strange ending to a strange day

I woke up from a daze in my car traveling home from the bar Henry?s. For some reason I had agreed to go out to Louise?s Downtown for a moment then meet Jaccie at Henry?s. The strange part of the whole scenario is that I started thinking about how hard it is to meet someone that meets my two defining criteria for a relationship. Intelligent and attractive for instance I met this girl Joni the other day who meets both and would not give me the time of day. I only mention this because for some odd reason my roommate took Joni?s roommate home. Well actually let me correct that I took my roommate and Joni?s roommate home in my car after the evening at the bar.
The strange part is that for some strange reason the roommate was very confrontational and told me that I was one of the dumbest people on face of the earth. Then the roommate proceeded to tell me that I did not have a chance with Joni because I am a failure in everything I do in life. I am not sure, but to the best of my knowledge I have never met this roommate before and I hope that I do not again. I am a fairly self confident individual. I would even go as far as saying that from time to time I am a bit of a megalomaniac. However, I am not used to taking such harsh criticism from a perfect stranger. I mean honestly if you want to tell me I am a failure at everything I do then you could find plenty of warrants to make that argument. I do have some good news from today I was officially weighted at the doctor?s office and I broke the 210 lbs barrio. I am now officially 208 pounds and shrinking! This is so exciting. Well my time here draws short it is now time to sleep.

What a 1$ night?

The last class went well and the class migrated over to Applebee?s Bar & Grill for some cocktails and deserts. Everybody scattered at around eleven, Mr. Borys and I left the Applebee?s to go to Fatso?s. The nice thing about Fatso?s on Wednesday nights is that it only costs one dollar a drink. Nothing like dollar night to bring out some interesting people. We met Jaccie at the bar where Mr. Borys proceeded to line up the drinks and pound them like M&M?s. I guess that Mr. Borys finished the Aerospace Engineering Senior Design Project.
Mr. Borys probably does not remember much of last night. It was raining fairly hard. The sky was black except for the occasional lightning. The air smelt moist and as we were leaving the bar, I ran into some people from high school. This is the second time in the last couple of days that I have run into Carmel out at the bars. We went to high school, middle school, and most of grade school together. I had no seen Carmel in about five years so you can imagine my surprise. So what do you ask might make this night a little more interesting. I found myself staring at a strange at the end of the table buying shots for everybody at the table. I realized that it was the one and only middle school bully who attempted to beat me up every day on my way home after school.
College seems to go in cycles of when you see people and when you do not. For me I have been at the University of Kansas for so long that I have gone through enough cycles that I do not remember everybody?s names anymore. In fact I barely remember most peoples names from high school. That should be embarrassing for me, but I can honestly say that I do not regret making new friends in college. Some people made friends in high school and those people are still friends today. Talk about having a closed circle I have had to make new friends about every couple years as people graduate or move away. That is just the way of things in college and I still find it confusing how so many packs of high school friends are still in the same place at the same time.

Metallica and Godsmack Concert

I had a pretty good evening tonight. DJC picked me up from my apartment in Lawrence and then proceeded to drive to Kansas City. DJC used some amazing connections to get Metallica and Godsmack tickets for tonight in fact I sat in section 111, row c, seat 12, which was absolutely ridiculous. In fact, I was so close to the bands that if I had yelled something they would have heard it over the screams of thousands of rabid fans. Godsmack was great I did not know that the lead singer was from Lawrence, Massachusetts. One of the strange phenomenon that occurs at concerts is the wondering seat thieves that simply try to move closer and closer to the stage.
Honestly, I have been the wondering seat thieves several times throughout my rock and roll concert career. Today was the exception I actually had good seats to the event thanks to DJC, who I love and adore. A label rep from Universal setup a meet and great with the band Godsmack before Metallica went on stage. We met the label rep just outside of a large elevator staffed by a security guard who took us to a basement level. The label representative had sharpie markers, posters, and even albums for the band to sign. I would like to thank Universal for a copy of Godsmack: Faceless. This marks the first time that I have ever received something free from a label representative.
The meet and great was interesting it was exceptionally small, about a dozen people, who kind of stood around as the members of the band walked through the crowd. In the background we could hear Metallica setting up. I now have a poster and album signed by the band Godsmack that is exciting. I told you before about the kind of music that I like. I also told you that: napster was not just a program; it was a movement that opened the door, to a broader social acceptance of peer-to-peer file sharing. The whole time I was watching Metallica I was thinking about how furious I am with Lars. Then I realized something about the band and the music that was being played.
I only like four Metallica albums: And Justice For All (7 Million), Master of Puppets (6 Million), Kill?em All (3 Million), and Ride the Lightning (5 Million). What shocked me was that I am not a fan of the last four albums that the band has produced including, Symphony and Metallica (5 Million), Load (5 Million), Reload (3 Million), and of course St. Anger (2 Million). In fact, if you think about it Metallica peaked in 1991 with the self titled Metallica/Black Album selling 13 million. I guess I do not understand why they keep making bad albums. If you know, the answer then please let me know!

The Save the H Foundation

I have learned that perhaps the <a href=””>H</a> has turned to the dark side, and has forsaken the world of the web log. Personally, I have been hanging around my digital corner of the Internet since 1997 and was around long before it was socially acceptable to own a web log. I would like to extend my most humble and appreciate thanks to the H for the commentary on my master?s degree.
The words of the H say, ?best of luck in everything, you deserve it. i figured i’d give one final angry post before everyone graduates and moves away or does whatever not like i’ll know what anyone is up to anyway.? I want the H to know that it is not that we do not care about the Save the H Foundation it is that over the last year I have taken on a little to much school and not enough life. It is true that this is not an excuse; simply a choice that I made to made graduation my number one priority. In the end, I will probably be able to reconnect with most of the people who I was friends with before, and I will not have sacrificed the opportunity of a lifetime to gain my second degree in one year.
I am going to campaign for a new direction. <a href=””>The Save the H Foundation</a> will focus on bringing the H back to the wide, wide, world of the web log! The first priority will be a covert operation that will set in motion a grassroots revolution of the people in country south of the border. This will set off a chain reaction that will result in one of the largest uprisings in the history of modern civilization. In fact, this uprising will be so impressive that even H will wonder how it all started.