Project Update: 20041128

I am currently working on finishing several projects including the design specifications necessary for long-term space travel. The designs will be complete later today or tomorrow, depending on how fast I type, how much coffee I can drink, and how much I manage to sleep.

Modern Responsibility

Everyone that is capable of rational coherent autonomous thought can produce iterations of a theory. Knowledge is essentially collective because of the power of shared iterations increasing the number of theoretical permutations leading to a direct increase in the percentage chance of finding a meaningful solution to any given problem. The function of futurist thinkers in society is to look beyond the frontier of what is currently possible, and expand the number of potential outcomes.

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Thanksgiving Holiday Travels

My Thanksgiving weekend will involve traveling to Wichita, Kansas, which is not one of the most exotic locations in the world. In fact, my weekend starts early in honor of Thanksgiving, because tomorrow I will travel to Wichita, but my first adventure of the week happened on Saturday night. I managed to venture out of the house and ended up in Lawrence, Kansas to attend a party Mr. Borys had notified me about several days earlier. During the last couple of months, I have truly missed being able to see my friends. Fortunately, the party was a success and I was able to spend time with Jaccie, DJC, Shannon, and of course Mr. Borys. You do not have to worry about me, because I did not drive back and forth from Lawrence alone, Mary Jo was kind enough to come along for the ride.

Economic Theory: Barry Bonds Rookie Cards (DRAFT!)

One of my hobbies is collecting sports trading cards with an almost exclusive emphasis on National Football League and Major League Baseball. As a student of economics, I have become interested in how scarcity influences trading cards specifically Barry Bonds trading cards. Barry Bonds is becoming a major media icon from scandals and breaking the records that make up baseball history. Economic theory suggests that the free and open exchange of information can change how market forces influence the relationship between supply and demand. Information can be both positive and negative and that is why discussing the history of how Barry Bonds become a media icon, explains the current market for Barry Bonds rookie cards, and defines the supply and demand relationship.

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Fighting at Sports Events?

Poor Larry Brown, all I have to say is Rock Chalk Jayhawk Larry, come back to Lawrence! Jayhawks fans are among the best in the country, and we promise to continue the basketball traditional of James Nesmith, by not fighting or personally embarrassing you as a coach! As a University of Kansas fan, I will always have respect for Larry Brown, and I am glad that Larry has had the chance to win both an NBA and NCAA National Championship. Last night the Detroit Pistons fans participated in a riot, after witnessing the Detroit Pistons team playing terrible basketball and getting beat by the Indiana Pacers. Sometimes people forget in the aftermath of this story that Detroit Pistons coach Larry Brown recently had hip replacement surgery. I am glad Larry Brown was not seriously hurt, during the riot Ben Wallace started.

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Reading Scientific Writing

Recently my somewhat valuable free time has been devoted to reading particle physics and magnetic field theory. I learned some important lessons about science related materials, including observing that pesky water in the ear feeling without going swimming. On a serious note, scientists and engineers need to take some research methodology courses to help develop a standard for scientific writing. Without proper annotation, sourcing, and historical references it is nearly impossible to read scientific writing if you do not have several years of college education.

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Bo Lings Chinese Restaurant

It is almost a family tradition to have dinner at Bo Ling’s traditional Chinese cuisine restaurant. Normally I am a fan of Chinese buffets not sit down restaurants, but Bo Ling’s is the exception because of the exceptionally high quality dining experience. Today I received an odd fortune cookie, “Today it’s up to you to created the peacefulness you long for.” After reading this fortune cookie, it made me think about what I sound like when I speak Mandarin Chinese. I learned some Mandarin from listening to tapes before I went to China this summer, but I definitely understand more Mandarin as a listener than I am capable of speaking.

Learning for the Future

Enough writing depressing banter about the mundane existence of daily life, it is time to write about potential, hope, and the future. After all, finding direction is probably the best direction you can have. They say learning, takes time, and some people are still asking who

Monday Wakeup Call

Good morning, this weekend seemed to be a wash, I found myself sleeping almost all day Sunday. When I woke up in the afternoon on Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs were playing so terrible, that I rolled over and went back to sleep. Today is Monday, what a wonderful Monday, I feel awake and am enjoying a state of clarity this morning. Perhaps, I have managed to get myself a cold, or just run down from not sleeping enough because of too much homework.

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Freedom Fries Remembrance

I went to one of my favorite cheeseburger shacks and got one rather large order of freedom fries. Did you know that French President Jacques Chirac was actually in the United States attending a G-8 Summit in the State of Georgia, during the Funeral of former President of the United States Ronald Reagan? Did I mention that I am still upset that France