Being a student generally means one thing, homework!

I am working on finishing my homework, so that I can work on some of my theories on how to save the world. Sometimes I find it ironic that I have to work extra hard to have time to work on things that focus on issues larger than the scope of homework assignments.

Property Irregularity Receipt

I had the chance to fly American Airlines, Inc. from San Diego to Dallas and then catch a connecting flight to Kansas City during both flights they were nice enough to give me a can of Dr. Pepper and a bag of pretzels. Theoretically, I was told that the airlines cannot serve peanuts anymore, because to many people are allergic to peanuts, so they have moved to pretzels. I had to file a

Kansas City Barbeque, San Diego, California?

Last night I got to go to the bar where a scene of the movie Top Gun was
filmed. I am from Kansas City, and was surprised to see the
Kansas City Barbeque restaurant in downtown
San Diego, California. Who knew? Mr. Borys,
Joni, and I guess every other aerospace engineer that loves the movie Top Gun,
and that pesky action movie star Tom Cruise.

I did some research and, The
Kansas City Barbeque
webpage, says, "The location director for Paramount Studios was driving
through downtown San Diego in search of locations during the filming of ‘Top
Gun’ at Miramar NAS.  After stopping in for a beer, he like the joint, and
brought back the director, Tony Scott, who approached us about the possibility
of closing down for a day to do some shooting.  In retrospect, it was one of
our better business decisions." The owner of Kansas City Barbeque is a University of Kansas Alumni who was able to attend the KUMPA banquet last night, and shows every televised University of Kansas sporting event at the restaurant, working with the San Diego chapter of the University of Kansas alumni association to bring the feel of a Lawrence game night to California!

My personal ICMA introduction

I am a PhD student at Walden University, studying Public Policy and Administration focusing on the E-Government option, and homeland security emergency response management. My dissertation title is, “Public Technology Administration: Social equity theory and the automation of Government.” After a small pause in the conversation, inevitably the question is some iteration of, “Where did you get your MPA?” Somewhat defeated and othewise annoyed, I answer that my Master’s in Public Administration degree is from the University of Kansas, and title of my thesis was, “The Future of Community Labor Markets: A labor market test of the suburban exploitation thesis/hypothesis.”

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San Diego, California, ICMA

This morning, I left my tranquil dwelling in Kansas City for the Wild West, or at least the west that was wild, the City of San Diego. Maybe I fell asleep last night, if I did sleep about three in the morning, then somehow I was awake when the alarm clock went off at five. I was off to the airport at six. Life was not wonderful this morning, and I did not have a cup of coffee. The ICMA conference is at the San Diego Downtown Convention Center, which is a mammoth structure, which really is not as nice inside as it appears from the outside. I managed to register for the conference, and then wander eleven blocks back to my hotel room. The KUMPA

What if you could see the edge of what is possible?

Managing your time requires allowing deep reflective thought, sometimes that thought can be about trying to sneak a peak at the edge of what is possible. If you knew everything, then you could see the future and the past at the same time. The thinker might spend every day not doing anything. I wandered if the thinker can see everything and inherent in that knowledge is the idea that people do not have the domestic capacity to communicate the future to each other in one clear moment. In fact, if you take a moment, and think about how much we can communicate at one time, then you will realize that do not really have the capacity to communicate very much information at one time.

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Did the dog just eat my lunch, again?

Some of you might remember the other day when the dog ate my barbeque sandwich. A long time ago, in the far away land of Lawrence, Kansas DJ Courtney turned my attention to a very specific kind of thin crust pizza with jalapenos and either pepperoni or beef, sometimes even with a little cream cheese. When I eat pizza I put extra crush red pepper on the pizza to kick it up a notch, and make sure that is spicy enough that I do not eat very much pizza.

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Windows XP Professional x64 Edition

For the better part of a year I have been battling to use the beta version of Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64, today was the last day of that battle. Providers that manufacture peripherals will not support this beta, because for the most part they are terribly inconsiderate and lazy. Most of the drivers simply need a small number of edits and require a rebuild as 64bit instead of 32bit. I know this is a terrible way to go about upgrading drivers and as a programmer the practice is repugnant, but nonetheless when no alternative exists and a slower feature free driver can be created I think a moral imperative exists for technology companies to provide drivers.

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