Evaluating Friday

Today should be the final threshold to a weekend of watching football and eating snacks. Unfortunately, due to previous scheduling problem a training class will require traveling to a place of employment for financial compensation before the sun rises. Overtime typically provides the opportunity for expanded financial compensation. Naturally, the opportunity for overtime only exists after completing the standard workweek. Having days off can be exceedingly important to individuals seeking to find opportunities for relaxation outside the confines of a workplace environment. Maybe the process of observing and describing the construction of a workplace environment until the tipping point that begins the eventual deconstruction requires a certain degree of perspective.

20091107 Notes

Additional Saturday Notes

  • Some elements of the new Stargate Universe series seem promising. Parts of the show seem recycled from Battlestar Galactica.

  • On a hierarchy of calamity, the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine rates worse than the original X-Men motion picture effort.

  • Dinner tonight involved a meal from Bird Dog BBQ in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Thinking About Movies

Maybe a free trial from Netflix would be entertaining. The current configuration of mobile internet provides access to information without providing access to online streaming video. Maybe an interest in barbeque sauces could translate into a movie selection preference. After all some movies have to exist that are about the fine art of barbeque style food preparation.

Early morning writing does not tend to yield any publishable results. Maybe the art of writing take a few minutes to build toward an actionable conclusion. For some an early morning cup of coffee can become as standard as any routine. At some level, the habit of writing can overtake even the need for a cup of coffee. The habit of writing can even overwhelm the highest quality of coffee cup.

Thinking November

All of the joys of November are starting to become reality. The weather in Colorado Springs has fundamentally shifted from summer directly to winter skipping any elements of fall. Anybody who does not have one is considering getting an exceptionally warm winter coat.

Strangely enough, the weather predicting professionals (aka meteorologists) are predicting that November will be abnormally clam this year. Given the nature of the two snowy mix filled ice storms that have occurred this year the weather seems to be extremely unpredictable.

November should prove to be an exciting month full of new and exciting elements of both professional exploration into the nature of the workforce and occasional glimpses into the nature of academic discovery. The Thanksgiving holiday seems to be approaching faster everyday.

Winter Weather Halloween

Apparently, winter in Colorado Springs has decided to start early. Halloween will occur on a Saturday this year. The snow just might melt before Halloween. The candy just might freeze. Naturally, Peppercorn the dog will be wearing a pumpkin outfit in honor of Halloween this year. Perhaps everything will turn out well in the end with a fantastic Halloween.