Watching AMC

For the last two nights, I have watched the two part premier of Better Call Saul on AMC. Breaking Bad was a pretty fantastic television show. That was enough to guarantee that people would watch Better Call Saul. It was enough to guarantee I would watch. I’m not sure where the show will end up, but it was interesting take on the character.

Today was a rough day. It has been a rough week. Swarms of things have had to get done. I have been looking for a real challenge. Last week the edX group sent me an email about an MIT class called The Analytics Edge. I signed up to take the class. It should be a thought-provoking experience. It might just be enough to challenge me. Based on the description it should be an interesting course.

I’m still getting used to working for a new college. Apparently, earlier this month the rights to my employment were sold. It seems like a better arrangement. It might be an arrangement that includes a pay increase. That would be nice.

KU vs Richmond Live Blog Post

The game is under way…

5:55 pm The Jayhawks are off to a great start. When the inside game develops in the second half this game could get out of hand for Richmond.

5:59 pm 29-9 would be the time to put on the gas… letting up in the tournament is recipe for disaster.

6:06 pm I just finished a cheesesteak sandwich and am considering a 3rd beer…


6:36 pm A strong start will probably include the inside game. Getting the Morris twins involved early cold pay dividends down the stretch.

6:50 pm Richmond has had a few good stretches… the Jayhawk have stopped pushing the ball up court on every possession.

7:06 pm The Jayhawks have not been able to push the lead beyond 20 points.

7:16 pm At some point, the coaches are going to empty the benches 75-52

8:13 pm The Jayhawks won the game 77-57 and advanced to the elite eight.

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Thursday workout extravaganza

This post will be live…

You guessed it; Today’s weblog notes are brought to you courtesy of Joni’s workout plan. The new plan involves more gym time and less relaxation.

I am already plotting KU game snacks. The game is going to be a late night adventure. The alumni watch party should interesting. Late night games always insight the wildness. With an luck the Fox and the Hound will have a decent drink special.

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Tuesday at the gym

I am actually at the gym right now…

In case you are wondering, Joni has designed a new workout plan that involves me having to go to the gym every week. I am not a fan of the new plan. Working out seems like a poor use of my most limited resource, “time.”

I have been thinking about using my gym time to live blog random stream of consciousness derived prose. However, texting on a treadmill is harder than I thought. I have seen people text while jogging, but I just don’t have that degree of skill.

I did manage to keep my target heart rate for 30 minutes without having a heart attack.

I consider my accomplishment a moral victory. A moral victory that deserved a pack of tacos in a brown paper bag.

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KU vs Illinois Live Blog Post

The game will be starting soon enough…

I will be live blogging throughout the evening.

6:35 PM Texas just got zebra’ed at the end of the Arizona game.

6:42 PM Joni is debating between a taco salad or the black and blue burger. I went with the cheese steak sandwich and sweet potato fries. The zebras are becoming a major storyline this year.

6:53 PM The game got delayed… at least CBS stopped game hopping. The new distribution model with multiple channels was a brilliant move.

The game has started…

7:04 PM The inside game started strong enough to get the hi/low going.

The first timeout…

7:10 PM The Jayhawks need to maintain this intensity level for the rest of the game.

7:24 PM The emotional start has faded into NBA style half court defense…

7:32 PM Both Morris twins are making a strong case for positive NBA scouting reports…

The first half is over

7:47 PM I hope Bill Self talks about maintaining a good tempo, using the inside game versus taking 3’s, and playing inspired defense at halftime.

The second half has started

8:10 PM The Jayhawks need a strong start to gain momentum…

8:17 PM Why is this game still competitive?

8:26 PM What happened to the inside game?

8:39 PM The Jayhawks have the advantage inside, but the whole team is settling for 3’s.

9:00 PM When did the pivot screen become legal? If you move during a screen, then the screen becomes illegal.

…and the Jayhawks won.

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Garage Sale Weekend

Did you say live garage sale blogging?

What could be more fun?

0700 Rather quickly this year it seems garage sale weekend has arrived. For some reason that remains completely shrouded in mystery, garage sale weekend requires my complete attention. Previously, a seemingly randomly assigned neighbor advertised in the newspaper and handed all of the garage sale fun. This year Joni thought it would be a good idea to celebrate the start of August by brining all of the leftover household items from previous garage sales to the front yard so we can watch it throughout the entire weekend. Nothing says fun like the prospect of a great yard sale.

0715 At almost exactly the advertised start of the weekend garage sale a small red two door automobile stopped by the house and the driver quickly asked if we had any video games for sale. In preparation for the question from this yearly regular a few video games had been set aside. At that particular moment, donuts were the garage sale priority, but the sale must go on and the sale seems to take precedence at least in practice over the consumption of donuts.

0738 A new weblog category had been created. The functional journal of Nels Lindahl is proud to announce the addition of, “Live blogging Events,” as a weblog update category. Apparently, the website style sheet only supported the addition of, “Live Blogging.” In this case the third word “Events” made all the difference. The categories column located on the right side of each website page required two lines to display the new category. This encroachment onto a second line was simply unacceptable and had to be immediately corrected. In the future, a new category word limit for all new weblog categories will be strictly enforced at exactly two words.

0827 Traffic to the garage sale has slowed significantly. The professional garage sale scavengers have already evaluated all of the potential deals and moved on to the local estate sales. Maybe moving some of the items from the garage down closer to the street would increase sales.

0903 After moving a few items out into the driveway traffic to the garage sale seems to be improving. Right now the two day advertisement in the newspaper might have increased early traffic, but the midmorning crowd seems to be eating breakfast. Right now the garage sale across the street is doing considerable more business. Kid’s toys and baby clothes seem to be key elements of a successful garage sale. Alas, the VCR almost sold, but the lack of a remote control decimated the deal. People apparently like remote controls.  Who knew? The VCR community demands remote controls and other advances in technology while clinging to something you have to rewind manually.

0923 Watching all of the people milling around the garage sale eating a wide variety of breakfast foods has inspired a very specific food hunger. Lunch today will probably involve placing a take out order from the Arharn Thai restaurant. A complete and total lack of food delivery options (excluding pizza) is one of the disappointing parts of living in the county instead of the city. Andy from Chicago for example can enjoy tacos delivered at anytime night or day.  Given the lack of food delivery options and the complete and total onset of boredom, now might be the right time to explore either the catalog of Netflix or Zune Pass.

0938 Maybe this weekend will include an afternoon trip to the Colorado Springs Zoo? At some point this year, a trip to visit the Denver Museum of Natural Sciences will probably happen before snow season starts in Colorado.  Spending the entire day in the garage seems to be inspiring a series of vacation planning related internet searches. Could a visit to the local Cinemark IMAX Theater provide the motivation necessary to power the garage sale through two days of sales? The stereo finally sold. Last year nobody wanted to buy the stereo. This year the stereo was purchased by a construction worker who apparently has a very large compact disc collection.

1129 Lunch has become the primary consideration receiving attention…

1200 My lunch order has been placed and needs to be picked up in twenty minutes.

1254 Lunch from Arharn Thai today included drunken noodles, Bangkok fried rice, and Panang curry. All of the entries and sides served today during lunch were spicy by request.