Cheyenne Mountain Zoo + A Lunch at Rudy’s BBQ

Twitter is much easier to use for capturing a single thought than taking the time build a complete mobile weblog post on the go. Here is an example from my twitter feed @nelslindahl “When will the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo get a honey badger? I’ll donate $50 to help get one.” Naturally, everyone enjoys random thoughts about honey badgers. From what I can tell only one zoo in the United States has a honey badger in captivity. The San Diego Zoo Safari Park has a honey badger. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs probably should get a honey badger. I understand the zoo staff would have to stay out of the honey badgers cage, but what could be more fun than a rocky mountain honey badger exhibit?

I digress. We should turn our attention to the second part of the story. After visiting the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo for a relaxing morning walk Joni and I decided to purchase lunch from Rudy’s “Country Store” and BAR-B-Q! Sure I might have had lunch at Rudy’s on Friday, but who judges somebody for having barbeque for lunch on back to back days? Joni enjoyed a BBQ turkey sandwich and some peach cobbler. I am seriously considering adding Rudy’s BBQ to my restaurants favorites list.

Rudy’s BBQ Day

Lunch today happened to include a visit to Rudy’s “Country Store” and BAR-B-Q! Backstory: Apparently, during an early morning climb up the Manitou Springs Include a couple of weeks ago David (from England) had a singularly unique eureka moment. Within that moment of epicurean bravado David concluded that a lunch visit to Rudy’s BBQ should be scheduled.


  1. Rudy’s sells pretty decent barbeque.
  2. I am seriously considering taking Joni to Rudy’s on Saturday after visiting the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.
  3. The line service format is strangely compelling.


  1. I do not understand why the proprietors of Rudy’s have decided to forgo selling deep fried potato products and onion rings.
  2. Enjoying the BBQ from Rudy’s did involve having to concede to several coworkers that decent BBQ does exist outside Kansas City.

Rethinking Social Networking

While I will give pretty much any social networking technology a few moments of consideration, I’m running out of patience for both Twitter and Facebook. Participation within the social networking experience always seems fleeting and uninspired. Without any degree of contribution to the broader social discourse modern social networking seems to create a series of divergent microcosms or in some ways delusional pockets of realism. I’m pretty well convinced that giving up posting to Twitter and Facebook may be the best possible course of action.

Considering the Eee Pad Transformer as a tablet

I sent a question out into the grand public square known as Twitter today. My question was straightforward, “Has anybody ever used or owned the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer tablet or the docking station/keyboard associated with the tablet?” During my custom computer building days I invested a lot of money into ASUS motherboards.  I have been looking at tablets for a while now, but the idea of being able to buy a tablet computer that can transform into a netbook is strangely compelling. Consider for a moment the advantages of having 16 hours of battery life during a road trip or airline flight.