Do you really care?

Work has been getting harder and harder over the last couple of days. Sometimes my friends give me trouble about working to hard. Well it is true that I do not have a job. It is also true that sometimes, not having a job is, is the key to starting your own job. I have been working very hard over the last couple of months to put together a new program.
Circa 1998, I wanted to start a company and things went fairly well, but did not turn out the way I wanted. Then around the year 2000, SNRP went fairly well and was within a stones through of being a success. At least that is the way I remember things, I try not to remember being snubbed for venture capital or other various failures.
This time, this year, is going to be different. I am working directly in my own best interest without any real pressure. Sure, I feel the pressure of time and of the future, but sometimes that is just enough motivation to keep things going. That is what I need at this point in my life a giant cup of motivation. Well maybe I will go get a cup of coffee that is the best I can do right now.

Is it morning in America yet?

Played softball yesterday, it was a very interesting experience; I learned that I really do not have very much coordination. I fell down while I was batting, running to second base, and even sliding into third base. Of course, I did not fall down once while playing first base. Everyday of the last couple of months, I have been getting more and more upset about listening to shallow politics.
Even the rock the vote campaign has become a false prophet spreading a message of hate. I went to Van

stop the morning insanity

I woke up this morning to the sounds of people moving things. For some reason the family was trying to bribe me with bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits to move some tables. Who knows why people like to work in the morning. Last night I fell asleep watching the Sopranos. Today I am supposed to go to the country club pool. That will be a nice place to relax for a little bit and enjoy the day.
Sometimes I feel like I have been wasting the days and not getting enough accomplished. Jaccie wonders why I do not write as much as I probably should. It is not from having a lack of something to say. I want to finish the computer program I have been working on before I spend to much time writing. One of the problems with that type of work is that it requires investing yourself very heavily into a project. I feel like for hours at time being so involved in something that everything else in the world seems to pass into the sands of time. Of course, I know what it takes to be a successful programmer.
Being able to take the time to do something, the right way is difficult. Being consumed by a project is not always the best way to deal with things in life. However sometimes to be able to accomplish something great you have to take a step back and build for the future. I know that every moment I spend working on this project is time invested in myself. Thinking about starting a company is no joke, being absolutely dependent on your own ability, moving forward without a fall back position.
I am really glad that this weblog issue has been resolved today. Who knows maybe this will even work out without to much blood shed on the internet search engine rankings? Who knows what will end up happening in the next couple of months, but I know that it is going to be an interesting period of my life.

needing good people

The last couple of days have been rather intense. I swear that my life changes at a very slow pace. I must admit that I was tricked by GJOE tonight. I was drinking the usual gin and tonic perhaps a double or maybe even a triple, when all of a sudden when my attention was lapsing GJOE swapped my glass of gin for a glass of pure tonic. No real friend would ever participate in such a sinister trick. Andy thought it was one of the funnier moments of the evening. On a personal note, I really do not like tonic water; in fact, I have a rather strong disdain for the substance.
Sometimes you have to spend some time with your friends to put things in perspective. Jaccie and Andy went to the trouble of taking me out on the town. We went to Old Chicago to have a few drinks and enjoy the evening. Today was supposed to be the day that I would find out the answer to one of the potential future paths of my life. Who knew that silence would be so deafening. I am really not that lazy I promise. One day I will get a job, and do something productive. However, today is not that day! This summer of freedom is almost over. I have been all over the globe, from the Peoples Republic of China to Cancun, Mexico.

the joys of the internet

I have never really had anything against hackers, but these days it seems that people are getting restless on the internet. Who knows? Maybe Nels Lindahl Dot Com has become a major interest to the digital elite. Well comment spammers beware! I have now implemented a system that requires comment approval. Maybe that will solve the problems that I was having, while resolves the problems I am having. In any event, the webpage is backup and running. I will make some changes in the next couple of days to make sure that all of the content is available. Of course, it will be another couple of weeks before all of the writing is back online. I hope that with some database revisions I will be able to get some of the novels fixed. Oh yeah, I am now back from Mexico.

Getting ready for Mexico

Some days are better than others, without question, every once in awhile a day stumbles by that is changes things. My outlook on life is simple, I have no fear of life and at the same time I have no fear of death. For some people this is a difficult mantra to uphold. One of the things that I want to accomplish over the next couple of months is putting down some of my policy statements to paper. Who knows maybe one or two of them might end explaining the future.
It is strange to say this, but I really miss the University of Kansas Public Administration class of 2005. Normally I do not really get attached to people very easily. Somehow, the class was endearing in a very eclectic way. I have been around such a diverse set of individuals who were all motivated by study, but for different reasons. It is easy for a stranger to figure out that I have a love for education for the sake of education.
One of the problems with my never-ending desire for education is that over the years, I seem to dissent more and more. When you think of the voice of dissent in modern America it is easy to list off authors like Chomsky. For some reason the country seems to be moving away from my visions of a functional utopia. Who knows what is really going on in the world these days? Well just a couple days until I leave for Mexico? I think I am going to go swim suit shopping tomorrow.

I guess I have been a naughty weblog author.

My humblest apologizes worthy reader, if you have been checking this page, and not found anything new to read. This last year has gone by so fast. From starting a second college degree in the midst of a very serious relationship to learning that, I could graduate in only one year. Well I now have two degrees and I left so much behind to sacrifice for my education. I did not spend enough time with all of my friends, and alas, I had several failed relationships during the last year. It happens I know that. I am not worried about the future.
This was actually the month, where I was going to give up my pursuits of higher education, and spend all of my time working on a computer program. However, things change, just as they always do, and for some reason probably always will. I have been enjoying my summer with reckless abandon. From spending my mornings at the country club, sipping beverages and getting slightly tan. I made some poolside phone calls, to Andy ?Blue? O?MacPhelan, during the course of my very busy day.
Of course, I have to take time out to note that Gus has returned from Australia. Gus went to Australia with a small amount of love for the Kangaroo a creature that is observed with a certain degree of reverence throughout the world. When Gus returned from Australia, Kangaroos were no longer acceptable; they became a pesky rodent like creature, that simply does not belong. Who do those Australians think they are? Besmirching the good name of the Kangaroo? This newfound hatred of such a loveable creature causes me to be able to seriously question what they have been drinking down under.

LISP and the Public Library

What is the most powerful possession that you own? I would argue that it is your library card. If you are lucky enough to have one, without so many fines that, you cannot check out books. The Johnson County Public Resource Library happened to have three books on the subject I was interesting in researching. A long time ago, I gave up a dream, to continue my education. I was working on a program that came to be known as Captain Fractal. My parents have been gracious enough to allow me to work on this program in the comfort of my childhood home.
Jaccie asked about why I do not write prolifically now that I have so much spare time. The answer is that I have been spending all of my spare time working on this program. Thinking about higher order mathematics takes so much out of me that I do not have very much energy to put the prose floating around the abstract corners of my mind onto paper. I hope that is a legitimate answer to the question. If I can finish this program fairly soon, then I will as a happy as a farmer, standing in middle of a field of tall cotton.
I have been having some trouble coding the algorithms. Of course I am programming in LISP, which is, more fun than I can possible convey in words. I actually went back to basics, and have taken some of the slightly yellow-paged books, off the library shelf and brought them home with me. The only three books the public library had on programming in LISP were very out of date; evidence of this can be taken from the proudly shelved books about unlocking the power of your 1980?s commodore! I am now reading some slightly older books, about LISP, and of course learning more about writing code!
1) Laurent Siklossy. “Let’s Talk LISP,” Prentice-Hall, NJ, 1976. 237 pages.
2) Robert Wilensky. “Common LISPcraft” W. W. Norton, 1986. 500 pages.
3) Harold Abelson, Gerald Jay Sussman, Julie Sussman. ?Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs? (MIT Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) MIT Press, 1986. 542.
Think about this for just a moment? nobody has highlighted, underlined, or made any notes in any of these books. It has been a long time since this college student has seen a collection of books from the library that do not have some type of extended student added annotations. The library keeps detailed records about library fines and made me pay $3.20 for a book I had returned late somewhere around the turn of the centenary. Well back to work!

Perhaps capitalism tastes better after eating with a communist spoon.

I have decided that we should send Michael Moore to China for a state sponsored tour. Perhaps capitalism tastes better after eating with a communist spoon. I was reading the propaganda of the state sponsored Chinese mass media source, otherwise known as the People?s Daily. What shocked and appalled me was how excited the Chinese are about importing, ?Michael Moore’s provocative anti-Bush documentary ?Fahrenheit 9/11.?” The state sponsored media in a communist country wants to import this documentary to the Peoples Republic of China. Now is the time to take a step back and ask ourselves what is going on in the United States of America these days? If this is the first American documentary to play in China, then it is a sad day for freedom and choice everywhere.
Michael Moore you should stand up and apologize at the state level to governments around the world. Using documentary style film to spread propaganda, which is simply ideological, and has little to no basis in reality to countries that do not have a free press, is in all honesty simply embarrassing. Michael Moore you should be ashamed that ?Fahrenheit 9/11? is not addressing the realties about real crisis over the inevitable ideological conflict of the three T?s Taiwan, Tiananmen Square, and Tibet. Michael Moore does not know what real dissent is or what media persecution really feels like. Without a free press in China, the people are not fully aware of the realities facing the country. Michael Moore is definitively a participant in spreading a conspiracy theory to a country conspiring to mislead one billion people.
I call on you Michael Moore to use celebrity to face the major issue facing the world today. Without question, terrorism is a serious issue that it is not receiving honest public discussion. For freethinking rational autonomous thinkers everywhere today is a very dark day. Discussion of terrorism blended with, ?Michael Moore’s provocative anti-Bush documentary ?Fahrenheit 9/11.?? Simply helps to spread the message the communist government of Peoples Republic of China finds to be consistent with state propaganda. Freethinking rational autonomous thinkers have to remember the three T?s Taiwan, Tiananmen Square, and Tibet and be willing to have honest discussions about what media censorship really means!