Adventure awaits, but not today

Today was a day that started off with a donut and a few shots of espresso. Sure the door is open to a world of adventure, but none of that adventure is happening today. This is just one of those days that is going to start and end while adventure waits. Maybe the perfect possible future that is just within reach would be better sourced with a little bit more adventure, but again today is not the day for that. Outside the weather in Denver is getting warmer.

Spring at some point will be here and the snow will stop and things will start growing. None of that really stops the possibility of adventure. Some people might even think the winter weather around Denver opens the door to a special type of adventure. My day however is going to be limited to staying focused, to staying centered, to beginning to focus on the path forward.

Veering off into a state of constant adventure could be a path forward to explore or it might be a tangent from the perfect possible future that maximizes contributions to society and my own personal enrichment. In terms of personal enrichment, that phrase should be operationally defined to really express an increase in personal growth. It is a phrase that really needs to be viewed in terms of getting better and pushing things forward.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving

Pumpkin muffins

Probably the only thing I plan on buying or at least viewing during the sales holiday’s that occur around Thanksgiving involves 4K Blu-ray discs. I’m wondering what types of sales will happen within that physical media space. Most store are reducing the number of movies they sell. During my last trip to Costco it did not even appear they stocked any movies. That is probably an indicator of how entrenched streaming is throughout the country. We simply do not have enough bandwidth to watch 4K movies. Our internet provider has the speed necessary, but they elect to impose some draconian data caps on customers. You can probably tell that I find those data caps to be repugnant and otherwise arbitrary. However, it is how things work and it is the reason that I continue to buy movies on discs. The 4K movies do really look pretty good. Right now, my 4K content player is an Xbox One S. It works great as an entertainment hub for the living room.

We ended up getting a Samsung 65-inch 4K UHD television and the screen looks great. Right now, I’m watching the over the air broadcast from Fox of the Oklahoma Sooners playing football against the Kansas Jayhawks. Overall the broadcast picture quality looks pretty good. It seems sharp and is super consistent. We do not get to watch the Jayhawks play football on broadcast television very often. This game is a lot more competitive than what I expected to see tonight. One of the things that I most closely associate with Thanksgiving is watching football and that should be fun this year.  

A day of algorithms and vortexes

People keep talking about the polar vortex. It is very cold in Colorado. Even my morning cup of coffee is not enough to start the day. Amazon has started sending me emails about Chromebooks. The most recent one had a 50 dollar off deal. It appears that the algorithms being used for marketing have identified my interest in Chromebooks. I’m not sure owning more than one Chromebook at a time is something that needs to happen. It is probably not something that is going to happen anytime soon. Maybe I will end up trying out one of the laptop shells that are powered by your smartphone.

Words on a page can be powerful

Writing happens for a variety of reasons. Bringing prose to life can be reward enough to keep writing. Words on a page can be powerful. A good series of thoughts can be transformative. A few words can spark the imagination or bring forward unimaginable change. At the same time the turn of the page can be nothing more than a distraction to help pass the time between memorable events.

Writers write. We measure that time in front of the keyboard. If we are lucky enough to keep writing, then we may find ourselves drawn to the keyboard. My attempts to use dictation software failed miserably. It turns out that the simple act of typing is what keeps the process going. Sure I have been looking at purchasing a fountain pen. My switch to using Parker IM rollerball pens went well enough that buying a fountain pen seemed like the next logical step. Keyboards will probably be my main writing tool for the foreseeable future. Writing by hand is something that will still occur to sketch out ideas or take notes.

My Google Pixel XL arrived

My Google Pixel XL arrived yesterday. It was easy to unbox. Setting up the phone took about 20 minutes. I elected to treat it like a new installation and install applications on first use. You can expect a review in about a week. In the meantime, please do not let the suspense of my impending review slow you down. Maybe it is time to think about the potentially dystopian nature of the intersection of technology and modernity. Maybe the way news is delivered has contributed to the disjointed nature of our national dialogue. Our politics includes the life experiences of multiple generations. Together we form a civil society that drives our nation forward. Together we build an intergenerational tapestry that defines our social fabric. Elections tend to test the edges of that fabric. They pull on the things that wedge us apart. Elections are a time of deciding. Outside of that moment of choice we are all in this together. Today no more than the next. Today no more than the last. Together we strive forward toward a better tomorrow. Some of that promise involves technology. Some of it involves changes in our communities of place, circumstance, or interest.

Pixel XL Box
Pixel XL Box