That moment that started it all

Life happens. Things at work got a little busy. I elected to stop posting things online for a few weeks. Today I started thinking about the defining moment that started it all. It happened about a decade ago. Inspiration struck. I wrote most of a book in one massive writing session. Inspiration fueled a degree of singled minded purpose that was all consuming. That feeling was intoxicating. It was almost self-sustaining. However, it was fleeting. That is the cruelest reality about inspiration. You have to capture it when it occurs. Seizing inspiration the moment it occurs remains a defining act. We have to make the most out of each and every day.

2014 Weblog Update

Welcome to the front-page of my Functional Journal! Right now I’m focused on completing a new book tentatively titled, “Multichannel Contact Strategy for Campaigns.” I’m endeavoring to write something everyday…


Employment Update: I got lucky this time. I really did. On Friday two paychecks came. It lined up perfectly this time. Things could have worked out differently. It was time to make a change. In terms of employment options, I’m fairly risk adverse. The choice to make a change was pretty easy to make. People seem to be transitioning from job to job more often. Throughout my career I have taken changing companies very seriously. Making an employment change seems like a life event. I know most of the changes are not major life events, but they are serious changes.

Weblog Update: Let’s change directions for a minute… I’m going to change up my writing habits. Conducting research brings me joy. Research can easily take on a variety of forms. Over the years, I have always enjoyed conducting research and writing reviews. On a go forward basis, I will be conducting research and writing reviews to publish online. That research will be mixed into my functional journal.

Daily Notes Update: I used to keep each day worth of notes in a separate file. I have been doing that for years. Opening a new document and starting fresh has always been a fundamental part of my process. I’m going to transition to keeping notes in a single file. This change is being initialed to help facilitate the publishing process. The change will be effective as of August 1, 2014.