Thanksgiving football and a ton of random snacks

I’m officially taking the entire day off of work (groundbreaking strategy I know). The Thanksgiving holiday season provides a great opportunity for extended vacations. For the first time since Joni and I move to Colorado we will be entertaining family for Thanksgiving. Vacations that involve prolonged shopping adventures are not really vacations. Strangely enough Thanksgiving (a holiday firmly rooted in the consumption of vast quantities of food) has become closely associated with the shopping extravaganza known as Black Friday. Black Friday deals are arriving via email at an unprecedented rate. Earlier this morning I almost purchased a topcoat based on a door buster savings deal. At some point, I want to transition into being able to wear a suit to work every day.

Good new! I have been taking a victory lap all week; after completing my first Stanford University class this week. I really did enjoy taking, “Converting strategy into action,” from the Stanford Center for Professional Development. As part of my current professional development strategy, I started pursuing avenues that would enhance my project management knowledge, skills, and abilities. Professional development will always be an ongoing process. Things change at different rates. Practitioners have to evaluate and reevaluate the playing field by using reflective techniques mixed with strategic forecasting.

Just a little stream of consciousness on a Saturday

Tonight will include at least 10 minutes of pure stream of consciousness writing on my Dell Studio 1535. Over the last few months, the writing process has come to the forefront of consideration. More or less (for better or worse), the process of writing a book or an article from start to finish without any deviations remains an illusory construct. From time to time, the spark that generates outstanding prose just occurs. Inspiration has always seemed to be a funny and fleeting thing. Maybe this sentence will help transition this think piece away from process and center the think piece on idea cultivation. Amazon launched the Kindle Fire without building out enough games. Building a forked version of Android that has a proprietary application market limits the number of available games significantly. Amazon seems to be primarily focused on generating revenue.

The people are consuming news in different ways. News aggregators are centralizing content. In some ways, the art of writing a good briefing document has faded away. Both reporters and bloggers have focused on either directly reporting facts or writing opinion pieces. Briefing documents bring history, context, and depth to the subject. News cycles are getting faster and faster. At some point, the entire concept of the news cycle will fade into the news stream. With any news stream history inevitably fades away as waves of modernity push back the sands of the moment. Streaming news tends to over supply the market. After a few years of oversupplied streaming news, the degree of information saturation within society will be overwhelming. Should society remain focused on a series of key issues? How does one concept remain central to the process with wave after wave of ideas setting agendas that do not share a common purpose?

Presidential debates have become functionally meaningless

We as a national would be better off allowing each of the candidates to deliver a 5 to 7 minute campaign speech followed by a period where the candidates are allowed to ask questions of each other with time limits for the questions and answers. Honestly, who could argue with the argument that the media (or partisan journalists) have no business asking debate questions of candidates that should be debating each other? If it was an interview, then it would be the right forum for journalist questions.  We should allow candidates to debate each other openly and honestly during lengthy televised debates. Journalist should not be allowed to set the national agenda by controlling debate questions. Allowing leaders to provide some degree of leadership mixed with vision and defined agendas would allow votes to make better informed decisions.

Thinking about the value of Blu-Ray discs

I’m hesitant to buy a copy of, “Star Wars: The Complete Saga,” on Blu-ray disc. I have purchased 3 or 4 copies of Star Wars over the years. Will George Lucas release a Blu-ray collector’s edition? Streaming content has changed my views on owning or collecting Blu-ray discs. I have purchased a few complete episode collections of my favorite science fiction shows, but based on the current production schedule I do not anticipate making any future collection purchases.