Coffee in Tampa

The flight from Dallas Love field to Tampa went very quickly last night. I spent part of the flight trying to connect to a virtual private network (VPN). Apparently, the Wi-Fi service provided by the Southwest Airlines connection does not support my particular VPN. An error about the protocol not being supported popped up. That technical problem was very annoying.

A Yahoo Screen app notification popped up for the State of the Union last night. The speech was on during my treadmill time. I clicked on the notification and Yahoo Screen streamed the speech live to my HTC One Max phone. The audio and resolution from the stream were excellent.


Today is going to be one of those very long and tedious days. I’m going to have to absorb a tremendous amount of information in a short period of time. I’m very hopeful that the vendor site being visited today has coffee available.

A very slow Tuesday

The day started off slowly. It started with two cups of coffee and a newspaper. Tomorrow will be a very full day. It will be the kind of day that wears you out. Today just has not started moving forward in any meaningful way. During the course of waiting for breakfast at the hotel I read a copy of the USA Today newspaper from start to finish. Reading a newspaper sequentially from start to finish is a habit I picked up before high school.

I ran into another Microsoft OneDrive upload failure today. Fortunately, this time I had learned my lesson and saved my post as a draft online. Lost or corrupted Microsoft Word documents in a cloud environment are unacceptable. The whole point of easy to use cloud backups is to preserve data vs. putting data at risk. I’m hoping this is only a slight glitch related to terrible internet access. We will see if the trend continues.


Late January DEN to DAL Travel

An original and totally awesome version of this post got lost during the last inflight upload. About 500 words of unparalleled prose vanished into the ether.  Apparently, the Microsoft OneDrive application can generate an upload false positive on the Southwest Airlines inflight Wi-Fi. I have recreated the post from memory while watching the University of Kansas Jayhawks play the Oklahoma sooners at Allen Fieldhouse on ESPN.


Greetings from 39,000 feet above sea level based on the last reading from the Southwest airlines website altimeter. This week should be interesting. It might be the Einstein Brother’s power protein bagel taking, but today could be a very good day. Today just might be the kind of day where seizing opportunity has to be on the agenda.

The business ethics class I picked up this term has been going well. Teaching online for the last three years has been interesting. Logging in and checking email, grading papers, and adding comments has been a part of my daily routine.

In an effort to sustain the diet soda moratorium, a glass of cranberry juice was ordered during the flight.

My direct flight today to Love Field from Denver was just about perfect. The weather was fantastic and the flight landed about 20 minutes early. I’m a big proponent of inflight access to the internet. Southwest Airlines flights usually have access. The intent access they have is by no means fast.

A new year a new day

The drive to Greeley, Colorado was uneventful this morning. Driving before the sun comes up is always a great time to think about life, the universe, and well everything. A large number of people seem to have the day off. Those folks will probably get to enjoy the New Year’s Day football games. Today is the start of the official 4 team college football playoff system. It might be a good statistical exercise to grab the last ten years of bowl game scores and evaluate how well the rankings predicted the bowl game outcomes. Most of the ranking systems are preference based. Even the playoff committee used preference to decide the final four teams that get to participate in the playoff. The last few teams out of the playoff considered that exercise in preference to be arbitrary and capricious. Some of the coaches even fundamentally objected to the suspected punishment of the Big 12 for not having a championship game this year.

The Starbucks Christmas Blend 2014 K-Cups were on sale for 50% of this morning. Of all the available options at Starbucks, the Christmas Blend is my favorite. That could change at any time. Espresso is my favorite coffee related drink. Buying a home espresso machine presents a challenge. Some of the pod based espresso machines have recently received a lot of attention. I have had my eye on the ROK Presso Manual Espresso Maker for months now. Some expresso makers cost thousands of dollars. The ROK version is more reasonable, but it still costs $200. It is in my public Amazon wish list.

My big plan for tonight involves grading a bunch of papers for my introduction to business class. It looks like the college I teach online with was sold last year to a newly formed division of a company. That is pretty exciting news. I’m curious to see how that turns out. This term had an 11 week break during the middle of the class. It looks like people turned in about 60 papers to grade. That should make for an interesting evening. I’m hoping the college football games are competitive. Grading papers during blowout games is never any fun.

On Clark Griswold

It is that time of year. The holiday season has started. Some people get the Clark Griswold experience. Some people will never really understand. Picking a Christmas tree is a family priority. This year I learned a lot about them. More than I really intended to learn. Specifically, I had to learn about Christmas tree recycling this week. A few weeks ago, Jason visited from Kansas. That visit had a specific purpose. The purpose of that visit was to get a Christmas tree. To that end, we elected to take John Paul out to the Red Feathers Lake cutting area to pick out the perfect Clark Griswold approved Christmas tree.

The night before we drove out to Red Feathers Lake we watched Christmas Vacation (1989) on Blu-ray disc. Overall, I have been pretty happy with the Blu-ray functionally of the Xbox One. During the course of the last year, I have been considered replacing my Boston Acoustic sound bar with a more robust home theater system. That level of audio would probably not add to the Christmas Vacation movie viewing experience.

It took two hours to drive from Denver to the Red Feather Lakes area. Jason and I elected to wear our Canadian made Clark Griswold Chicago Blackhawks jerseys. People really seemed to like them. John Paul was super excited about the entire process. We had sandwiches, hot chocolate, and a variety of snacks. The four wheel drive feature on my vehicle was sufficiently tested. It definitely works. We wondered far enough into the woods that we could see the trail back to the car. A few decent trees were located. The one that was selected actually hit our 14’ tall ceiling. We had to cut about 3 feet off the tree to allow it to fit in the room. The most interesting part of the entire experience was the drive back with a huge Christmas tree on top of the car.

I was invested in the process. The Miracle Grow Christmas tree food was ready. The tree stand was already in place. On a side note, I think the tree food really did stop the tree from shedding a ridiculous amount of pine needles. The tree has been standing for a number of days now. I only had to tighten the tree stand once. I’m curious to see if next year we breakdown and buy a tree in a box or if we continue a tradition of venturing out into the Colorado mountains in search of a tree.

A very cold DAL to DEN

The polar vortex must be real. It was cold this week in Dallas, Texas and even colder in Denver, Colorado. The temperature may be single digits when I land in Denver, Colorado today. I’m going to make a mad dash to the car. It is going to be cold.

Overall, my HP Envy X2 computer has been working pretty well this week while running the Windows 10 operating system technical preview. I recently moved to build 9860. The build is stable. However, I’m still struggling with the power related issues, but I have adapted to shutting the computer down vs. allowing it to hibernate.

It seems like all the people sitting near me at the airport have stickers on their computers. Assuming that I was willing to put a sticker on my computer, I’m not sure what sticker would make the most sense. I always wonder if a sticker was chosen based on a deep personal meeting or if the addition of a computer sticker involves something as simple as opportunity.

Denver from a plane

Monday Style DIA to DAL

Everybody seems to be talking about the polar vortex this morning. Apparently, this week some very cold air from up north is about to radically change the weather for the Midwest. I’m glad that last week the sprinkler system was drained and prepared for winter. Personally, I’m not entirely ready for winter. A few more days of fall would have been acceptable.

This morning I had an Einstein Brothers Power Protein bagel for the first time. They cut it in half and toasted it. I will probably have another one. Naturally, I had two shots of espresso with the bagel. Over the course of the last two years, I have meticulously evaluated numerous espresso machines. None of them seemed like a good enough deal to encourage me to pull the trigger on a purchasing decision. About a month ago, I almost purchased the ROK Presso Manual Espresso Maker. It looks like a solid piece of hardware.

The entire Southwest Airlines flight is waiting on one person. Somebody is going to sit in seat 6E today. It is a middle seat near the front of the airplane. I came up with a new game idea today. It should take about 10 hours of work to code. That work might happen this week. It is possible. I still have not figured out how to code while running on a treadmill. Writing on a treadmill took a few weeks to master. App development on a mobile phone has always been challenging.

Two Cups of Coffee

Two cups of coffee have been brewed. The morning has started. Bold was the only word on the outside of the package. My only other choice was a package that appeared to be decaffeinated. When I’m traveling I wake up to Mike & Mike in the morning on ESPN2. The show generally occurs without any yelling (or confrontation) and the hosts are engaging. I like to listen to them while reading a USA Today or Wall Street Journal (WSJ) newspaper. Coffee is also a regular part of that routine.

Hotels are pretty much the only places where I sit down and read a physical newspaper. I lay them out flat and read them from the front to the back. The articles do not seem to be as detailed as they used to be. I strongly prefer the WSJ, but any paper will work — the routine is part of a process that starts the day.

Last night I ran/walked on a treadmill for about thirty minutes. I’m trying to change my routine to include working out more often. It is a challenge. I’m going to make it happen, but that does not mean it will not be a challenge.

Tuesday DEN to DAL Flight

It was cold this morning. The kind of cold that falls just between a heavy coat and a jacket. The car was parked in the garage last night. During the early morning drive to the airport everything seemed ok. Opening the door at the airport introduced an eye opening cold to my day. A mad dash ensued from the car to the airport terminal. My only solace were the two shots of espresso I was about to purchase with breakfast. The day had started. I’m waiting to see where it goes.

This weekend I upgraded the version of the Windows Technical Preview (Windows 10) on my HP Envy X2 hybrid computer. Allegedly, one of the updates that was applied will help fix the power issues that the operating system has. Between limited use yesterday and an hour of use at the airport I’m already down to 63% power remaining. Microsoft engineers are going to need to resolve these power issues posthaste.


Here we go again… I was working on a PowerPoint presentation and missed my boarding position. A Southwest Airlines boarding position really does matter. I went from being in the A group to being almost the last person to board the airplane. I was fortunate enough to get an aisle seat near the back of the airplane. The flight between Chicago Midway and Pittsburgh only takes about an hour. The Windows 10 preview built test on my HP Envy X2 has been going for almost a month. I’m still having trouble with battery degradation during sleep. I may start turning the computer off every time I use it. Suspending the computer is a very useful feature, but having enough battery for the flight is even more important. Other than some power issues the Windows 10 preview build seems to work pretty well. It has been 100% stable for almost a month.

I watched some of episode 272 of This Week in Google (TWIG) during the flight. Leo seemed to be pretty excited about the update to email Google released this week. The hosts brought up some good points about the current state of email. I have been making a real effort to unsubscribe from junk email this month. I’m one of the few people that stay real time on email.

I was going to review the Cyber Dust application, but the only thing I have done with it was message Mark Cuban. None of my contacts use it. At this point, I have no reason or incentive to use it moving forward. I’m not going to uninstall it yet, but I’m not sure it will become a part of my daily routine.