Education Plan B

Due to the complete and utter failure of Educational Plan A, we are not moving to the new and improved Educational Plan B. If you have, any comments or suggestions please feel free to suggest a course of action. The educational division is currently working on an Educational Plan C, which may or may not be available depending on the weather in the lower hemisphere. The following is a list of educational options, concluded by, of course taking the LSAT, which will involve an entirely different set of schools.

  1. Walden University [Rolling Admission] Ph.D. in Public Policy and
    Administration with an focus on e-Government.

Everything in Stride

Tomorrow is the big day for driving out to Colorado. I will be gone for a while, and then I will return to Kansas City for a couple of weddings. One of the strangest strings of events happened to me today. On my way up to Lawrence, I was listening to Rush Limbaugh who was talking about the University of Kansas and John Kerry

Time for a Denver Omelet

Some people go an entire lifetime without experiencing a truly defining moment. Today I finally got word from the last PhD school that I sent an application. The word was not good. It appears that I am not an acceptable candidate for graduate school at this time. Today is a new day, a day of hope, a day of promise for the future. Well maybe today is a just a day, but probably it is a day at a crossroads.
Now is the time to make a decision. Where will I be going in life? What should I spend my life doing? How did I go manage to fail at applying to PhD schools? Will I ever figure out what I am supposed to be doing? These are all questions and for the most part, they are the wrong questions

ramblings of a wonderer

When I lived in Lawrence, Kansas, my windows had several sheets and a giant University of Kansas blanket covering them. Right now when I wake up two windows are letting me enjoy the sunrise for the first time in years. For those of you who know me this seem very out of character I am not a big fan of morning, afternoon, or even the day for that matter. This morning however, I got out of bed to go visit the campus of the University of Kansas. I found out that I get my diploma for my Master?s in Public Administration in the middle of July. The real reason that I made the trip up to campus was to meet with my advisor. I can honestly say that my advisor is an individual, who has taken the time, to show me nothing but kindness. While I did not learn anything significantly new, like where I am going, or where I will be, in the next few months. I think I know have a general sense of direction.

Lots and Lots of Phone Calls

I woke up today; trying to remember when I had gone to sleep last night. I was working on several things last night including making picture collogues and disks. Wednesday is the last day of class for the University of Kansas Master of Public Administration Intern Program. I am not sure if I am sad about leaving a great class or glad that I am done with this year of school. I am sitting in the Lawrence City Hall Commissioners Meeting room right now listening to a presentation on storm water management.
I woke up extra early to return a phone call from Penn State?s Department of Pubic Administration where I applied to the PhD program. As it turns out I was missing a letter or recommendation so my file has been sitting in the graduate office for about three months. I guess somehow my email did not get entered into the Penn State system correctly. For some reason I am always experiencing some from of strangeness when it comes to major evens in my life. I am really lucky that Penn State has a very late application deadline of sometime in June. After several phone calls I was able to get a letter of recommendation faxed to them.
Now the waiting process continues as normal. I hope that sometime soon I will be able to find out where I will be next year. Being in limbo for the better part of a year is not very much fun and takes a serious toll on the amount of energy and hope I have. Today should be a fun last class in Budgeting and Policy analysis since after class we are all going to go out to eat and I will pass out the picture frame collogues. This should be fun and will provide an opportunity for me to sell the graduation party that is occurring on Saturday. This week is going by so fast: 1) Tuesday with Metallica and Godsmack, 2) Wednesday is the last day of class, 3) Thursday with Royals Dollar Night, and finally, 4) Saturday is my Graduation Fiesta.

We all want to change the world

Last night it rained and thundered throughout the night. This explains my evening very clearly; this morning at exactly 11:12 in the morning Central Standard Time I placed a draft copy of my master?s thesis underneath the door of my advisor. It was a rather anti-climatic end to a journey that has taken most of the last year. Of course I feel relieved and will be able to rejoin the world of the living. Now this feeling of relief only lasts until that draft of my master?s thesis returns to me edited, revised, and of course critiqued. I am not afraid of having my ideas editing, commented, and of course revised because I implicitly trust my thesis advisor.
Now what exactly do I mean when I say that we all want to change the world? When I was younger my goal was to be able to come up with one idea that would change the world. I just wanted to be able to do something that would make a difference in the world. The older I get not only am I less naive about not only the speed at which change occurs, but also the sphere of influence we actually have. Right now I am very tired; I am hoping the Red Bull Festival will soon end. Well I just wanted to check in and let everybody know that I am alive and will soon be ending my self imposed educational isolation. So watch out world, soon, soon, I will have my time back.

self imposed educational isolation

I have completed the draft of my final finance paper, ?Review of Legalized Gambling: Comparing Two Perspectives,? on state gambling revenues due April 27. I was on such a role that I went ahead and drafted my infrastructure management paper, ?Local Government Information Technology: Security Plan and Policies Best Practices.? I do not remember the last time I was so productive on a Friday night! I did get a chance to go to El Mezcal with Jaccie and Mr. Borys so the evening was not a complete and total case of self imposed educational isolation.

the red bull festival begins tonight

I will be writing until I am done. Determination is not a something to strive for it is something you have or you do not have. Now is the time. I will return when the projects are over.
Things Nels has to complete to graduate.
1. Finance paper on state gambling revenues (April 27)
2. Best Practices Paper (May 5)
3. Final Law Paper (May 11)
4. LDCHA Policy Issue Paper (May 19)
5. Professionalism Paper (May 22)
6. Thesis ?The Future of Community Labor Markets: A labor market test of the suburban exploitation thesis/hypothesis.? (May draft 5 final 22)

the pearls of online reserach

I was doing some research and in the middle of my work I thought maybe my internet was down. It turns out that in the middle of reading articles the national online database of journal articles for the Expanded Academic Universe.
<b><i>Gale systems are currently experiencing technical difficulties.
Technicians are actively working on the problem.
Please try again in 20 minutes.</i></b>