Focusing on my Stanford Decision Quality class

A few times a year, I devote a weekend to pure professional development. This extended weekend has been designated a professional development weekend. I’ll be spending the next 48 hours working on completing part of the Stanford University Center for Professional Development Strategic Decision and Risk Management Program. This weekend I’ll be focusing on finishing my “Decision Quality” class.

Grading coursework and watching Stanford University videos

It’s Sunday again. You know what that means. It’s time to grade papers and watch football.

John Paul has been exercising me a little more than usual this morning/afternoon. Apparently, at 11 months old he has gone from very active to incredibly active. Who knew that he would enjoy throwing a ball and crawling to the ball over and over again? We may have to contact some baseball scouts.

I setup my Dell Studio 1535 to display some Stanford University Center for Professional Development decision quality videos on my Sony Bravia television. The setup worked ok. I have been looking for a low cost wireless HDMI option for the last few months.

Laptop to TV via HDMI
Laptop to TV via HDMI

We stopped watching lectures during the Denver Broncos game. As a team the Baltimore Ravens have lost their defensive mojo. I’m guessing Joe Flacco may be replaced next year.

Thanksgiving Weekend Grading

Thanksgiving weekend involved four consecutive days off from work. Being on call during the holidays is always interesting. I handled three different escalations during my holiday break. However, I was still able to spend a few mornings during my Thanksgiving break working on completing my Stanford University decision quality coursework. I watched some football. Stanford vs. UCLA was a great football game to watch this weekend. The rematch is going to be epic. Sunday morning was almost entirely devoted to grading “Introduction to Business” team papers.

Taking a Stanford University Decision Quality Class

I have four days off work in a row prompting me to say, “Happy Thanksgiving!” In honor of the time off, I have elected to start working on completing one more Stanford class this year. Sure — the Stanford University football team has done well this year, but I’m focused on learning. I’m working on completing another Stanford University: Stanford Center for Professional Development program. “Decision Quality” is one of the core classes required for the Strategic Decision and Risk Management certificate. Tonight I will be reading “Decision Analysis for the Professional” by Peter McNamee.

Saturday PMP Exam Preparation

Joni made pancakes with dark chocolate M&Ms for breakfast.

PMP study session number one involved a one hour countdown timer running on my Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE phone.

Lunch happened after a trip to Costco. Joni and I picked up some food from the Arharn Thai restaurant. The drunken noodles and curry were very good.

The Alabama vs. Arkansas football game was not very competitive.

PMP study session number two involved another countdown hour of reading and flash card work.

Dinner involved making nachos in preparation for the Stanford vs. USC football game. Hopefully, this game will be more competitive than the game this afternoon. It turned out that the game was extremely competitive. Stanford successfully defeated USC 21 to 14 and the students stormed the field. The student body knows that storming a football stadium gets people hurt.

Taking some more Stanford classes

In case you are wondering (and I am sure that you were), it looks like I will be taking some more Stanford classes in 2012 and 2013 through an educational assistance program at work. I was recently accepted to the Stanford University Stanford Strategic Decision and Risk Management program through the Stanford Center for Professional Development.

Stanford SDRM Letter

Early this year I earned the credential of Stanford Certified Project Manager. The Stanford University Center Professional Development staff members were pleasant and the program was very informative. Overall, the SEF or strategic execution framework that the program is based on can be easily applied within any modern organization.

Working on finishing my Mastering the Project Portfolio class

After a full day of work that started at 5:00 AM mountain time, I have decided to push forward with completing the test for my  Stanford Center for Professional Development “Mastering the Project Portfolio” class. Overall I would have to say that my experiences with Stanford University have been gomod. All of the course material has directly translated to things I am doing at work. Well finishing that class was not so bad. The new computer setup in the basement almost worked. For some reason that still remains a mystery the Windows 8 powered computer would not sync right. I had to grab my laptop and get it setup in the basement.

My third Stanford University class marathon weekend study session

Working late into the night can be very rewarding. Few people on the planet truly enjoy a good marathon writing or studying session. An even fewer number of people have the drive to sustain a single minded purpose long enough to drive a true marathon event. Strong intellectual performances can be incremental and follow a plan. Projects that involve strategy and planning will almost always trump spontaneous operational decisions. As part of the advanced project management program, I started working on completing my third class from Stanford University. Overall, the Stanford Center for Professional Development class “Managing without authority” has been enjoyable and thought-provoking. The wild card weekend NFL games are definitely a little distracting. Who would have predicted a Houston Texan wildcard matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals?

The move to streaming online content various subscription cable and satellite television services has hit the mainstream media. Check out this weekend’s Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article Cutting the Cord on Cable.

The company holiday party and my second Stanford University class

The weekend started off pretty well. I successfully finished my second Stanford University class and attended the company holiday party. The holiday party at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort was really enjoyable. I missed the company holiday party by one day last year. It is hard to believe that it has been an entire year since the last time I went through a new hire orientation. Every once in a while a degree of synchronicity occurs that allows a uniquely informative moment to occur. For me the Stanford University advanced project management courses have been completely germane. The courses have both validated and have informed my journey within the workplace. Overall, my second Stanford University Center for Professional Development class, “Leadership for Strategic Execution,” went very well. Joni allowed me complete autonomy on Saturday to read, watch online lectures, and take quizzes in the living room. I would like to take a moment to celebrate my Bose Quiet Comfort 2 acoustic noise canceling headphones. I have had my Bose QC2 headphones since 2005. They have held up surprisingly well over the years.