A few notes on YouTube vlogs

A few of the travel related vlogs have recently been added to my YouTube subscriptions list. They probably do not help teach me anything useful. My interests do not generally focus on traveling. However, I do like the idea of traveling to places with fantastic beaches and fun things to do. Some of them do film in 4K. My main computer monitor supports 4k content and finding content to watch has been a challenge. The videos are usually pretty short and a welcome distraction to my routine.

Over the last few months, I have watched more YouTube than ESPN. Most of the early KU basketball games are on ESPN3. Those games are pretty easy to stream using a Chromecast. Maybe I lost interest in ESPN programming. Every time I’m traveling I listen to Mike and Mike in the morning. Turning on the television is not a part of my early morning routine. Most days we do not even turn on the television until dinner time.

and snow falls in Colorado

Today was one of those days. Things did not slow down for a minute. I just sat down long enough to write for a few minutes. Netflix is queued up and playing the first episode of season two of Frasier. It seemed like a good way to end the night. Both Frasier and Cheers were solid television shows.

Today is one of those days that will involve shoveling the driveway. Snow falls in Colorado. This is the season for snowfall. My thoughts centered around adapting to changes in software. I logged into Skype for the first time in a long time. Some software fails to live up to any reasonable promise. Skype just never really became a part of my daily life. It could be that video chatting never really became a part of my daily routines.

Today I had some espresso that was decent enough. It was from Columbia. It was a medium roast that had some subtle notes, but was otherwise forgettable.

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Be positive. Be excellent. Be thankful.

I’m thankful that people are passionate about things. I’m thankful for people that have passion for life.It appears that I arrived at the end of the Casey Neistat YouTube vlog party. Over the last couple of days I watched a couple of the videos. I sorted the videos based on the number of views. That probably means that I watched the greatest hits.

I can say from the videos I watched Casey managed to make highly professional videos pretty much everyday for over a year. Having the commitment to make a quality video every day is admirable. Working to deliver an ongoing narrative between the host and audience must have taken a lot of energy and planning.

Goal setting is easy to talk about. It takes dedication to set a goal and work hard enough to achieve it. Sprinkle in a little commentary about potential and the goal setting conversation gets even more interesting. We have the opportunity to ensure the next generation we educate has the potential to do just about anything. The goals we set today will echo forward.

A few moments of reflection

Maybe it is time to drop my guard a bit and work on blogging on a more personal level. A lot of the writing I have done over the years is highly technical, some of it is opinion based, and a bit of it has been personal in nature. That writing amounts to around 5 million words. This online repository of my thoughts has always been more of a functional journal vs. a pure weblog. My nature writing patterns tend to move from subject to to subject. Hot takes and highly personal writing have never really been the cornerstone of my writing efforts. From time to time, I tend to write about things that matter to me at the moment in excessive detail. That happens way more often than it should. Some of those words make it online and some of them just hang out in the massive pile of false starts and notes that resides in a variety of word documents.

The moments we need are everywhere

20151206  Nexus 9, Broomfield, Colorado, 8:13 PM

Title: The moments we need are everywhere

Squandered moments existed and were not utilized. That fact will generally ring true. We might strive toward perfection, but our journey is far from perfect. Each opportunity could push us forward. Each moment could be seized for the greater good of humanity. Imagine how many hour of opportunity television consumes each year. We ae willing to suspend our disbelief and watch a wide variety of television shows. The moments we need to drive things forward are everywhere around us. We have to figure out how to make the best of the moments we have.

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