Today would be the day to revisit the ongoing Sunday coding project

Have you heard the weight of our present situation call out, “Now would be the time…” or maybe it could have been my imagination? If you have been paying attention, then you probably have already guessed that coding is probably going to happen every weekend throughout the entire summer. This summer really is going to be my summer of code. I’m pretty sure that I am going to have to replace the beta version of Windows 8 on my Asus Eee netbook with Fedora 16. More or less you could probably say that this will be the summer of big data coding. I’m going to designate my netbook “The Coder.”

Summer of Code Project Update: The project is currently 25% complete. Module one is now complete and running within my production environment. This marks the first significant update I have made to my basic web crawler/spider since the winter of 2007/2008.

My coding project has gotten off to a slow start this weekend

This is my first weekend flying solo with John Paul. My request to hire weekend help was denied by Joni a couple of weeks ago. Consider for a moment, at the age of 31 I held a baby for the first time. Learning how to be a parent is really about the science of muddling through — it’s a process. John Paul mostly seems to sleep, play, and eat. I’m supposed to be coding, but all I can think about is whether or not I should go get tacos or if I should just warm up some soup. After a few days of trying to code using my Asus Eee netbook I gave up in favor of using my old Dell Studio 1535 laptop. Beyond my coding efforts: for the first time in years, I started looking around at freelance coding services this weekend.

Weekend of code updates and some whiteboard nonsense

Now is the time to make it happen… code development at the NPL Research Group is now in full swing. All kidding aside building a new piece of software is all about seizing the day and the night (carpe diem carpe noctem). The basement has been transformed into a fully functionally workplace. My desk area is clean and the bookshelf is fully covered with a 4×6 whiteboard. Both the Microsoft wireless elite keyboard and the explorer mouse have new batteries.

I was able to complete all of my project scoping. Completing project scoping marked the realization of a major milestone. I almost ran upstairs and yelled, “Carpe vinum!” Instead of grabbing the wine bottle I decided to grab a Five Hour Energy and get back to work. I’m handling all of the coding myself I had to full scope the project and then break the project into manageable chunks. Fortunately, in the coding work a large software project can sometimes be divided into modules. It should take me about 4 weekends to complete the principle development. Building one major module a week is an aggressive goal with a development team of one, but I think it is possible.

While I am working I would like to be able to watch some Blu-ray movies on my second screen. However, it does not look like that is going to happen anytime soon. I’m still a little pretty mad about Cyberlink’s PowerDVD not being able to function properly when installed on a Windows 8 computer. Who designs security restrictions that render software unusable when the operating system is upgrade? Apparently, the software engineers over at Cyberlink are more interested in locking down features than in providing battle tested ready for anything code.

The integrity of CyberLink PowerDVD is under threat
The integrity of CyberLink PowerDVD is under threat

Some of Cyberlink’s code developers are apparently working to correct this issue, but a solution has not been announced or even foreshadowed. Let’s talk about something that works for a few minutes…

I’m a big fan of the new Amazon Prime PlayStation 3 (PS3) software interface. For those of you playing along at home, last week’s pan-ultimate-uber Amazon Prime video picks of the week were “The Man with One Red Shoe” and “Mr. Baseball.” This week’s Amazon Prime video picks of the week are “Short Circuit” and “Spies Like Us.” Over the next two months I’ll be building a top ten list of watchable movie classics that are available via Amazon Prime streaming.

The weekend of code started off with a bang or at least it started

The weekend of code started off with a bang. I hit up a Hydrogen Skyline show last night then pounded a midnight shot of Five Hour Energy. I did not get five hours of coding power from the shot. After about three hours of coding I gave up and went to bed. Tonight should be better. Since I really only write code at night each week only has two available opportunities to make the magic happen. Only Friday and Saturday night are shielded by a day of recovery before the work week begins.

Did somebody think buying Cisco training material was a good idea?

I’m sure you are surprised to know that passing some Cisco certifications happens to be both a personal and professional goal for me in 2012. In order to achieve that goal I started looking around for additional training materials. Yesterday I happened to notice that Cisco was having an Earth Day sale. The terms of the deal were decent. If you buy 3 or more items, then you are eligible to save 50% off the total price. Given that I had wanted to acquire a Cisco simulator this seemed like my best chance.

I purchased the following products from the Cisco Press:

  • CCNA Voice 640-461 Official Cert Guide, Premium Edition eBook and Practice Test
  • CCENT 640-822 Network Simulator, Download Version
  • CCENT/CCNA ICND1 640-822 Official Cert Guide, Premium Edition eBook and Practice Test
  • CCNA ICND2 640-816 Official Cert Guide, Premium Edition eBook and Practice Test

Before you start criticizing my selections or the Cisco exam path that I have chosen please consider for a moment that I purchased the ICND1 and ICND2 exam packages intentionally. I fully intend to read both certification guides before deciding if I want to take the CCENT and CCNA exams separately or together.

Cisco Earth Day Discount Deal
Cisco Earth Day Discount Deal