Notes from 20110408

  • At this exact moment in time, my favorite pizza happens to be the Tuscan six cheese pizza from Papa Johns. Without question, Nels Lindahl is a fan of pizza. However, given the current nature of certain economic realities the cost of pizza has become unreasonable.

  • The local movie theater has become overpriced.

Notes from 20110404

  • I have been truly disappointed in the document generation capabilities of Android applications. As an alternative to using a document editor, I have started building draft emails in Gmail and using the cloud to store and distribute content from my mobile device to my primary computer.

  • Running into a floppy disk is an increasingly rare occurrence. For some reason, I still have a floppy disk drive in my office…

  • The college basketball national championship game tonight should be entertaining.

  • TRON comes out on Blu-ray tomorrow. I’m thinking about stopping at Best Buy and buying a copy for my permanent archive. How long until streaming services completely make optical discs an obsolete medium?

  • The NCAA basketball championship game is almost unwatchable; terrible shooting and horrible inside play are destroying this game. #NCAA


Notes from 20110403

  • Joni decided to watch the movie Inception today. The soundtrack defiantly made full use of the subwoofer and stretched the sound bar to the edge.

  • I have been thinking about downloading or building a Flickr plugin for my weblog. The alternative would include importing 10,000 photos into some type of structured media database. Centralizing all digital footprints into one massive online repository becomes increasing difficult as the scale increases.

  • The amount of new streaming content on Netflix has been disappointing over the last few months.

  • Dinner tonight involved sweet and sour pork, rice, and egg rolls from Xiang’s Kitchen.

  • Why do I want to purchase the HTC Flyer tablet?

Notes from 20110402

A really great cookbook could succeed. A few cookbooks are succeeding by becoming coffee table art with great photographs and extremely glossy pages. However, search engines are creating a reality where the internet is the world’s largest cookbook. In an effort to search for a very specific set of ingredients in a recipe I used the new Google search function with limits. Strangely enough, the only thought that came to mind was, “Google Search: now with limits!” Part of what makes the internet interesting is the free and open nature of information exchange. User initiated limits can be the foundation for controlling and funneling search results. Allowing people to control and limit results could open the door to a new wave of search engine optimizations.

Links from today’s internet travels: Food 52, Smarter Ware, and Pelican Case Store.

Notes from 20110327

  • The Jayhawks are going to play Virginia Commonwealth University later today. Joni has to work during the game. Peppercorn the dog and I are going to be watching the game and cleaning the kitchen during the commercials. Live sporting events are probably the best possible opportunities for advertisers to distribute content to a captive audience. Sports fans typically avoid time shifting sports content with digital video recording (DVR) options.

  • You might have noticed the new coffee cup wallpaper that has been applied throughout the entire archive.

  • Weblog coverage today will involve some live blogging of the Southwest regional final game between the Jayhawks and Virginia Commonwealth University.