Notes from 20101107

The (daylight savings extended) day started with a sweet Windows 7 error. What could be more wicked fun than a day full of wicked errors? When a computer profile does not load correctly doing any kind of meaningful work becomes problematic. For the most part doing meaningful work at 3:00 AM MST becomes problematic.

Joni thought it was a good idea to pain accent walls and the regular walls in the family room. The exceptionally dark red historic color Joni selected seems to require a minimum of three coats of paint to fully cover our lightly textured white walls. The redesign will also include a major purchase. At some point between now and the first of next year, a new television will be purchased. The purchase will be based on the television purchase paradigm in celebration of the holiday season. We have started to visually evaluate HDTV options. Given the situation two general buying options exists including  buying either a high altitude plasma HDTV or a LED HDTV.

A good competitive game is the best part about having Sunday off during football season. The Minnesota Vikings certainly delivered an exciting second half of National Football League (NFL) action this Sunday.

Do plasma televisions suffer from glare problems? Within the proposed television-viewing situation, the plasma television will face exposure to three different sets of windows creating a potential for glare throughout the entire day. A quick Google search reveals the ability to purchase an anti-glare shield for plasma televisions. If companies are producing glare shields, then the product design probably has a shortfall that aftermarket modifications are attempting to correct.

New Television Search Protocol:

  1. Solicit personal recommendations from trusted sources
  2. Search for online reviews from all sources
  3. Compare reviews from trusted online sources and general online sources
  4. Acquire hands on experience at retail locations
  5. Compare technical specifications and pricing using a standardized matrix

Predefined variables:

  1. The space will only support a television up to 58 inches wide.
  2. 1080P would be the absolute minimum television resolution required.
  3. The device will need to have at least 4 HDMI inputs.

HDTV Update: If anybody has had a chance to use any of the Sony Google TV powered Android based HDTV systems, then please tell me what you think about the device. I am considering purchasing the NSX46GT1 model to replace my primary television.

Notes for 20101102

After a full day of training, I voted. I purchased two tacos, rice, and beans from a local restaurant for dinner. I am done for the day. I do not intend to do anything substantial for at least 12 hours. In other nonrelated news, no shave November seems to be a passing event. Most of the people who talked about taking action seemed to shy away from the challenge. Maybe no shave November will provide the perfect excuse to grow a winter beard. Speaking of taking action; this week a regular National Football League game defeated a pivotal World Series game in television ratings. Who would have guessed that the World Series would falter? Without question, the NFL now represents the predominant American sport. Baseball might make a comeback, but that reality seems to be an illusory desire of a fallen dream.

Weblog Notes for 20101031

My preferred unit of blogging involves developing daily entries. Sometimes a subject of particular interest will inspire a complete standalone weblog entry. Most days involves a series of events that grind forward into the intersection of technology and modernity. In any event, I have decided to begin to reengage in the daily process of producing weblog posts. After suffering from an acute case of hypergraphia for decades, I have noticed that actively working with a weblog provides a forum to channel the desire to write in a healthy and productive way.

In a recent Tweet I wrote, “Who will be participating in no shave November? I am considering the possibilities…” No Shave November could be an interesting event this year. The rules of the game are straightforward and exceptionally simple; avoid shaving during the entire month of November. Growing a beard has never been a probable and certainly does not represent a significant challenge.

Google Election Center (A Google Labs project) seems to be an interesting project.

Notes from the San Jose Airport

Recently, I started to take a visual survey of what types of laptop, notebook, and netbook personal computing devices people are actually using. Today for example, after checking in with airport security the long walk down the terminal causeway provided the perfect opportunity for a visual inspection of computer usage. The results were very interesting. People were using a series of Acer, Asus, and Dell computers. Only one computer could not be identified. Somebody working near the coffee bar was using a very small nebook that did not have a manufacturer label. The system was obviously running Windows Vista, but however built the system did not provide any identifiable markings.

During the last few days at the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) 2010 conference in San Jose, California people were using Acer (Ferrari), Dell, and Macintosh. Academics run the gambit of computer usage. Some academics are true computer power users that demand absolute performance. However, some academics take an almost Luddite approach to accepting technology. Technology buyers tend to be a rather bimodal group of spenders. The first category of technology buyer avoids overspending at all costs; even performance considering are secondary to a perfect fit between price and basic functionality. The second category of technology buyers tends to spend based on the intersection of the bleeding edge of technological innovation and mass production.

Technology seems to be a topic that requires constant reevaluation. Without question understanding how people value computers requires empirical evidence based on observing what technology people transport with them across the country. If people value technology enough travel with it, then the way people use that technology needs to be functionally understood.

20091114 Notes

An early morning trip to the local neighborhood Costco involved acquiring a coupon book for the much anticipated price correction known as Black Friday. The day after the Thanksgiving holiday celebration, consumers converge on retail locations to determine what proprietors are providing the best possible savings.

Even with the expanded DirecTV satellite television package the number of early morning Saturday football games remains limited. Today only the Fox Sports Network provided access to an interesting Big XII football game. Sometimes ESPN picks exceptionally strange games for national broadcasts. Maybe ESPN does long range forecasting to extrapolate expected game quality. In any event, the predictive algorithm should probably be modified or at the very least numerically optimized based on empirical data.

20091107 Notes

Additional Saturday Notes

  • Some elements of the new Stargate Universe series seem promising. Parts of the show seem recycled from Battlestar Galactica.

  • On a hierarchy of calamity, the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine rates worse than the original X-Men motion picture effort.

  • Dinner tonight involved a meal from Bird Dog BBQ in Colorado Springs, Colorado.