious event and cannot be taken lightly I would not have endeavored to achieve such an outcome without sharing the party responsibilities within the abilities of three people.
The royals game was last night it was strange, because it was so cold for being the month of May. Even though it was 1$ night it was hard to be motivated about watching the Kansas City Royals since Gobble gave up four runs in the first inning alone. I swear the Kansas City Royals should start a practice squad of just pitchers that could follow around the team and give batting practice to players. Something has to be done to help advance the progress of the young pitchers if this team does not get back on track then all is lost in Kansas City. I am now waiting for the new NBA team. I have decided that a Kansas City NBA team of all former University of Kansas players and of course some stand out Big Twelve talent would do better than the Royals. Baseball needs some form of parity through a better draft and market system. I am now in favor of a salary cap or at least some sort of better talent dispersion.

Royals 1$ Night

I have a fairly large appreciation of dollar night. For the most part I am a fan of Kansas sports. The Royals however are a team that demands true fans. If you are not a true fan of not only the city, and the game of baseball then you cannot be a Kansas City Royals fan. Most of the time the Kansas City Royals act like a farm team for the rest of league trading away any true talent they might have. When it comes down to the wire they are not a team that succeeded they are a team that gave away success. It is true that the team has had some success, but not enough to make it worthwhile.
What I believe should be done for the Kansas City Royals. Is to fire the general manager and the entire office staff. Get somebody in the front office that is willing to squeeze the payroll down to a minimum and get rid of all of the older players that are more than likely deadwood. Bring in a class of rookies and then continuously change the roster until three years from now you have three classes of rookies that can play baseball at a decent salary. The Kansas City Royals have to rebuild a team, from young talent that cares about the city and more importantly the team.
I will be going to the Royals game tonight. I will be having some 1$ hot dogs, peanuts, and of course some sodas. I enjoy being able to go to professional baseball games it is a from of entertainment that is great. I hear that Kansas City might get an NBA team. Maybe we can trade for LeBron? Well maybe not, but if we could get a steady pipeline of KU players then the team will probably be successful in the area. Not to mention that in basketball you do not live and die by pitching. So if the team is bad for a couple years the lottery picks can actually come in and improve the team. Parity is about draft picks and that is the one area that football and basketball do really well.

strange ending to a strange day

I woke up from a daze in my car traveling home from the bar Henry?s. For some reason I had agreed to go out to Louise?s Downtown for a moment then meet Jaccie at Henry?s. The strange part of the whole scenario is that I started thinking about how hard it is to meet someone that meets my two defining criteria for a relationship. Intelligent and attractive for instance I met this girl Joni the other day who meets both and would not give me the time of day. I only mention this because for some odd reason my roommate took Joni?s roommate home. Well actually let me correct that I took my roommate and Joni?s roommate home in my car after the evening at the bar.
The strange part is that for some strange reason the roommate was very confrontational and told me that I was one of the dumbest people on face of the earth. Then the roommate proceeded to tell me that I did not have a chance with Joni because I am a failure in everything I do in life. I am not sure, but to the best of my knowledge I have never met this roommate before and I hope that I do not again. I am a fairly self confident individual. I would even go as far as saying that from time to time I am a bit of a megalomaniac. However, I am not used to taking such harsh criticism from a perfect stranger. I mean honestly if you want to tell me I am a failure at everything I do then you could find plenty of warrants to make that argument. I do have some good news from today I was officially weighted at the doctor?s office and I broke the 210 lbs barrio. I am now officially 208 pounds and shrinking! This is so exciting. Well my time here draws short it is now time to sleep.

What a 1$ night?

The last class went well and the class migrated over to Applebee?s Bar & Grill for some cocktails and deserts. Everybody scattered at around eleven, Mr. Borys and I left the Applebee?s to go to Fatso?s. The nice thing about Fatso?s on Wednesday nights is that it only costs one dollar a drink. Nothing like dollar night to bring out some interesting people. We met Jaccie at the bar where Mr. Borys proceeded to line up the drinks and pound them like M&M?s. I guess that Mr. Borys finished the Aerospace Engineering Senior Design Project.
Mr. Borys probably does not remember much of last night. It was raining fairly hard. The sky was black except for the occasional lightning. The air smelt moist and as we were leaving the bar, I ran into some people from high school. This is the second time in the last couple of days that I have run into Carmel out at the bars. We went to high school, middle school, and most of grade school together. I had no seen Carmel in about five years so you can imagine my surprise. So what do you ask might make this night a little more interesting. I found myself staring at a strange at the end of the table buying shots for everybody at the table. I realized that it was the one and only middle school bully who attempted to beat me up every day on my way home after school.
College seems to go in cycles of when you see people and when you do not. For me I have been at the University of Kansas for so long that I have gone through enough cycles that I do not remember everybody?s names anymore. In fact I barely remember most peoples names from high school. That should be embarrassing for me, but I can honestly say that I do not regret making new friends in college. Some people made friends in high school and those people are still friends today. Talk about having a closed circle I have had to make new friends about every couple years as people graduate or move away. That is just the way of things in college and I still find it confusing how so many packs of high school friends are still in the same place at the same time.

Stories from Tikrit

One of the joys of being constantly on the Internet is that you run into people from all over the place recently <a href=””>GJOE</a> pointed me in the direction of a new weblog called <a href=””>Stories from Tikrit</a>. They have this to say about themselves, ?<a href=””></a> is where 24 select members of the 101st Military Intelligence write about life in the Army, life in Tikrit, and life in wartime. Of course, everything is the “operational security” version of the events, so if you’re looking for inside information about military action in Iraq, you aren’t going to find anything anywhere on What you will find is the true stories of United States Army soldiers in Iraq.? If you have some extra time, then you should check out the page and send them a comment. In times like these, our troops need all the support they can get. Now back to your regularly scheduled surfing?

Lots and Lots of Phone Calls

I woke up today; trying to remember when I had gone to sleep last night. I was working on several things last night including making picture collogues and disks. Wednesday is the last day of class for the University of Kansas Master of Public Administration Intern Program. I am not sure if I am sad about leaving a great class or glad that I am done with this year of school. I am sitting in the Lawrence City Hall Commissioners Meeting room right now listening to a presentation on storm water management.
I woke up extra early to return a phone call from Penn State?s Department of Pubic Administration where I applied to the PhD program. As it turns out I was missing a letter or recommendation so my file has been sitting in the graduate office for about three months. I guess somehow my email did not get entered into the Penn State system correctly. For some reason I am always experiencing some from of strangeness when it comes to major evens in my life. I am really lucky that Penn State has a very late application deadline of sometime in June. After several phone calls I was able to get a letter of recommendation faxed to them.
Now the waiting process continues as normal. I hope that sometime soon I will be able to find out where I will be next year. Being in limbo for the better part of a year is not very much fun and takes a serious toll on the amount of energy and hope I have. Today should be a fun last class in Budgeting and Policy analysis since after class we are all going to go out to eat and I will pass out the picture frame collogues. This should be fun and will provide an opportunity for me to sell the graduation party that is occurring on Saturday. This week is going by so fast: 1) Tuesday with Metallica and Godsmack, 2) Wednesday is the last day of class, 3) Thursday with Royals Dollar Night, and finally, 4) Saturday is my Graduation Fiesta.

Metallica and Godsmack Concert

I had a pretty good evening tonight. DJC picked me up from my apartment in Lawrence and then proceeded to drive to Kansas City. DJC used some amazing connections to get Metallica and Godsmack tickets for tonight in fact I sat in section 111, row c, seat 12, which was absolutely ridiculous. In fact, I was so close to the bands that if I had yelled something they would have heard it over the screams of thousands of rabid fans. Godsmack was great I did not know that the lead singer was from Lawrence, Massachusetts. One of the strange phenomenon that occurs at concerts is the wondering seat thieves that simply try to move closer and closer to the stage.
Honestly, I have been the wondering seat thieves several times throughout my rock and roll concert career. Today was the exception I actually had good seats to the event thanks to DJC, who I love and adore. A label rep from Universal setup a meet and great with the band Godsmack before Metallica went on stage. We met the label rep just outside of a large elevator staffed by a security guard who took us to a basement level. The label representative had sharpie markers, posters, and even albums for the band to sign. I would like to thank Universal for a copy of Godsmack: Faceless. This marks the first time that I have ever received something free from a label representative.
The meet and great was interesting it was exceptionally small, about a dozen people, who kind of stood around as the members of the band walked through the crowd. In the background we could hear Metallica setting up. I now have a poster and album signed by the band Godsmack that is exciting. I told you before about the kind of music that I like. I also told you that: napster was not just a program; it was a movement that opened the door, to a broader social acceptance of peer-to-peer file sharing. The whole time I was watching Metallica I was thinking about how furious I am with Lars. Then I realized something about the band and the music that was being played.
I only like four Metallica albums: And Justice For All (7 Million), Master of Puppets (6 Million), Kill?em All (3 Million), and Ride the Lightning (5 Million). What shocked me was that I am not a fan of the last four albums that the band has produced including, Symphony and Metallica (5 Million), Load (5 Million), Reload (3 Million), and of course St. Anger (2 Million). In fact, if you think about it Metallica peaked in 1991 with the self titled Metallica/Black Album selling 13 million. I guess I do not understand why they keep making bad albums. If you know, the answer then please let me know!

what a strange tuesday

I feel like I have somehow managed to contract Typhoid from the immunization I received this morning. The preparations for going to China are actually rather expensive I guess that is why international travel is such an adventure of privilege. I had to go to the Johnson County Health Department to receive my shots. (On a side note DJC compared me to Jaccie?s dog which also had to get shots today, a comparison I still am not pleased with and honestly do not understand.) The department of health was an interesting place that does not really accept health coverage and charges flat rates for such things as a Typhoid thought it never entered my mind before how lucky I have always been to have health coverage.
My parents have always been working professionals and I have been lucky enough that both of my parents have insurance. I actually thought for a while that I would be loosing health care at the ripe old age of 24, but it turns out that my fathers coverage actually extends until for an additional year. That means that I have to find a job and get out of school by the age of 25. That is one year of time to get my life in order and make sure that I am on the path to a solid career. Of course, this means that I have to stay enrolled in an accredited academic program. I found out today some good news about my life and education I have managed to muddle through my master?s thesis with a passing grade. Like anything else, this good news came with a hint of bad my advisor was not entirely pleased with paper.
It is actually a rather funny story. I wanted to make sure that I got a draft turned into my professor before the end of the month of April so I stayed up all night in the midst of the fabled red bull festival. At some point in the middle of the morning that fateful Friday, the day before my deadline of Saturday the first of May, I printed off a draft and during the morning hours slipped it under the door of the professor. I guess the professor thought that my draft looked like a final product and graded away! Now this was a true draft and was not intended at all to be a final product in fact the only truly polished section of thesis was the chapter that involved model explanation.
So if you do not think this day has been a little strange, from Typhoid, to Thesis, all the way to later tonight. DJC has managed to get on the guest list for the band Godsmack who just so happens to be opening for the Mighty Metallica. I have not been to a Metallica concert since the whole Napster confrontation. Napster was not just a program; it was a movement that opened the door, to a broader social acceptance of peer-to-peer file sharing. I will try to collect my thoughts later and let you know how the concert turns out. This is the first time since I have known DJC that we are going to a concert together, which will be an interesting scenario. I was trying to figure out why we have never been to a concert together before and I concluded that we really do not like the same kind of music.
My favorite type of music to listen to is mostly blues and fusion guitar with a distinctive heavy metal flavor. The last few albums that I have purchased have been Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Joe Satriani. I know what you are thinking, but I actually buy the albums of these artists because DJC says that if I do not, I will have to listen to the music that teenagers and seasoned citizens pay for on a regular basis.

Sometimes we lack the skill to move forward.

One of the things I remember about myself is my unhealthy appetite for writing. I have been told, on many occasions, that my skill with the pen is less than becoming. However, it does not concern me anymore. My goals are clear; I want to write down as many of the theories that are in my head in as complete a fashion as I can before they are gone. I believe that permanence is a necessity if the idea is meaningful and without a written record permanence is not possible.
If I could return to the days where I wrote at least ten pages a day, then I would be happy and I would be cleansing my mind on a daily basis. From time to time, I cannot sleep; I stare at the ceiling of the room as my mind wonders. One of the biggest problems I have is that when my mind gets going I cannot sleep. Most of the time anytime I lay down to sleep and before I know it hours have passed.
At some point during the last, I stopped working on my own theories and gave in to the demand of paper writing. The regurgitation of the familiar for professors is not a skill that I value or believe is useful. If a scholar went to the trouble of penning an idea to paper well, then that idea probably does not need to be copied. It needs to questioned and reconsidered from a thousand different points of view only to decide on what the answer really means for society. That is the one area where the philosophy department has it right they ask students to read and react, challenge, and propose new theories. That is exactly why philosophy will always move forward and the field of public administration in my view will continue to muddle through.