i am going to work out

I went to the doctor today. I now weight 207 pounds. This would normally be good news, but this summer i was down to around 185 pounds. Shalunky says that I have to go to the gym to work out tonight. That is where I will be spending my evening. Making sure I do not gain more weight. I have news that I will share later.

I think I slept through the moment?

I have been in much better mood for the last few days. Probably because of a feeling that came to me the other day. That is right I have finally made my peace with the University of Kansas and graduation. Hopefully I will be able to finish the thesis that I am working on my motivation has taken a noise dive as I try to finish the last draft. I have feeling that this will be the week.
Mr. Borys got dragged out to the Plum Tree Chinese/Thai Food restaurant to get some Pad Thai noodles. From time to time I am a big fan of a good order of spicy Pad Thai noodles only the Plum Tree serves a sweet noodle medley. I then decided to ask the sever to kick it up a notch with some crushed red pepper swimming in pepper oil. Let me just explain that I got a very confused look and then a confused stare as I proceeded to fling pepper all over my noodles. Sometimes spicy food rocks!