New Design Layout

I have decided to streamline my efforts. Because the world of internet browsers is full of chaos, I have decided to use a content based layout. I have generated several dynamic pages that will allow searching, linking, and of course better content delivery. For those of you who found it difficult to read my weblog. I hope that you enjoy the easy navigation of a standard top level hierarchy navigation system. I hope that it brings you good luck. If for some reason something is not working, please let me know, then pretend that nothing is wrong. I am still getting used to the new layout. Perhaps latter tonight after I go to a wedding additional changes will be possible.

i am going to work out

I went to the doctor today. I now weight 207 pounds. This would normally be good news, but this summer i was down to around 185 pounds. Shalunky says that I have to go to the gym to work out tonight. That is where I will be spending my evening. Making sure I do not gain more weight. I have news that I will share later.

double shout out

I would like to congratulate two people from the KUMPA class of 2005. Jen and
David now have weblogs. I think this is wonderfully exciting and have decided to
give them links and a little shout out. David is now writing about all sorts of
things related to public service and the government at
The Lessons of Local Government. Jen
is working on starting up a weblog called
Hunka’s World
. I have not figured out if Hunka is a penname, the name of the
ferret, or simply a world I do not know. Dictionary Dot Com had not heard of the
word Hunka, and Google did not know much about it either. Google thought it was
the name of a Simpson’s episode. In any event, I wanted to congratulate both Jen
and David. 

The tides of friendships

I have never told the entire story of my life. Trust me when I say that it is a story that will never be told. I have been cleaning my room. As it turns out, my room had two planners and one my journals from the lost year. I call fall of 1999 to the end of 2000 the lost year. It was a time in my life where things changed and my path fundamentally changed. (What you are reading is the very short written account of who I met and during what period of my life.) I have been looking over my address books and it is strange to think about the waves of people that I have met in my life. In college I have gone through several phases of personal growth. Each of these phases corresponds to a different tide of friendships. Of course, over the last decade I have had some friends who have been around the entire time. These high school friends like Shahman, Caryn, and Mike have always been around over the years. What I am talking about right now is the different waves or tides of college friendships.

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Reading and writing

I have just come to accept the idea that my next two years will be spent reading and writing. Knowing that now is the time to learn enough to make a difference. What does it take to write something meaningful? In prose, it takes a sense of imagination some native ability and of course, that special spark that allows you to write for hours.
For as long as I can remember, I have had that spark. When it comes to writing, and I mean really sitting down and focusing, I have it. What I have never had was the ability to be coherent and make sense. That is probably not going to change anytime soon. I will have to deal with that and move on.
Moving on is what getting a PhD is all about. I am in a program at Walden University that is entirely about the ability to produce coherent prose. Well now, something is different. I have come to a crossroads in my academic adventures. My endeavors now have to write at the level of the academics I read. I know that this is something that is going to be difficult for me. My idea of writing is stream of consciousness prose. I want to be able to write. I want to write prose. Well those days of writing what I want are over. Now is the time to learn to write as I learn about what I want to study.
Everybody faces different challenges in life. I know that I face these challenges, because I know that times are changing in government. Technology is the future and anyone that ignores that is ignoring reality. People who understand what is going and are going to play this one on the sidelines forgot what premeditation means. I have to face my worse fears in an attempt to learn enough to make a difference. Now is the time to make sure that technology and government can work together without destroying society.

I feel random today…

I watched my uncle put a new roof on a tree house today. Today was a typical Sunday it was the day of running errands. Who knows what I am supposed to do with my time. Some of the time, I think that I want to write about politics. Then I get angry when I have to listen to simplistic political speak.

Alien vs. Predator

I really liked Resident Evil, which was directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. Alien vs. Predator was a good film. It had a certain degree of production quality that played off the tagline,

Red is the Theme

I have experienced so much change in my life over the last year. Perhaps that change has had a profound influence on my life and my decisions. Maybe I have broken my cell phone one two many times. Almost everyone takes it for granted that cell phones remember numbers without question. I wish I had learned that lesson years ago.
When you have to rely on people to call you to collect phone numbers, you find out who your real friends are rather quickly. I remember some people

So much paperwork

Well I have just finished my online learning preparation course. I have been reading articles about online learning for several days now. I swear making long-term plans is difficult. I have to learn an entirely different Doctor of Philosophy Program of study. Of course, I will figure out everything I need to know about the Walden University PhD in Public Policy and Administration program focusing on the E-Government option.
I am trying not to complain I promise! (Even after, I realized that I have no Fax machine. I went to my Uncles construction company to Fax something! Who knew that higher education would involve shuffling so much paperwork in so many ways?) I am so excited to be moving forward that I simply want to jump for joy! It looks like I will be able to take some classes about public administration and dealing with terrorism. This is exactly my kind of program. I was looking for a place where I could study contemporary issues like terrorism and e-government. In the future managers will have to deal with technology. Management programs should teach technology management. Programs that do not properly train future managers in the reality of e-government are damaging progress.
Well I think I am taking steps in the right direction. Progress is important. Progress for the sake of progress is dangerous. I hope that my current progression toward a PhD is in my best interest. Right now, I am happy. That is what counts.