Cleaning my office

Over the course of a number of years the amount of stuff just sitting around my office has become ridiculous. Today is the day that the piles stop growing. A plan has to be put in place. I’m going to have to clean up a pile at a time. I’m going to start by the door and work my way toward my desk. That is my plan for the day. We will see how well it goes.

Nashville to Denver Flight

My first team meeting with my new company happened this week. It lasted an entire week. I learned a lot about the team’s roles and responsibilities. The team has a pretty diverse set of duties. Taking on a new role can be exciting. Even after all my years of college I’m learning new things every day. Being a lifelong learner tends to involves waves of learning. Being exposed to a constant flood of new things tends to be somewhat unsettling. It does not happen very often. For better or worse, most of the content that we are exposed to is somewhat familiar.

Right now I’m watching the 268th episode of This Week in Google (TWIG). Leo Laporte seems to be really excited about a new phone with a cognac colored back.

I’m thinking about buying one of the new HTC Nexus 9 tablets.

Traveling with large groups can be pretty interesting. Group dynamics can very widely. Sharing team automobiles can reduce cost, but it pretty much locks everyone into going to the same places. With really large groups it can be a real challenge to pick a place everybody will like.

I got logged into my Google developer account today. Everything is in place to pivot into video game development. I’m going to need to reboot the Jupiter Darkly website this month.

What is the Thermal dot com Seek $200 thermal phone camera all about?

Is ACER selling a 4k monitor? What are the minimum graphics card requirements required to support a 4k monitor?

What is up with the Audioquest DAC dragonfly with built in AMP?

That Flu shot thing

I managed to get my annual flu shot today. The process was pretty simple and it was covered by my insurance company. It took about 15 minutes from start to finish.

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It has been a decade

Time passes pretty quickly. It really does. A decade can pass in the blink of an eye. I realized today that the MPA program I attended in Lawrence, Kansas concluded a decade ago. I graduated from the University of Kansas Master of Public Administration program in 2004.

KUMPA Graduation 2004
This is a photo of the class of 2005 during the KUMPA 2004 Graduation

A few home repairs

Last night I managed to install 3 universal fit toilet flappers. Home Depot stores stock them in 3 packs. Apparently, these things have to be replaced from time to time. At the time, it seemed like a rather handy thing to do with my evening. This house was built back in 1994 and a few parts have inevitably needed repairs.

FXX Simpson’s marathon

Joni and I watched a good chunk of the FXX network Simpson’s television show marathon. I’m not sure it was a good idea to play every Simpson’s episode back to back, but it was entertaining.

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Website Update

I switched out the rolling homepage for a static post. I’m going to give it a week and see how I feel about the change. Today took a strange turn when I decided to watch Season 1 of The League on Netflix.