The Kansas City Chiefs

Some congratulations go to Priest Holmes, for being the AFC Offensive Player of the Week. No congratulations go to Jason Whitlock sports reporter for the Kansas City star who has perfected the art of being almost beyond the pale of what is acceptable for an inflammatory statement and then never having to apologize to the people of Kansas City or the athletes that Jason criticizes. The Kansas City Chiefs are 1 and 3 this season, and I have gone ahead and made Kansas City Chiefs 2004-2005 National Football League Predictions.

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My Baseball Card Collection Update

What have I learned about selling my baseball card collection? Do not forget the basic principles of economics, the only reason that baseball cards are valuable as collectibles is because a general interest in the sport of baseball exists within the market. This general interest experiences a transformation to collectible sports items or memorabilia in the form of trading cards a physical representation of the general interest in the sport of baseball. The reason collectible sports items or memorabilia retain value is because of an intergenerational interest in the sport of baseball.

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My Baseball Card Collection

One of my goals for this year is to sell off my baseball
card collection. I know this might sound silly, but when I was younger, I was a
major baseball fan. For the last decade, one sealed airtight rubber box,
specially designed with a gasket system to protect about thirteen thousand
little pieces of cardboard, has remained hidden in a remote section of my
parents basement. This box has stored mint condition trading cards without any
sunlight, moisture, or even temperature changes.

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Going to the Chiefs Game

I want to go ahead and extend a special thanks to Jason/Shalunky for taking me to the Chiefs game this weekend. It has come to my attention that when a medication says avoid sunlight take it seriously. The game was decent, but not worth the sunburn that I have right now. In a package of trading cards, I got for a dollar at Wal-Mart; the first card was Priest Homes. Of course, I thought this was a good sign. When Jason/Shalunky had eighty-dollar club level tickets, I figured I would get to see a great game.

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Colorado Rockies at Coors Field

One of the things that I learned from Andy (BLUE) is a deep and devoted appreciation for the game of baseball. Last night I wasted the Colorado Rockies play the New York Mets for the love of the game without any hope for the playoffs or even a hint of wild card in the air. You are right of course that they are professional athletes. However if you look at the rosters of both of these clubs they are not full of elite players with gigantic contracts.
I am a Kansas City Royals fan. That is not something that is going to change. However, I can say sitting in the bleachers at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado was refreshing. Think about this, you are one mile above sea level. Forget seeing the sunset, the mountains are in the way. Andy would never forgive me if I went to Coors Field and did not have a Coors beer. I opened up my wallet and handed the cashier the $5.75 for about twenty ounces of rocky mountain golden goodness of Coors Light. Andy is right beer and baseball just seem to belong together.
Supposedly, Coors Field is a hitter

Royals 1$ Night

I have a fairly large appreciation of dollar night. For the most part I am a fan of Kansas sports. The Royals however are a team that demands true fans. If you are not a true fan of not only the city, and the game of baseball then you cannot be a Kansas City Royals fan. Most of the time the Kansas City Royals act like a farm team for the rest of league trading away any true talent they might have. When it comes down to the wire they are not a team that succeeded they are a team that gave away success. It is true that the team has had some success, but not enough to make it worthwhile.
What I believe should be done for the Kansas City Royals. Is to fire the general manager and the entire office staff. Get somebody in the front office that is willing to squeeze the payroll down to a minimum and get rid of all of the older players that are more than likely deadwood. Bring in a class of rookies and then continuously change the roster until three years from now you have three classes of rookies that can play baseball at a decent salary. The Kansas City Royals have to rebuild a team, from young talent that cares about the city and more importantly the team.
I will be going to the Royals game tonight. I will be having some 1$ hot dogs, peanuts, and of course some sodas. I enjoy being able to go to professional baseball games it is a from of entertainment that is great. I hear that Kansas City might get an NBA team. Maybe we can trade for LeBron? Well maybe not, but if we could get a steady pipeline of KU players then the team will probably be successful in the area. Not to mention that in basketball you do not live and die by pitching. So if the team is bad for a couple years the lottery picks can actually come in and improve the team. Parity is about draft picks and that is the one area that football and basketball do really well.