Weblog Notes for 20101031

My preferred unit of blogging involves developing daily entries. Sometimes a subject of particular interest will inspire a complete standalone weblog entry. Most days involves a series of events that grind forward into the intersection of technology and modernity. In any event, I have decided to begin to reengage in the daily process of producing … Continue reading Weblog Notes for 20101031

Notes from the San Jose Airport

Recently, I started to take a visual survey of what types of laptop, notebook, and netbook personal computing devices people are actually using. Today for example, after checking in with airport security the long walk down the terminal causeway provided the perfect opportunity for a visual inspection of computer usage. The results were very interesting. … Continue reading Notes from the San Jose Airport

20091114 Notes

An early morning trip to the local neighborhood Costco involved acquiring a coupon book for the much anticipated price correction known as Black Friday. The day after the Thanksgiving holiday celebration, consumers converge on retail locations to determine what proprietors are providing the best possible savings. Even with the expanded DirecTV satellite television package the … Continue reading 20091114 Notes

20091107 Notes

Additional Saturday Notes Some elements of the new Stargate Universe series seem promising. Parts of the show seem recycled from Battlestar Galactica. On a hierarchy of calamity, the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine rates worse than the original X-Men motion picture effort. Dinner tonight involved a meal from Bird Dog BBQ in Colorado Springs, Colorado.