Reading Scientific Writing

Recently my somewhat valuable free time has been devoted to reading particle physics and magnetic field theory. I learned some important lessons about science related materials, including observing that pesky water in the ear feeling without going swimming. On a serious note, scientists and engineers need to take some research methodology courses to help develop a standard for scientific writing. Without proper annotation, sourcing, and historical references it is nearly impossible to read scientific writing if you do not have several years of college education.

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Bo Lings Chinese Restaurant

It is almost a family tradition to have dinner at Bo Ling’s traditional Chinese cuisine restaurant. Normally I am a fan of Chinese buffets not sit down restaurants, but Bo Ling’s is the exception because of the exceptionally high quality dining experience. Today I received an odd fortune cookie, “Today it’s up to you to created the peacefulness you long for.” After reading this fortune cookie, it made me think about what I sound like when I speak Mandarin Chinese. I learned some Mandarin from listening to tapes before I went to China this summer, but I definitely understand more Mandarin as a listener than I am capable of speaking.

Learning for the Future

Enough writing depressing banter about the mundane existence of daily life, it is time to write about potential, hope, and the future. After all, finding direction is probably the best direction you can have. They say learning, takes time, and some people are still asking who

Monday Wakeup Call

Good morning, this weekend seemed to be a wash, I found myself sleeping almost all day Sunday. When I woke up in the afternoon on Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs were playing so terrible, that I rolled over and went back to sleep. Today is Monday, what a wonderful Monday, I feel awake and am enjoying a state of clarity this morning. Perhaps, I have managed to get myself a cold, or just run down from not sleeping enough because of too much homework.

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Freedom Fries Remembrance

I went to one of my favorite cheeseburger shacks and got one rather large order of freedom fries. Did you know that French President Jacques Chirac was actually in the United States attending a G-8 Summit in the State of Georgia, during the Funeral of former President of the United States Ronald Reagan? Did I mention that I am still upset that France

Stronger Days

Well I have now started drinking this substance called Slim-Fast, which is evidently a meal option, for those who would rather drink than eat. While I really do like a good meal every once in awhile, the challenges of having to cook, cleanup, and decide what is for dinner waste a significant amount of my time every day, therefore I have decided to only have one meal a day and otherwise drink my meals. During the next few days, I am going to start looking forward to stronger days.

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What a Lazy Weekend

Well I have not been doing very much over the last week. I have not been writing very much over the last week. My week has been spent napping, resting, and mostly eating food so I can take some painkillers. Having surgery is no joke, and it has been strange to have family members coming over to visit and say hello, people just stopping by for lunch, and just otherwise being curious about how I am doing. Monday is the day I will get to find out what exactly the diagnosis is when I return to visit the nice people at the doctor

The confines and politics of message

What people actually see and what they believe is becoming a fragmented mixture of manufactured reality achieved through the advent of perception by political flavor. In modern American politics, that idea that voters could get a fully flavored reality is sadly disappearing. For better or worse, we now know, more or less political flavor is an effect of political message and sadly not a function of argument and reason.

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A Collection of Futurist Thoughts on History

Knowing who we are and where we are going is part of being able to visualize the dream. This essay is a collection of futurist thoughts on how history is developing. Describing the current state of the world and how that state is in the process of changing, requires being able to explain one potential dream for the future and use that perspective as a point of reference for discussion. Society is just beginning to enter the age of technology, less than fifty years ago people did not truly understand nuclear power, fusion, and more importantly the basic building blocks of the universe that unlock today the secrets of the technology of tomorrow.

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Getting Stronger, Finding Answers

This morning, I was finally able to check into the hospital for a single day visit. At the time of my surgery, the nation still did not know who was president of the United States; fortunately, I did not have to wait to find out, since the nice people at the hospital knocked me out until the election was over. When I woke up, the doctor told me that the unrestricted mass located on the upper clavicle was benign, probably not a lymphoma, and otherwise everything was successful. I am spending the rest of the day in seclusion, but wanted to let everybody know that, the surgery went well, I am doing fine, and at least I have a reason to nap today.