That Colorado State of Mind

I was checking my electronic mail at the Boulder public library. The Boulder library is one of the most corporate libraries I have ever seen in my entire life. When you walk in to the library, you are almost required to visit the art gallery, and you cannot get to a book without passing a coffee shop, which encourages you to make a purchase, before you enter the library.
Of course, the Internet access terminals were full, and when one finally opened up the person, standing next to me was attempting to make a new friend. Talking about teaching about Buddhism and some, form of new age Yoga knock off. I had no idea that I would run into the Colorado State of Mind so quickly on my journey. We went to the grocery store today and while leaving somebody in a minivan opened the car door to force our court to go around. Then just shut the door again and stayed in the minivan.
Only one thought comes to my mind today and it is not the word hate. It is the idea of nihilist contempt and the various forms of individual hedonism that foster a general distaste for outsides. I have experienced this phenomenon a number of times and every time I do have the misfortune of expiring, a unique brand of evil, I am displeased.
Perhaps I could share with you moment of shock. I am from Kansas City originally and am accustomed to seeing large movie theaters. Giant parking lots, full of neon lights, and overpriced concessions is what I almost expect out of a movie theater. What I got was Boulder new urbanism at its extreme, we drove around the movie theater twice before we realized it had a printed sign and was no bigger than a Barns and Noble. Life is full of strange events, and somehow they all end up happening to me eventually.
I am never drinking, in Colorado ever again…

Traveling to Boulder, Colorado

Written descriptions from the mind of a self-centered ego-manic, with a slight case of megalomania, journey cross the Great State of Kansas, broken down into every excited Road Events.

  • (At about 12:06 PM) I knew it was going to be a good
    road trip when it started with a trip to the gas station. Getting sunglasses
    is one of my favorite trip beginning activities. I might have a predisposition
    to sit on sunglasses at the most inopportune times. Therefore, I am not
    allowed to have any expensive sunglasses, due to the high sunglass turnover,
    they are often decommissioned before schedule.
  • ( At around 1:38 PM) We had our first incident with
    absolute highway stupidity. Most people manage to drive by accidents without
    having to slow down, head out the window, trying to see what is happening. We
    all know that if you drive a Sport Utility Vehicle or truck for that matter
    your chance of flipping over and rolling during an accident are much higher. I
    know I am not the greatest driver in the history of the world, but I generally
    try not to let my actions potentially injure other people. Mostly so I do not
    have to listen to them complain.
  • (Confused at 2:09 PM) Is Colby, Kansas really the,

now in boulder, colorado

i am currently in boulder, colorado. i am not going to spell check this draft, so to all of you who go into fits when you see an error, be very carefull. i have made it to colorado. the place is ok, i have been looking around the city. the internet has been broken, i have tons of stuff to post when it gets fixed. i am not sure why, but i get upset when i do not have the internet. the public library is the only way i could access the internet. even the coffee shops do not have wifi around here. i am starting to think that i will never find the end of the internet.

Education Plan B

Due to the complete and utter failure of Educational Plan A, we are not moving to the new and improved Educational Plan B. If you have, any comments or suggestions please feel free to suggest a course of action. The educational division is currently working on an Educational Plan C, which may or may not be available depending on the weather in the lower hemisphere. The following is a list of educational options, concluded by, of course taking the LSAT, which will involve an entirely different set of schools.

  1. Walden University [Rolling Admission] Ph.D. in Public Policy and
    Administration with an focus on e-Government.

Everything in Stride

Tomorrow is the big day for driving out to Colorado. I will be gone for a while, and then I will return to Kansas City for a couple of weddings. One of the strangest strings of events happened to me today. On my way up to Lawrence, I was listening to Rush Limbaugh who was talking about the University of Kansas and John Kerry

When will the fun end?

I went to a party last night, one of those house parties, a sort of private party, an intimate gathering if you will. Somebody screamed from across the room,

Hyphen Say’s California

Well the Hyphen says that one day I will find the perfect graduate school. Perhaps the Hyphen is correct and things will get better. I can tell you this much I picked up my car for the automotive repair specialist, and then the radiator blew up for a second day in a row. Who knew that car repair was such a difficult business?
I have made some decisions about the future of my life. They go something like this I will be taking the LSAT in October. When I was a little kid, all I wanted to do was be a corporate lawyer. To be more specific a contract lawyer, that is the direction that I was headed before my junior year of college. I changed the direction of my life toward public service, and the study of public administration.
Now is the time to go back to the basics to take this chance to do something that I really want to do, before it becomes time to do what has to be done. I do want to be a professor someday. I would like to teach public administration, study the future of technology in government, and spend my entire lifetime learning. That said, I do not really know what I am going to do with the next year.
What I do know is that Hyphen likes California. I might end up going out to Washington, D.C. to work on some software. I might end up going slightly west coast for a Denver Omelet. All I know is that one day it will all make sense, until then that day comes I secretly hope that my car stops exploding.

Time for a Denver Omelet

Some people go an entire lifetime without experiencing a truly defining moment. Today I finally got word from the last PhD school that I sent an application. The word was not good. It appears that I am not an acceptable candidate for graduate school at this time. Today is a new day, a day of hope, a day of promise for the future. Well maybe today is a just a day, but probably it is a day at a crossroads.
Now is the time to make a decision. Where will I be going in life? What should I spend my life doing? How did I go manage to fail at applying to PhD schools? Will I ever figure out what I am supposed to be doing? These are all questions and for the most part, they are the wrong questions