Technology Guide: How to install XP64 on a SATA hard drive

This is an explanation of how to install Windows XP64 to a Serial ATA hard drive. The computer configuration I am discussing involves the following hardware and software.

1) I have one 200 Gigabyte, Maxtor 6Y200MO Serial ATA (SATA) hard drives.
2) The Maxtor SATA drives connection is through the onboard Silcon Image Sil3512 controller located on a Gigabyte GA-K8N Pro nForce3 150 chipset (Also known as the GAK8NP, GAK8N Pro, GA-K8NP, or sometimes simply called the Gigabyte board with the Sil3512 driver problems.)
3) One copy of Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition (Pre-Release Software) generously donated to me by Uncle Bill for 360 days per evaluation kit license key!

Being a Beta tester means posting things like this to the interent to help build a knowledge base of solutions to very real and sometimes frustrating problems.

Find the driver for the SATA controller, which is the device that is going to talk to the Serial ATA hard drive. Here is what you need to do (I will try to keep this as short and concise as possible). Go visit the webpage and find the storage products section then locate the Serial ATA section find the Sil3512 (SATALink 2-Port PCI Host Controller). You need to navigate though all of the links until you get to the support section and then you need to find downloads for the Sil3512 Serial ATA controller. Download the SiI3x12: Serial ATA (SATA) 64-bit Windows RAID Driver the release version I ran into was 11/26/2003.

Extract/Unzip the driver and put it onto a floppy disk, all files are important and should be placed on the floppy. Make sure all hardware is correctly plugged into the motherboard and that the motherboard has power! Place the Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition disc into the correct drive on the computer, at the same time place the floppy you just created into the correct drive on the computer. When the computer starts make sure you hit delete or whatever combination of keys that allow you to change the bios settings. Make sure RAID is enabled not IDE in the motherboard setting for the Serial ATA controller (Even if you only have one hard drive like my installation use the RAID settings). Check your boot order settings to make sure they are disc drive first, then other devices.

After you save and exit boot from the disc drive so that the Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition installation begins. Be ready to press F6 quickly so that you can load that wild and exciting controller driver that is on the floppy! Your computer will now magically be able to detect your Serial ATA (SATA) hard drives. Life is now good, world peace should suddenly be around the corner, and the computer will have a slow operating system on a very fast hard drive, congratulations!

I would like to take a moment and talk about other things to consider before beginning the formatting process. Make sure you have the Ethernet controller drive, multimedia audio controller driver, PCI simple communications controller, IDE RAID controller, and if you are truly a computer guru you will probably need your UPS driver. The drivers on your motherboard disc are useless! Make sure you connect to the internet and download Windows 64bit drivers for all of the devices you plan on using.

I will update this later today…

Traveling to Kansas City

After watching the Mojave Aerospace Ventures SpaceShipOne fly into space, making the eight-hour drive to Kansas City from Denver is depressing. I will be doing some major drafting of my e-Government class final project, and of working on GovCo. Do you think NASA employees are excited about the potential of jumping shift to private sector salaries rewarding them with stock options, corporate bonuses, and major paychecks?

Multigalactic Corporations

These people from

Virgin Galactic
are going to keep trying to send people into space. My
estimation is that this is only the beginning of people starting to fling things
into space. Now that it is acceptable for private corporations to fling things
into space, it is only a matter of time before somebody decides to fling things
to Mars or the Moon. Science fiction writers have suggested for years that
multinational corporations will become multigalactic corporations. The future of
real power is space power. Corporations that corner the ability to reach space
are about to find a galactic piggy bank of commerce potential.   

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Homework makes me tired

I had a very busy Sunday and ran all over the state of Colorado. These last couple of days I have been tired and hopefully I am nearing the home stretch of this whole blood infection debacle. The last time I was seriously ill was when I had mononucleosis in middle school. I actually ended up having to test out of eight grade for the most part. Over the course of the last month, I have felt tired, cranky, and lost a little bit of motivation.
Homework has been the major focus of my writing during the last month and I hope that maybe tomorrow during my eight-hour ride back to Kansas City I will be able to write some good old-fashioned free stream of thought Nels prose. Maybe the day of driving across the countryside is what I need to relax and enjoy these days without feeling excessively tired. I am getting mentally prepared for the LSAT this Saturday. This should be a major test of my abilities to focus and stay on topic for the daylong test of reasoning.

How do you stop a hurricane?

On of the problems several members of my family are working on solving is how do you stop a hurricane before it forms. After the recent events in Florida, the family has decided to expend mental energy on this topic. BBC Weather Central says, “Hurricanes are one of the most dangerous natural hazards to people and the environment. They are essential features of the Earth’s atmosphere, as they transfer heat and energy between the equator and the cooler regions towards the poles.” The real question is how to prevent this dangerous phenomenon. I am currently thinking about that topic, and suggest that maybe you give it a couple moments thought. The more people who attempt to solve the problem the faster we will find a solution.

The first thing you have to do to begin the process of building a guide on how to stop a hurricane is build a logic framework and devise a plan. I use a simple logic system that sounds something like this, “Reason is the power to observe at least three categories of assumptions including form, function, and structure.” Appling this logic framework to stopping a hurricane involves thinking about how a hurricane actually forms.

1) What assumptions do we need to observe to questions the structure of a hurricane?

The first question of structure is about what makes up the recipe to form a hurricane. A hurricane must have a warm source of very moist air, which oceans tend to provide from time to time. Once the ocean provides enough warm moist air the next element in the recipe is rotation sometimes provided form the earths rotation itself and sometimes provided from the jet stream. To make a long story short the warm moist air rises and begins to rotate and if the process continues for long enough, a hurricane develops. The structure of a hurricane is fairly simple, which hopefully will provide us with a chance to figure out how to destabilize, breakdown, or even reverse the formation of a hurricane.

You do not have to trust my explanation, according to the BBC Weather Center, “As the warm sea heats the air above it, a current of very warm moist air rises up quickly, creating a center of low pressure at the surface. Trade winds rush in towards this low pressure and the inward spiraling winds whirl upwards releasing heat and moisture before descending.” The BBC Weather center does a great job at explaining exactly how the formation of a Hurricane occurs, “The rotation of the Earth causes the rising column to twist, gradually taking on the form of a cylinder whirling around an eye of relatively still air, free from clouds.” The final idea I would like to examine from the BBC Weather Center explanation explains the height of a hurricane. “Further aloft at 6 miles the cloud tops are carried outwards to give thick layer clouds due to the outward spiraling winds leaving the hurricane core.” This explanation might create some of the clues necessary to breakdown a hurricane.

2) Questions of how a hurricane functions involve looking at what makes them sustainable.

Heat energy is stored in the moist water vapor, after all heat is a form of energy! The water evaporates and transfers heat into the rotating hurricane. This produces the huge clouds you see on radar images of a hurricane. Since the ocean has an abundant supply of warm moist water vapor, the hurricane has a near infinite supply of energy if it stays over the ocean. Starting to think about the various problems associated with how a hurricane functions begins the process of gathering the necessary knowledge. In my estimation, figuring out how specific hurricane functions interact with the environment will be the key to asking the right questions.

3) Questions of form we know that satellites can detect hurricanes.

According to the BBC Weather Center, “Satellites detect hurricanes in their early stages of development and can help to provide early warning of imminent hurricanes. Reinforced aircraft fitted with instruments fly through and over hurricanes, and weather radar can locate storms within 200 miles of the radar station.” It is reasonable to suggest from the technology we have available that we can locate a hurricane before it becomes dangerous. Now we just need to figure out all the assumptions we need to isolate to begin to figure out how to use technology to stop a hurricane.

This is only the beginning of this thread of discussion. This is a problem I will be working on and the next step is to start thinking about possible solutions. That will be the next part of this guide.

Connections @ 411blog

I want to point your attention to the new project from
Rhetorica. Two of my all time favorite weblog writers Jay Manifold and Andrew
Cline have put together a new project the details of which can be found at


. The Connections @

411blog (
weblog should be an interesting source of information and targeted information
gathering from the weblog community. I am not sure if I am an expert on anything
except nuclear proliferation (Especially asiatom, euratom, and rogue states),
e-Government, Public Administration, or maybe general technology knowledge. This
project should be interesting and the media reaction to it, might be explosive.

Visit the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

This Sunday I thought that since the Denver Broncos were
playing it would be a safe time to go to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science (
The day started out at an ESPN Zone, bar and grill, so that I could watch the
Kansas City Chiefs. (I am not even going to talk about the Chiefs undefeated
opponents.) If you go to the museum or World of Fun during a Chiefs game almost
nobody is around.  

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Critical reflection montage v2.0387

This might be another iteration of thought, from the self-questioning series of reflection on the life and times of Nels. I find myself sitting in the airport again. Something about airports really bothers me. For the most part, I have a fear of the anticipation of flying and not really of the actual act of flight itself. I wanted to connect to the wireless network again, but the evil people at Sprint PCS Wireless have not setup the connection properties correctly and drop my connection. That leaves me sitting around without the ability to sign into the courseware that allows me to do my homework.

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Traveling to Colorado

Tomorrow I will be traveling to the great state of Colorado for a couple of days. This is my second major trip to Colorado this summer and I have ever heard rumors that it has already snowed in Colorado. This is a big trip for me, because when I return to Kansas I will be talking the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test). October is really going to be a very exciting months between the LSAT and ICMA (International City Mangers Association Annual Conference in San Diego, California). Perhaps I will have some time to write something meaningful during the amazing eight-hour car ride back to Kansas City. I have never found anything like riding in a car to facilitate the conditions for epic writing.

My Baseball Card Collection Update

What have I learned about selling my baseball card collection? Do not forget the basic principles of economics, the only reason that baseball cards are valuable as collectibles is because a general interest in the sport of baseball exists within the market. This general interest experiences a transformation to collectible sports items or memorabilia in the form of trading cards a physical representation of the general interest in the sport of baseball. The reason collectible sports items or memorabilia retain value is because of an intergenerational interest in the sport of baseball.

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