Notes from 20110807

Please consider the following technology expenditure options:

Technology scenarios:

  1. Use the Sprint one year subscriber discount to upgrade from the HTC EVO 4G to a newer model.
  2. Purchase a Wi-Fi enabled tablet computer.
  3. Take no action and wait for the second generation of tablets.

Given the choice of upgrading cell phones from the HTC EVO 4G to a newer model or purchasing a Wi-Fi enabled tablet what option makes the most sense? The tablet would provide an alternative to using a laptop computer. Back on November 7, 2008, I purchased a Dell Studio 1535. My 4 year Dell warranty currently has 459 days remaining.

My Dell Studio 1535 Specs:

  1. Windows 7 Home Premium
  2. 64-bit operating system
  3. Intel Core Duo CPU T5850 @ 2.16 GHz or 2.17 GHz
  4. RAM: 4.00 GB
  5. Storage: 40 GB Intel SSD

My major shopping consideration is the ability to have access to a full keyboard.

Stanford CS221: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Online

Kudos to Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig for teaching a free online version of Stanford University’s intro to artificial intelligence (AI) class. The website promises that online class participants will receive a benchmark certificate. The class is scheduled to occur between October 10 and December 16, 2011. I plan on purchasing the text book and attending the class if I can manage to sign up fast enough when the online section opens.

  1. Will other professors offer popup online sections?
  2. How many participants will be allowed to take the class?
  3. Could this type of online section breakdown the admissions gatekeeping system?

Notes from 20110806

Please take the time to read the August 5, 2011 S&P US credit rating report, “Full Report: United States of America Long-Term Rating Lowered To ‘AA+’ On Political Risks And Rising Debt Burden; Outlook Negative.” The long term US debt rating has been lowered from AAA to AA+. Anybody with adjustable interest rate financing should increase strategic saving to match future expenses. Traditionally, negative debt rating changes are followed by periods of inflation. I would suggest some type of inflationary hedge…

Q: Has this weblog developed from presenting a single poignant narrative to presenting a series of derivative summaries?  

A: Something had to give. I have been out of the game for far too long. Maybe this weblog has been on autopilot for the last few years, but now would be the time to knock on the sky and think about the sound.


Notes from 20110731

The weblog layout (appearance) will now include a Colorado links section as a sandbar widget. Given the divergent nature of local and national news broadcasts the requirement to intentionally target the consumption of local information online was inevitable.

Western Digital makes a few different models of various network attached storage (NAS) devices. My home network has some USB attached storage that runs behind a hardware firewall. I have been considering adding a NAS device. Will having a redundant array of independent disks (RAID) matter? Serious long term data storage options will always require redundant backup schemas.

Based on a recommendation from James at work,I have been reading a fair amount of Brad Cleveland’s weblog posts and books throughout the weekend.