what a strange tuesday

I feel like I have somehow managed to contract Typhoid from the immunization I received this morning. The preparations for going to China are actually rather expensive I guess that is why international travel is such an adventure of privilege. I had to go to the Johnson County Health Department to receive my shots. (On a side note DJC compared me to Jaccie?s dog which also had to get shots today, a comparison I still am not pleased with and honestly do not understand.) The department of health was an interesting place that does not really accept health coverage and charges flat rates for such things as a Typhoid thought it never entered my mind before how lucky I have always been to have health coverage.
My parents have always been working professionals and I have been lucky enough that both of my parents have insurance. I actually thought for a while that I would be loosing health care at the ripe old age of 24, but it turns out that my fathers coverage actually extends until for an additional year. That means that I have to find a job and get out of school by the age of 25. That is one year of time to get my life in order and make sure that I am on the path to a solid career. Of course, this means that I have to stay enrolled in an accredited academic program. I found out today some good news about my life and education I have managed to muddle through my master?s thesis with a passing grade. Like anything else, this good news came with a hint of bad my advisor was not entirely pleased with paper.
It is actually a rather funny story. I wanted to make sure that I got a draft turned into my professor before the end of the month of April so I stayed up all night in the midst of the fabled red bull festival. At some point in the middle of the morning that fateful Friday, the day before my deadline of Saturday the first of May, I printed off a draft and during the morning hours slipped it under the door of the professor. I guess the professor thought that my draft looked like a final product and graded away! Now this was a true draft and was not intended at all to be a final product in fact the only truly polished section of thesis was the chapter that involved model explanation.
So if you do not think this day has been a little strange, from Typhoid, to Thesis, all the way to later tonight. DJC has managed to get on the guest list for the band Godsmack who just so happens to be opening for the Mighty Metallica. I have not been to a Metallica concert since the whole Napster confrontation. Napster was not just a program; it was a movement that opened the door, to a broader social acceptance of peer-to-peer file sharing. I will try to collect my thoughts later and let you know how the concert turns out. This is the first time since I have known DJC that we are going to a concert together, which will be an interesting scenario. I was trying to figure out why we have never been to a concert together before and I concluded that we really do not like the same kind of music.
My favorite type of music to listen to is mostly blues and fusion guitar with a distinctive heavy metal flavor. The last few albums that I have purchased have been Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Joe Satriani. I know what you are thinking, but I actually buy the albums of these artists because DJC says that if I do not, I will have to listen to the music that teenagers and seasoned citizens pay for on a regular basis.

Sometimes we lack the skill to move forward.

One of the things I remember about myself is my unhealthy appetite for writing. I have been told, on many occasions, that my skill with the pen is less than becoming. However, it does not concern me anymore. My goals are clear; I want to write down as many of the theories that are in my head in as complete a fashion as I can before they are gone. I believe that permanence is a necessity if the idea is meaningful and without a written record permanence is not possible.
If I could return to the days where I wrote at least ten pages a day, then I would be happy and I would be cleansing my mind on a daily basis. From time to time, I cannot sleep; I stare at the ceiling of the room as my mind wonders. One of the biggest problems I have is that when my mind gets going I cannot sleep. Most of the time anytime I lay down to sleep and before I know it hours have passed.
At some point during the last, I stopped working on my own theories and gave in to the demand of paper writing. The regurgitation of the familiar for professors is not a skill that I value or believe is useful. If a scholar went to the trouble of penning an idea to paper well, then that idea probably does not need to be copied. It needs to questioned and reconsidered from a thousand different points of view only to decide on what the answer really means for society. That is the one area where the philosophy department has it right they ask students to read and react, challenge, and propose new theories. That is exactly why philosophy will always move forward and the field of public administration in my view will continue to muddle through.

iterations of un-buffered thought #1

Warning: In the event of original thought, make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position. Please remain calm and direct your attention to the television monitors. We will be showing our safety demonstration and would like the next few minutes of your complete attention. At this time, your thought will add to the new list of potential permanence for the record. If this pattern of original thought continues, each exit is equipped with an evacuation slide, which you can use as a life raft. At this time, it is the recommendation of that staff that you return to your regularly scheduled thought.

We all want to change the world

Last night it rained and thundered throughout the night. This explains my evening very clearly; this morning at exactly 11:12 in the morning Central Standard Time I placed a draft copy of my master?s thesis underneath the door of my advisor. It was a rather anti-climatic end to a journey that has taken most of the last year. Of course I feel relieved and will be able to rejoin the world of the living. Now this feeling of relief only lasts until that draft of my master?s thesis returns to me edited, revised, and of course critiqued. I am not afraid of having my ideas editing, commented, and of course revised because I implicitly trust my thesis advisor.
Now what exactly do I mean when I say that we all want to change the world? When I was younger my goal was to be able to come up with one idea that would change the world. I just wanted to be able to do something that would make a difference in the world. The older I get not only am I less naive about not only the speed at which change occurs, but also the sphere of influence we actually have. Right now I am very tired; I am hoping the Red Bull Festival will soon end. Well I just wanted to check in and let everybody know that I am alive and will soon be ending my self imposed educational isolation. So watch out world, soon, soon, I will have my time back.

The Save the H Foundation

I have learned that perhaps the <a href=”http://www.wanh.blogspot.com/”>H</a> has turned to the dark side, and has forsaken the world of the web log. Personally, I have been hanging around my digital corner of the Internet since 1997 and was around long before it was socially acceptable to own a web log. I would like to extend my most humble and appreciate thanks to the H for the commentary on my master?s degree.
The words of the H say, ?best of luck in everything, you deserve it. i figured i’d give one final angry post before everyone graduates and moves away or does whatever not like i’ll know what anyone is up to anyway.? I want the H to know that it is not that we do not care about the Save the H Foundation it is that over the last year I have taken on a little to much school and not enough life. It is true that this is not an excuse; simply a choice that I made to made graduation my number one priority. In the end, I will probably be able to reconnect with most of the people who I was friends with before, and I will not have sacrificed the opportunity of a lifetime to gain my second degree in one year.
I am going to campaign for a new direction. <a href=”http://www.wanh.blogspot.com/”>The Save the H Foundation</a> will focus on bringing the H back to the wide, wide, world of the web log! The first priority will be a covert operation that will set in motion a grassroots revolution of the people in country south of the border. This will set off a chain reaction that will result in one of the largest uprisings in the history of modern civilization. In fact, this uprising will be so impressive that even H will wonder how it all started.

self imposed educational isolation

I have completed the draft of my final finance paper, ?Review of Legalized Gambling: Comparing Two Perspectives,? on state gambling revenues due April 27. I was on such a role that I went ahead and drafted my infrastructure management paper, ?Local Government Information Technology: Security Plan and Policies Best Practices.? I do not remember the last time I was so productive on a Friday night! I did get a chance to go to El Mezcal with Jaccie and Mr. Borys so the evening was not a complete and total case of self imposed educational isolation.

Charles Barkley Quote

Charles Barkley said on TNT “I have never used email. People who use computers are just stupid.” Cheers to you Charles Barkley, you luddite you, feel free to look that up on the internet.

the red bull festival begins tonight

I will be writing until I am done. Determination is not a something to strive for it is something you have or you do not have. Now is the time. I will return when the projects are over.
Things Nels has to complete to graduate.
1. Finance paper on state gambling revenues (April 27)
2. Best Practices Paper (May 5)
3. Final Law Paper (May 11)
4. LDCHA Policy Issue Paper (May 19)
5. Professionalism Paper (May 22)
6. Thesis ?The Future of Community Labor Markets: A labor market test of the suburban exploitation thesis/hypothesis.? (May draft 5 final 22)

the pearls of online reserach

I was doing some research and in the middle of my work I thought maybe my internet was down. It turns out that in the middle of reading articles the national online database of journal articles for the Expanded Academic Universe.
<b><i>Gale systems are currently experiencing technical difficulties.
Technicians are actively working on the problem.
Please try again in 20 minutes.</i></b>