PhD Status Update

I am now a PhD student at Walden University is the PhD in Public Policy and Administration focusing on the E-Government option. The wait has been long, and hopefully this will be a good experience. I guess that means that one day I will be having a graduating party again!

editing a novel

i am working on editing a novel right now. when i am done i will write something else, until that day comes i will be editing. i swear editing my old writing is time consuming…

From Boulder to Kansas City

Walking up this morning was very strange. I have had a low-grade migraine for the last three days. Personally, I believe that I am allergic to high altitude. Denver is a very nice place to visit. The drive into Boulder, Colorado is one of the most scenic in the nation. Nels however needs to go back to Kansas. I found out today that Walden University almost has a complete application file for me. That means that I should be able to find out a decision sometime next week. This is some of the most exciting news of the week.
I am going to Kate

Talking about Star Wars

I have a couple hours to kill since watching the United States Olympic Basketball team beat Australia at around six in the morning. I have obtained a VHS copy of The Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition. Does everybody on the face of the planet know what will cost about seventy dollars on September 21? The answer comes from Fox Video who has graciously decided to ship millions of four-disc Star Wars Trilogy DVD sets.

I forgot what it was like to watch a good old VHS. All you have to do is put in the tape, sit on the couch, and when the movie is over the tape rewinds itself. As you already know, from your extensive research and amazing information retention abilities, VHS stands for Video Home System. This however is not an accurate historical account VHS used to stand for Vertical Helical Scan. I found out that this has something to do with the head scanning technique used on the tape. Now DVD on the other hand has prospered. Some people like Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, and of course Jersey Girl) like so many others once believe in laser disc. Kevin Smith was wrong.

Star Wars (Episode IV) released in 1977, now has a box office gross of around 461 million dollars. George Lucas had a film that would start a science fiction revolution beginning a cult phenomenon that has lasted for more than twenty years. I forgot how great it is to be able to watch Mark Hamill playing Luke Skywalker. Alec Guinness does a great job of playing the part of Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi interacting with Mark Hamill with a precision that you do not see in modern acting. Anthony Daniels who played C-3PO and Kenny Baker the mastermind behind R2-D2 are in the top fifty box office grossing actors ever. Anthony Daniels has been in five movies, I will let you guess what they are grossing 1,793,744,468 total dollars with an average of 358,748,894 dollars per movie. Star Wars has been good to Anthony Daniels.

James Earl Jones is not even credited as the voice of Darth Vader. I can hardly believe that Carrie Fisher who played Princess Leia Organa and Mark Hamill did not go on to celebrated movie careers. Harrison Ford was amazing as Han Solo and is still one of the most successful actors in history. The Empire Strikes Back (Episode V) was released in 1980, and changed the standard for visual effects while changing attitudes about the viability of almost cornering the market on blockbuster science fiction movies. For some reason the second installment only made 290 million in box office gross. The introduction of Frank Oz playing Yoda defiantly is the highlight of this movie. I might be one of the biggest Yoda fans in the history of Star Wars.

Colorado Rockies at Coors Field

One of the things that I learned from Andy (BLUE) is a deep and devoted appreciation for the game of baseball. Last night I wasted the Colorado Rockies play the New York Mets for the love of the game without any hope for the playoffs or even a hint of wild card in the air. You are right of course that they are professional athletes. However if you look at the rosters of both of these clubs they are not full of elite players with gigantic contracts.
I am a Kansas City Royals fan. That is not something that is going to change. However, I can say sitting in the bleachers at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado was refreshing. Think about this, you are one mile above sea level. Forget seeing the sunset, the mountains are in the way. Andy would never forgive me if I went to Coors Field and did not have a Coors beer. I opened up my wallet and handed the cashier the $5.75 for about twenty ounces of rocky mountain golden goodness of Coors Light. Andy is right beer and baseball just seem to belong together.
Supposedly, Coors Field is a hitter

Is Nihilist Contempt a Social Ethos?

Could nihilism be part of a social ethos? This essay is not a journey into philosophical argumentation. Asking a broader general question about when reality meets philosophy is the only way to understand how nihilism has influenced classical theory. Providing an explanation for the form and function of modern society requires more than dividing reality into dichotomous reasoning rubric of subjective or objective. Even rubric expansion to include the idea of quality influencing the decision calculus does not account for shifts in reality itself. Quality has nothing to do with division of argumentation, because modern society functions from a social ethos that operational redefines logic within the confines of the game. This discussion is mainly taking about an idea entitled nihilist contempt that argues against constraining reality into subjective and objective reasoning even when quality is considered.

A reader capable of rational coherent thought is probably wondering how nihilism can be modified. From time to time theories blend and morph in and out of each other influencing philosophy in unexpected ways. Nihilism as a social ethos by itself is not social. Execution of pure nihilism is functionally self-defeating. Any nihilist that truly adheres to the theory will not be functionally driving change within society. Some of the ideas that nihilist thought produced allow for an interesting incorporation into the public mind. This development has produced a significant influence in the reasoning and logic used by society as a whole. The social animal can now simply react with contempt to society without any substantial negative recourse.

Nihilism by itself did not produce a significant following and this does not mean that philosophical dissemination has been strictly limited. The directions that nihilism allows through dispositional rhetoric are splitting reality. A new division of thought has developed. Take a moment to think about two dichotomous relationships that describe traditional views of reality. The objective and subjective relationship is different from the classical and romantic separation. Before philosophy ever moves form questions of reality to either of the two before mentioned relationships, a new influence on reality has to receive consideration. Could it be at this point in reasoning that logical reasoning is in question? That prose that follows is an attempt to find an answer. Beginning with some questions and then attempting to move from reality to reason and argument. This process requires proposing two ideas about nihilist philosophical dissemination. Two functional nihilist routes have influenced contemporary thought including both nihilist contempt and nihilist conformity.

Both of these ideas are important, but nihilist conformity is only a functional performance test against the nihilist influences on society other than a general feeling of contempt. The idea of nihilist contempt explains an attitude that changes perception and at time interaction between an individual and reality. Nihilist contempt allows a dispositional interaction with ideas and claims that makes dividing reality into terms like subjective and objective. It is possible for an individual to adopt some of the tenants and attitudes of nihilism, without actually becoming a nihilist in practice. This creates the potential for infinite potential outcomes. Two of the outcomes that develop prevalence within society are nihilist contempt and conformity.

An individual that develops a certain degree of nihilist contempt starts to view society as problematic. The social animal in this instance is developing an above average agitation with the beliefs of the majority. This is not an argument about politics or even political theory. Consider the following question for a moment. If nihilist contempt is just a general attitude of distrust and contempt, then does it provide an alternative for change? Political arguments move toward an alternative even if that potential solution is simply inaction. Nihilist contempt simply questions the very interaction between logic and reality making terms like objective and subjective operational different.

Nihilist conformity is a completely different outcome that results in a strengthening the inertia of the system. If the social animal is not actively seeking an alternative to the system, then it is possible that even thought dispositional that the social animal might both disagree with and willing perpetuate the system. This contradiction explanation is as simple as the idea of taking the path of least resistance simply out of lack of interest. The social animal is developing very nihilist tendencies while still being able to participate in the system. The result is a very large contingent of the population that is disinterested in society, yet will simply conform to the confines of a social order without revolution.

Does this premise, explanation of alternative, and analysis answer any serious questions about society? Probably not from lack of effort looking at the question, “Is nihilism a social ethos?” Defining nihilism in the context of a social ethos begins to explain why apathy has become so pervasive in modern society. Apathy in this case does not exclusively deal with inaction in terms of politics. A much larger question exists about how much apathy exists in the daily life of the social animal. Has nihilist contempt and conformity become so pervasive within society that nobody even notices them?

Things to do list day!

I woke up this morning knowing that I would have to get down to business. Maybe I have been too lazy for to long over the last few days writing noting, but prose and reading books about philosophy. I am more relaxed and now have a greater degree of focus.
I got up this morning and prepared all of my transcript request forms for the Law School Admissions Council. Writing my PhD program goal statement for Walden University was just the writing exercise I needed this morning. Sometimes taking about what you have done and what you want to do provides a greater degree of reflection.
Who knew how much work it was to put Curriculum Vita

Walden University PhD Goals Statement

My intended area of study at Walden University is the Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration focusing on the E-Government option. This area of study provides me with the greatest potential to learn about E-Government in the context of Public Policy and Administration. This is a combination of exactly what I want to study and enjoy reading and learning about at the University level. This essay will attempt to explain how my academic preparation, professional experience, educational capacity, and long-terms gorals will facilitate my education at Walden University.

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LSAT Letter

Dear Professor:
The last couple of years have been a very different experience for me. In case you did not know, I now have a Master

Denver Zoo & Museum

Continuing my quest to be active involved a trip to the Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Kansas City has a Zoo, but I have only been there a few times in my life. Most of the time I find the Zoo to be a very depressing place. All of those animals just hanging out in cages for my personal amusement.
Here is a random list of things that I witnessed at the Denver Zoo included Hippopotamus, Cheetahs, Red kangaroo, Roan antelope, Giant Anteater, Red panda, Reticulated giraffe, Orangutan, Polar bear, Prairie bison, and a Bongo Forest Antelope. Then I had a corndog as a snack before I witnessed a Red kangaroo, Pygmy marmoset, Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep, Jaguar, Malayan tapir, Ring-tailed lemur, Pronghorn, Pygmy marmoset, Asiatic black bear, Asian elephant, South African lion, Spotted hyena, Siberian tiger, Slender loris Mandrill, Okapi, and of course the African buffalo.
I am not sure what I learned at the Denver Zoo. One thing I can tell you is that I left the Denver Zoo to go to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. If you do not know where the story is going, then you do not know about my love for the IMAX. Now this is not going to be a post, about the