Changing up my writing routine

It may be time to change up my writing routine. A long time ago, I would hammer out a weblog post before going to sleep. That happened almost every day. It could be something that starts happening again. During my morning writing sessions pretty much everything out ranks a good weblog post. My efforts are typically dedicated to other types of writing. That is not a bad thing, but it does limit my functional journaling. Perhaps from this point in time moving forward a nightly weblog post will be a part of my routine.

On a stack of old journals

My Nalgene 1000 ml water bottle has been working very well. That was a solid purchase. It was not the only purchase I spent time thinking about today. I thought about journaling by hand today. A stack of old journals sit on my bookshelf. Most of them are from my days in college. My primary notebook sits on the shelf. My handwriting has not really changed very much over the years. During the course of going through a box in my office, I found the oldest journal still in my possession. It was first written in on November 28, 1999 at 3:20 AM in Lawrence, Kansas.

My first entry in the journal contained the passage, “I begin with a few words to describe my intentions. I have always wanted to express myself in words and I hope to express my thoughts in manor that will be understandable by others. I apologize ahead of time for all grammar, words misspelled, and otherwise poor penmanship. Otherwise, my phrases are mind and I will them to the pages in the spirt of persevering my thought form the inevitable loss. If only I can begin to express my desires and dreams in words, then I will be able to unlock my passions and give you a glimpse into my mind. I wish all who read these passages well.”

Update Notes & Welcome

Greetings! The Functional Journal of Nels Lindahl receives weblog post updates based on the speed of inspiration tempered by the availability of time. The majority of my work is currently offline pending review. The complete collection should be available at some point during 2015.

Sever Downtime Today

My websites were down today for about 3 hours. Thanks everybody for letting me know. Go Daddy has not provided any root cause analysis (RCA) information.
godaddy hosting down


The entire situation made me think about setting up a backup server or purchasing a more reliable hosting package.

What a slow Sunday morning

Instead of reading the newspapers, I read the website traffic reports arrive every Sunday morning. Reading them takes about thirty minutes. For webmasters keywords, duration of visit, and origin of visitor are incredibly interesting or at least they should be…

Amazon Prime Video Update: Harrison Ford did a pretty good job brining CIA analyst Jack Ryan to life in Patriot Games (1992). The movie is available to anyone with Amazon Prime instant video streaming. Philip Noyce the director made some very poor choices in terms of pacing and editing. Given the oddities of today’s movie audiences Patriot Games may not compare very well to the fast pace of modern thrillers and spy movies.

Are you ready for July?

The month of July seems to come faster and faster every year. Colorado Springs will be completely devoid of fireworks this year. Most of the State of Colorado is under red flag fire warnings. The City of Colorado Springs will probably have street units on patrol reminding people that the 4th of July will be firework free this year. The Waldo Canyon Fire of 2012 has been devastating. Tremendous sacrifices have been made this year by the people living in Colorado. For generations people have enjoyed the natural splendor of the State of Colorado. For the next couple of years large areas of the state will be recovering. We can only hope that the drought will end this year and that the state’s water table will be replenished.

Attached below are a couple of panorama photographs that I took on Friday.  You can find the full size photos in my panorama set on Flickr.

Waldo Canyon Fire Panoramic Image Everest
Waldo Canyon Fire Panoramic Image Everest
Waldo Canyon Fire Panoramic Image Everest Parking Lot
Waldo Canyon Fire Panoramic Image Everest Parking Lot

Waldo Canyon Fire Panoramic Image
Waldo Canyon Fire Panoramic Image

Thinking about online publishing systems

About a decade ago, I started using Microsoft Office FrontPage to post rants on the internet. Some of that original content still exists, but most of it disappeared into the ether. Six Apart launched Movable Type back in 2001 and it pretty much changed the nature of personalized online content generation. I used Movable Type for several years before finally settling on WordPress as an online publishing platform. From August 2003 to about two months ago I was satisfied with weblog based publishing. In any event, I have started to look for a new online content publishing medium.

Weblog administration updates

Are you ready for yet another weblog administration update? Hey things change… what more do you expect? In terms of wildly exciting weblog administration news, the daily note format will be put on hiatus (if not completely discontinued). Please consider for a moment that within a weblog long term storage and search functions require building complete thoughtful posts. I have been toying with the idea of putting a 500 word minimum on publishable posts. Without question it would be easy to filter any posts shorter than 500 words by forcing them into a permanent draft status. The basic weblog infrastructure can sort items on the backend by day, week, month, and year. Each post should exist within a specific category of thought. In the long run, I know a weblog author has to rely on the backend systems to sort out the details.

Will the next version of WordPress allow authors to drag and drop photos into a post? Based on some recently received feedback, I have decided to try and spice up my weblog by including more images, videos, and formatting.

I have never really got into the swing of mobile weblog posts. I prefer to write during the early hours of the morning or late at night. During both of those writing windows it is easier to access a laptop than it is to pound out prose on a virtual Android phone keyboard.