Day 78 the one where I wondered about building a 3 level Go board

2018: Day 78 the one where I wondered about building a 3 level Go board
Word count 167,857 + 1,214 or 169,071 of 1,000,000

Dear Reader,

Yesterday was a big day in terms of making decisions. Giving up on Amazon as a company was a difficult call to make. We are one day into my post Amazon world. All of my music has been downloaded. I’m back listening to the Pandora music streaming. We will see how long before I break down and pay for the premium Pandora service without advertisements. You might think that dealing with the loss of Amazon would be my primary worry for the day, but you would be completely wrong. I watched a ton of episodes of Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda television show on Amazon Prime streaming. That was great, but the streaming journey has ended. My next goal from a creator or maker perspective is to create a frosted glass or plexiglass 3 level Go board like the one featured in the series. The idea of playing 3 level Go sounds fantastic. The game itself is pretty challenging on a large board. Playing that across 3 levels sounds like an epicly relaxing way to challenge my mind. I have already started on some designs.

Admittedly —- I really thought that was a the thing I could buy on eBay or somewhere online. That does not appear to be the case. Sure I could just buy three go boards and set them next to each other. Alternatively, I could buy three go boards and build some type of shelf system for them to allow 2 players to engage in a 3 level go board game. That would probably be easy enough. It might be worth at this point to commission some type of construction project or maker team to build a repliclica 3 level go board from the Andromeda series. Chances are unless somebody responds to this post with a suggestion on how to get one of these boards my new hobby just might be assembling replica go boards. It looks like the project would require a base system and 3 boards of made of of something like plexiglass. The boards probably need to be made out of some type of transparent blue plastic. Making them out of glass does not not seem like a good idea. Some of the concept sketches I found show the overall board being about 14 inches tall and the 3 boards being 12 inch by 12 inch squares. The go boards shown on Andromeda seem so to be 10 by 10 game boards. That would probably be easier to build and play than a 12 by 12 game configuration.

We will see how long it takes to push things forward on the custom go board creation front. My first move here is probably going to be to figure out how to buy some plexiglass squares and figure out how how to drill into them and make the proper slot for attaching to the base. I assume drawing or etching the go board on them will be the easier part of the process. I’ll go to the hardware store and find something that could be the base. This is now seeming like a project that could be completed with an online order for acrylic blue transparent tires and a few trips to the hardware store. Maybe building those boards will be my new hobby. It could be a pretty solid little adventure. We will see how that goes or how long it holds my attention. I do know how to use eBay to sell some awesomely epic 3 level go boards…

Topic 1: My Pandora account

I logged back into my Pandora account on my Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone today. It looks like the monthly service fee to avoid commercials is $4.99 per month. That is not all that unreasonable and I remember why I made that purchase before. I’m not the world biggest fan of listening to the same advertisements over and over again. My Warren Zevon radio station was till a part of my account. Throughout the last 30 minutes it has not played any songs by Warren Zevon. I pretty much hit thumbs up on every song by Warren Zevon, but the station for some reason just plays everything related to material by Zevon. That does not appear to be anything that I am going to fix any time soon. The only part of this whole paragraph that I could personally fix would be paying for the subscription without advertisements.

At some point along this journey I’m going to need to figure out a solution to my night music problems. I could just listen to Pandora streaming and try to ignore the advertisements. Just as I was about to switch to a new topic the channel finally played a song by Zevon. That screenshot I just took on my Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone of my Pandora account was easy enough to capture. I’m hoping it gives you an idea of what the application experience looks like. Somehow I just watched an advertisement video for 1 gigabit speed internet from Xfinity and now I get to listen to 1 hour of uninterrupted Pandora. That was strange, but at the same time it will be nice to have an hour of just music to support my writing efforts for tonight.

Topic 2: A status on my new computer build

At some point this year the folks over at NVIDIA are about to release a new series of graphics cards. My new computer build is lacking a CPU, RAM, and a CPU water cooled fan. The build it self will be able to support up to 3 graphics cards and that is pretty much what it will do at some point. That type of GPU power could really power some deep learning using TensorFlow. At the moment, that sounds like a splendid idea. The waiting game is going to be hard. It would be easier to stay within the Pacal series of NVIDIA graphics cards. That however is easier in the moment and less fun in the long run. Those new cards are probably going to be epic and awesome for GPU accelerated TensorFlow efforts. I guess you could say the overall status on my new computer build is assembling slowly one part at a time. Maybe it would be easier to explain that two of the parts that will be included in the build are in flux. First, I’m pretty sure that the new Intel i9 processors are going to come down in price at some point. Second, I’m willing to wait a little bit to get one of the next generation NVIDIA graphics cards.

It does look like on the Newegg website a bunch of graphics cards from NVIDIA are back in stock. My search is for GTX 1060/1070/1080 graphics cards with sort from lowest price to highest price. The GTX 1080 cards look pretty awesome, but they were just out of my price tolerance when they came out. Oddly enough I never would have guessed that graphics prices would have gone up. Most of the time technology prices drop after release vs. steadily increasing before a shortage occurs. It seems like all the speculative cryptocurrency mining adventures decimated the normally oversupplied market for graphics cards.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs

Day 77 the one with some questions about how we take action

2018: Day 77 the one with some questions about how we take action
Word count 166,347 + 1,510 or 167,857 of 1,000,000

Dear Reader,

You may be in luck today. I’m in a certain type of mood. One of those moods that will either yield good things or extremely useful prose. My thoughts in the last 24 hours have been about what exactly sparks us to take action. So many different ways exist for us to take action. We rarely describe action in terms of a unit of value. I’m not talking about confusing money and action. This question purely is about how we elect to assign our times to the things that we care about. That is more or less a question of passion and managing the moment. The moment where we are locked in and focused on the present. In that moment where we are locking in and ready to go what part of it will be inspired by the spark of action. A lot of my time is watching for the spark of creativity to drive me to write some useful prose. This is a different take on that type of action. Writing for me is a primarily reflection action that is meant to help me focus on taking the next step forward.

Taking action to do something positive with my time is a different take on things. Maybe in any given day my capacity to take action includes 12 useful hours. If each of those hours represents one unit of action, then my day includes a possible 12 units of action. Most of those units are going to get consumed by work commitments throughout the week. Another major batch of them will get assigned to family activities. Throughout this year 2 of those units of action every day have been assigned to writing. My writing efforts can probably be summed up as a mad sprint to write some things down within the last 1-2 hours of a day. Trying to account for all those units of action involves a certain amount of effort. Most of the time it is not worth it to try to figure out where that time is going and for what reasons it is going where it ends up going. Maybe in this very moment I’m wondering what exactly it would take to compel me to take a couple units of action and contribute to something else. Some cause or issue that needs a lot more units of action to move forward.

That is pretty much where my thoughts have been percolating. I have been thinking about how we take action. My thoughts have not even ventured into the world of why we take action. Let’s take this article I read about a lost bicycle. That bicycle was the means of transportation the individual used to get to work. We as a society actively pay taxes to support law enforcement that hopefully would have prevented the loss of that bicycle, but otherwise are in the business of finding and returning stolen merchandise. Alternative, we have the capacity as a society to replace the bicycle. A lot of charity based initiatives exist to help connect people with donated bicycles. Either through government or non-governmental organizations this problem of the lost bicycle could be solved. That example really happened and is very solvable. Some of the other examples out there in the world can also be solved. A lot of problems are more complex and would require some type of agreement between people working together to solve. A subset of those problems are so complex that even a solid group of folks working together are not going to be able to solve the problem. That is the point at which I have been wondering about. Some of the other smaller downstream points deserve attention, but that is not where my mind is focused at the moment.

Topic 1: Writing a perpetual literature review

I’m seriously thinking about abandoning all of my current writing efforts and start some new artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, and neural network literature review bibliographies and papers. Even the basic parts of the literature review writing would be covered in detail. This blog format could be adapted to have 4 new pages associated with the previously enumerated topics to house living and frequently updated bibliographies. That could be a good method to go about writing about the process of putting together a high quality and comprehensive literature review. My take on the process is that a certain amount of foundation and exploratory literature exist. Somewhere between the foundation and the exploration a review of the relevant literature enhances an academic article.

That is about clearly showing the intellectual pedigree of how we got to this point and where we are going to move forward. That is the essence of why people used to write papers. To say hey everything we knew up until this point got us to the start point of this paper. That paper then opens the door to something new that can make a contribute to the academy. I would say putting those artifacts together and keeping them up to date would be a good use of my time. That will probably also set the foundation for a solid return to daily updates on YouTube. I strongly believe in helping people learn about and understand artificial intelligence. I think that making high quality videos may be the best way for me to do that beyond brining together rock solid bibliographies.

Topic 2: Canceling Amazon Services

Back in 2003 my journey with buying things from Amazon started. Today all of that came to an end. It was a decent run, but I realized that Amazon was basicly taxing me on purchases of goods and services. Given that I have no representation with Amazon that relationship had to end. Enough was enough. The types of things that I bought on Amazon were not really items that I would consider necessities. Waiting for shipping on everything is just disapointing anyway. The things that I actually need I will purchase locally or buy them from the seller online. That will be model going foward. Imagine that Amazon as a company was like a broaker or a realestate agaent on every purchase you make. They just take a slice and that is how they go about things. For the most part as a company Amazon employees do not produce anything that I need. They simply take my spending power and profit by my purchases. Enough is a enough. I’m done with that company.

Probably the hardest part of the whole equation was uninstalling Amazon Music on my phone. Listenign to music is a huge part of my day. Given that both Amazon and Google are in some kind of streaming war I cannot access Google play from my Alexa services. That pretty much means that the Amazon Echo I ordered back on November 18, 2014 is pretty much useless. I may sell it and my Amazon Echo dot on eBay or just put the in the basement to gather dust. For the most part they are now completely useless to me. Rigth now I’m listening to some music on my Google Play Music account. You can imagine that the Amazon Play Music app is already tryign to get me to subscribe to access 40 milion songs on-demand. Right now I’m wondering if I should load my digital music collection on my phone and use some type of player. I did a quick search of the Google Play story for “music player” and found a few options. The last time I used a music player other than Amazon Music, Google Play Music, or the Windows Media Player was probably Winamp. Now that thougth was a blast from the past. Unfortunatly it does not appear that Winamp is in the Google Play store.

I’m going to try to export the music that was important and purchased from Amazon Music here in a few minutes. Those tracks will need to get backed up the cloud and loaded to my phone. My Google Pixel 2 XL smartphoen can hold 128 gigabytes worth of content. That should allow me to have a rather large music library with me on the go. Maybe now would be a good time to go out and back some more bands on Kickstarter. That is a great way to support indepednet music and get some new music for my traveling. Listening to vinyl records on the go is not really an option. After downlaoding all of my music that will pretty much complete the breakup. I’ll probably miss being able to stream Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda television show via Amazon Prime streaming. Yeah —- that is probably the biggest thing that I will miss second only to being able to listen to music during the hour before I go to sleep. This might be enough of a reason to go back to Pandora and my Warren Zevon station that never plays any Zevon.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs

Day 76 the one where Kansas won some basketball

2018: Day 76 the one where Kansas won some basketball
Word count 165,014 + 1,333 or 166,347 of 1,000,000

Dear Reader,

I wanted until 19:44 hours to get going today. That was purposeful. It seemed like a good idea to just avoid writing for a bit and try to enjoy some college basketball. We elected to keep our subscription to YouTube TV until the end of basketball season. Right now a Chromecast Ultra is connected to our main family room television and it is being controlled by a Google Home Mini speaker. That configuration works out really well. I have been able to tell it to rewind, pause, and switch channels. Sure a remote control would probably do the same thing, but it is nowhere near as awesome as talking to my computer like something from Star Trek. Advances in technology like the ability to surf channels during the NCAA tournament are pretty cool. Sure they are not advancing society toward civility, but I do not think they are hurting the broader social fabric.

Today at Costco I totally meant to take a photograph for my blog post today. I’m not sure if it is the after effect of traveling or something else, but I’m rather tired right now. Maybe I am fighting off a cold of some type. That is very possible. Both today and yesterday I ended up taking an allergy pill. Either way my writing has not been living up to my expectations the last few days. The words should have been easier to come by and the quality should have been a lot better. Today I spent a few minutes thinking about some short story ideas. Part of that was thinking about just how much I enjoyed that first Camel Club book by David Baldacci. It is hard to believe that was back in 2005. A really good mash up of something like The Camel Club mixed with a space opera is probably my literary sweet spot at the moment. I’m not sure if that brand of fiction exists out in the market. It may very well exist and I have not stumbled upon it. A lot of my short story ideas are related to either spycraft or the ethical questions artificial intelligence is beginning. Sure —- the phrasing on that last sentence was a little off at the end, but it captured what I was trying to say. I think the real questions related to the ethical considerations of artificial intelligence are opening now.

Maybe a good use of an artificial intelligence algorithm would be to predict when I should go to the Oliver Garden to get dinner without running into a 45 minute wait time. Yeah I know that getting a bunch of Olive Garden breadsticks is not a required part of my existence, but they are probably as close to my own personal szechuan sauce obsession. They just bring joy to my world and for that I guess they should be a part of my dinner. Naturally, a 45 minute wait time just crushes that joy and turns my happiness into sadness with the utterance of a few previously enumerated words. That is right hearing somebody say the words 45 minute wait time is enough to just make me shake my head. The idea of waiting that long with exceedingly wild children is beyond my ability to comprehend.

Topic 1: Watching the Jayhawks

The game today was hard to watch. Things were just so close throughout the game that one good run would have taken it either way. Those are the types of games I enjoy watching in the abstract. Watching then with a truly invested passion for one team makes them somewhat stressful. Today was one of those stressful games. I kept wondering if the Seton Hall Pirates were going to go on a run of draining 3 point shots late in the second half. College basketball is very interesting during tournament time. One really hot shooting streak can push a game one way or another. Sometimes you ride that wave and it is exciting beyond measure. Other times you watch some other team find the wave and ride it with a degree of reckless abandon that you just start hoping some good defence might slow it down. It is one of those things that if defence was going to solve the problem, then the problem probably would not have existed in the first place. You can tell the problem does exist and based on that you are pretty sure that whatever defence occurred was not the answer.

We did notice that watching YouTube TV is a little bit slower than the actual real time event. The websites ended up being a little bit ahead of the game we were watching. That is something that I just ignore, but when somebody else in the room is watching a feed that is more up to date you are constantly trying to read the micro-expressions to figure out what is really happening. That process detracts from the experience of watching the game. Tonight the game went down to the last minute and the Seton Hall Pirates were draining late 3 point shots. You can only go 2 for 3 so many times before a lead evaporates. I’m sure you want to read a ton more about basketball coverage today, but I’m probably about to jump to the next topic.

Topic 2: Thumbnail for today

Most of the time my Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone takes pretty good photographs. Sometimes things get a little blurry for some reason. That mostly happens when the subject or something in the frame is moving really quickly. Today was one of those days that I was going to snap a few photographs to stock up for the week. That did not happen at all today. For some reason I had to go back to the well and grab a photograph from the beginning of my trip. That was a few days ago. It does not really have anything to do with the words being written today. It was a filler thumbnail from stock photographic images that would otherwise just take up space on a cloud drive somewhere. Explaining to the people that the cloud is a hard drive somewhere that is not here takes time. I did read about this new method of crystal based storage that could change that paradigm a little bit. I would not be able to say it was a drive somewhere else as a crystal would be a storage medium and not strictly a drive.

Topic 3: I’m thinking about returning to YouTube

My efforts to make YouTube videos last year are well document. You can watch hundreds of videos that cover that topic. This year has been different in terms of my aggressive focus on writing vs. creating videos. That may change up here a little bit as we hit the 100 day writing mark in this year long writing journey. I’m not sure abandoning all other creative outlets will help me get to 3,000 words per day of writing. Based on all available empirical evidence it does not appear that giving up making YouTube videos helps me be a more productive writer. That means maybe now is the time to get back into the routine of recording daily videos. Maybe being a little bit more busy will be enough to help kickstart a second wind for this whole writing endeavor. I think YouTube does some auto captioning of my posts. Maybe I could take that transcript and adapt it to a blog format in some way. The last time I looked at the captions that YouTube produced automatically they were pretty bad in terms of accuracy. I would say that my speaking pattern and articulation should be pretty easy to caption. My videos are normally just me talking. That should be like the ideal use case for automatic transcription. No background noise and it is pretty high quality audio.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs

Day 75 the one where basketball dominated the day

2018: Day 75 the one where basketball dominated the day
Word count 164,214 + 800 or 165,014 of 1,000,000

Dear Reader,

Today should be a big day in this whole writing journey this year. Day 75 has to have some special significance. Certainly it is possible that today is just another day and things are going along as they would regardless of what might be happening in the world of my writing strategies. Each moment is followed by the next. Every day is followed by another one. Processions of time marking events are pretty consistent. That is one of those things you can pretty much accept. Last night the weather in Denver was less than ideal for flying. Clouds were super low and visibility was questionable. It was one of those flights where the turbulence at the end was worse than the beginning. Sure the flight had Thor: Ragnarok during the inflight entertainment, but that only partially makes up for a wild landing. You may have noticed that watching the movie captivated my attention during the flight. My writing productivity was questionable for a two hour flight. Things should have gone much better in terms of writing output. Sometimes the words simply do not flow. Sure watching a movie is maybe just as bad as listening to an audiobook and trying to write at a fast pace.

Right now I’m listening to a playlist that features the top 50 most played rock songs. That type of listening does not really impact my ability to write. Music has never really slowed me down the way a good audiobook apparently does. That is one of those things that seems to be very consistent. Early on my trip I had thought about buying another audiobook. Sure that keeps seeming like a good idea. I’m on song 9 of 50 and things are going ok so far tonight. Earlier tonight I had to take an allergy pill. All the rain must have released something in the air that was making my eyes itchy. Solving that problem was worth grabbing an allergy pill and a glass of water. This whole writing endeavor tonight might be a little bit easier if I committed to a topic or maybe to writing a short story of some type.

Right now at this moment I’m making a choice to keep hitting the keys and working toward something. For some reason at the moment that something does not surpass some basic stream of consciousness writing. Sure it might be time to write a few lines of epic poetry about the process of charging my Fitbit Ionic watch. That happened earlier today. Somebody from a survey company just called my cell phone. For a long time every time a survey company called I did the survey. This time around I just hung up on the caller. I’m pretty sure that was rude of me to just hang up on a caller, but it is 20:00 hours and we are in bedtime routine mode. Oddly enough I was under the impression that my cell phone was not really a target for robotic calling. No real method exists to get on a universal do not call list. I checked on the website, “Thank you for registering your phone number with the National Do Not Call Registry. You successfully registered your phone number… on August 13, 2005.” That registration does not appear to be helping me avoid SPAM phone calls.

Of all the things I could spend my time doing answering spam email and calls is not really on my list of things to do with my limited time. That however does not stop the calls. Sure the DNC registry was designed to help. Maybe figuring out rock solid good uses of my time is something that I should focus in on doing. Figuring out what topics to write about about and just how much time should be devoted to each topic is a very important part of the process. It is a good part of the process and something that probably deserves more time and attention. Spending a little more time plotting out my writing journey might help speed things up. I have tried to sketch out these daily writing sessions. Some of that has involved making lists of future topics. None of that really seemed to help. Things pretty much happen in the moment. Writing happens at the moment of the spark. Words materialize at the intersection of passion and motivation. Sure you thought I was going to write at the intersection of technology and modernity, but that combination of words would not make sense within the context of that argument. Oh they make sense in a ton of other contexts, but not that one.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs

Day 74 the one with a ton of time at the airport

2018: Day 74 the one with a ton of time at the airport
Word count 163,146 + 1,068 or 164,214 of 1,000,000

Dear Reader,

Yesterday was a total wash. I sat down late in the day to engage in some writing. That late night writing session just sort of fizzled and failed. My sprint to 3,000 words was more or less a complete and total epic fail. I didn’t even hit the 500 word mark. Today is going to be better. A lot of that hope has to do with how long I’ll be stuck at the airport today. My flight is about 2 hours away from boarding. That should be plenty of time to engage in some writing. People are milling all over the airport. They all seem to be trying to dip into a restaurant or shop to grab some semblance of dinner. This terminal does not have enough spots for people to sit down and eat. It really only has enough room for them to mill around.

Some place sold me two shots of espresso and a blueberry muffin. It was an ok blueberry muffin. I’m guessing it was better around breakfast time today. All these hours later it is past the prime moment of freshness. That did not stop me from devouring it and looking around to see if anybody was laughing at me. You can imagine that the blueberry muffin did not last all that long. Neither did those two shots of espresso. That was enough fuel to engage the writing process tonight. I’m hopeful that between this time right now and the time during the flight a ton of writing will occur. I probably will not be having any more blueberry muffins today so that process is over. Writing however should keep going assuming everything works out ok.

It may not work out very well. At the moment all I want to do is catch up on college basketball scores and coverage. Today the Jayhawks played and I have not seen or read about the game at all. I’m pretty much avoiding all sources of content until later tonight when I can watch the game. This is the time of year where college basketball is everywhere. That will make it hard.

Topic 1: On the airplane

This flight has DirecTV and apparently I can watch Thor: Ragnarok from Marvel Studios during the flight. You may have already guessed that is pretty exciting and something that should be pretty fun. Last time on a flight with a movie I got to watch Wonder Woman. Oddly enough being able to watch a movie on the airplane flight is still an exciting thing. It is one of those experiences that will probably be commonplace for future generations, but the idea of having DirecTV on an airplane is still an interesting use of technology. It looks like the movie is now counting down until the start. A time is showing 18 minutes and some change in the upper left corner. I’m probably going to watch the trailer for the next 18 minutes and be utterly captivated by it. This is one of those flights where I am hoping to knock out at least 3,000 words. It is dark outside right now. That means that a beautiful skyline will not be able to distract me. Writing and watching some Thor will be the co-equal goals for this flight. At this point, I have not even booted up my best of Tears for Fears album. My Bose Qc35 wireless headphones are currently plugged into the seat using the oddly strongly proprietary cable they provided in the case. It has one normal end and one really tiny end that seems to be tailored to the headphones.

Ok —- we are pushing back from the terminal. Things are about to get going. We will hit that few minutes of take off that I really do not enjoy. Landing does not really bother me, but that initial climb to cruising altitude always disrupts my routines. I’m hoping that listening to some Thor will distract me from the details of the process. Perhaps more importantly I’m hoping that flying out of Chicago today does not involve any turbulence. It just might. They do call this place the windy city. This Boeing B757-300 seems nice enough. It has these tiny little televisions and DirecTV. I’m guessing that it will also offer wireless internet for a small fee here shortly. I just converted my Chromebook to tablet mode… this is the first time I have used the screen to type. I cannot type without hunting and pecking. Apparently, the tablet keyboard mode of the ASUS C101P Chromebook does not work for my brand of typing. Using that for a long period of time would not have worked out in a positive way. I gave up on that style of typing pretty quickly and went back to the keyboard.

I think my goal for the weekend is to get back to working with a 24 hour buffer for my blog posts. That might mean when writing two posts today by splitting my writing time in half. I may just write to 2,000 words and then switch to a different Google Doc. Maybe that is the best course of action at this point. Overall my goal is to spend less time writing about the process of the journey and more time recounting the path based on each memorable moment. Along this journey their will be so many moments to recount, to muse about, to help inform how the journey has impacted my life. That is probably the cornerstone of this writing effort. It looks like a ton of airplanes are backed up right now to take off out of Chicago O’Hare International airport. None of my writing so far has benefited from spell check. I have not been connected to the internet. I can see three airplanes waiting to take off on the runway next to our. It seems like a backlog must exist here at about 20:14 hours tonight. The weather overall seems fine here so this must just be a logistics problem of some sort.

Thor: Ragnarok is staring right now and we are beginning to take off. Take off took a few minutes of my time to reorient. Now I have connected to the internet and we are cruising along.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs

Day 73 the one where I got worn out

2018: Day 73 the one where I got worn out
Word count 162,730 + 416 or 163,146 of 1,000,000

Dear Reader,

Oh where did the time go today. It is now 20:22 hours and I’m pretty much ready for bed already. This was a day where I flat out got worn out. Traveling yesterday just wiped me out. That happens. My goal here for the night it to write a few words and then go to bed. I really only have another hour before this blog post will be published and out in the wild. Maybe it was the snowstorm that hit Chicago yesterday that made things a little bit wild. Getting in stuck in the airport for a couple hours yesterday was enough to slow me down. Sometimes during the downtime and the waiting things are different. I probably should have gotten some extra snacks yesterday. That might have been the key. Last night I could not get to sleep.

Topic 1: Thumbnail

I sorted through all the photographs that were taken yesterday. The one attached to this blog post was the best photograph that was taken. It really captures the view that captivated me during the flight. It was one of those moments of wonder. Every one of those circles has a story to tell. They are all a part of a farm and they were just so visually striking. Maybe it was just one of those days where looking out the window was more than just looking out the window. It was about imagination and just enjoying watching the landscapes from 35,000 feet.

Topic 2: My mining computer is powered down

It seemed like a good idea to go ahead and power down my mining computer for a couple of days. I was not sure how the third graphics card was going to do in the case. My power supply runs at 850 watts and that should be enough to support all the hardware, but it could have faced some reboots. That was enough for me to power down instead of running the NiceHash mining software to sell hashing power. I’m seriously considering booting up the legacy version of the NiceHash mining software later this week. That would let me run all three graphics cards. Today was one of those days where bitcoin values plummeted. It looks like that downward plunge was related to some decisions from advertisers to block cryptocurrency related advertisements online.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs

Day 72 the one with a wild day of travel to the windy city

2018: Day 72 the one with a wild day of travel to the windy city
Word count 160,730 + 2,000 or 162,730 of 1,000,000

Dear Reader,

Things were working out just fine on the way to Chicago. I got in line just in time for things to work out. The airline has these boarding groups and people were all standing around waiting. Announcements starting occurring. People knew from the first words what was was happening. Apparently, air traffic control conditions were delaying the flight. Sure the flight before had landed about 11 minutes behind schedule, but that happens from time to time. This delay was probably related to the weather in Chicago. Snow had been projected. A 90% chance of precipitation for that city. It was one of those very short leash type of delays. People had to stay right around the boarding area and just sort of watch and wait. I’m all for safety, but delay details are not very specific. If my phone alert had just said that due to snow in Chicago the flight was delayed, then I would have shrugged and moved on with the waiting game. Things in the world of airlines do not have reason codes or explanations. Time lapses and people wait. That is how it goes. It is probably not the best model for customer service. At this point, I’m not entirely sure the airline industry is worried about customer service anyway. It seems to be a logistics business at this point.

I just realized that during the course of writing in offline mode within Google Docs the spell check feature does not highlight things with angry red squiggles. That could very well speed up my writing. Even though it totally makes sense to hit spell check at the end of the document I tend to keep hitting it every few paragraphs. Sure it might be easier to just write without error, but that does not really happen. For some reason some words and letters get reverse during the course of thunderous typing. I guess this trip will test my theories on writing without spell check. I’m going to land in Chicago and pretty much have to upload this blog post. That will be an adventure. Things are usually pretty hectic that time of night at an airport terminal. Maybe this flight will have Wi-Fi. The airplane is a Boeing B757-300. It seems nice enough my seat is actually pretty comfortable. I know it sounds somewhat silly to keep writing about airplane seats, but sometimes they are fine and sometimes they are horrible. It does not really seem to have any rhyme or reason. It probably has to do with wear and tear.

Speaking of where and tear I ordered two vintage Margaritaville shirts on eBay last week. They both have the exact same tag as my favorite shirt. I’m hoping that means that my favorite shirt will soon have 2 backups. Shopping by pictures of a tag and some size information is probably not the ideal method of buying an epic button down shirt. That is what I ended up doing and it might work out in my favor. We will see how it goes. The satellite internet I’m about to buy access to is probably not all that different from what those folks sailing around the world can get. I’m pretty sure that I did not need to learn a ton of information about internet on the ocean. The odds of getting me out on a ship to sail around the world are very low. I’m not really a fan of boating or sailing or any nautical variant of those terms. That is one of those things you have probably learned about me. That does not stop me from wondering how phones and internet work at sea. Maybe it something that just strikes my interest. Obviously, it must be something that I at least enjoy learning about. Several minutes were spent looking at hardware and prices that I will never use or need.

We will see if the wireless internet on this flight works shortly. We are about to take off on a two hour journey from Denver to Chicago. That is about to happen. Well it was about to happen. We apparently just connected back to the terminal walkway. Ok now we rolled back a little bit and things appear to be going along the normal take off process. All right here we go. I’m always curious when I see people with highly cracked smartphone screens. I know that screens are really very delicate and that they break from time to time. People drop them or they just get crushed in a bag. Both time that I have destroyed a screen that phone was almost immediately sent for repair. That is not something that I tolerate very well. It looks like I was totally connected to the wrong internet… my flight statu is showing details for Washington, DC (DCA) to San Francisco, CA (SFO). That sounds like a very long flight. I wonder how many time that flight stops or if it is a nonstop. The longest flight I have ever been on was from Los Angeles, California to Tokyo, Japan. I mostly remember thinking that next time I’m booking a ticket that is not the last row in the airplane. That was the last time that I sat in the very last row of an airplane.

Right now I’m just typing away and waiting for airplane to accelerate toward take off. We are sort of rolling along the runway right now. I’m guessing that pretty quickly our accent to 30,000 feet will be starting. Those first few minutes of a flight are not really my favorite. Right now all I’m getting from the website is a message that says, “Internet service will be available for purchase once a connection is established.” Ok —- I just rebooted my Chromebook and check my Google Pixel 2 XL phone. Neither device is able to connect to the internet on this flight. That is frustrating. It will probably continue to be frustrating for the next 2 hours. I guess at some point they will bring me a snack. That will not really make up for a lack of internet connection, but a snack is a snack. Today it was a snack and a soda. Oddly enough that seemed to be ok… the internet allowed a connection. That was super exciting. The speed is highly questionable. I’ll try to run a speed test on it shortly.

I tried to take a photograph out the airplane window, but things are a little hazy. Things look ok from where I am sitting, but the photographs are darker and a little hazy. Maybe when my phone connects to the cloud the Google Photos the AI will be able to make them auto awesome. At the moment none of them are worthy of being a thumbnail for the blog post today. I tried to run a speedtest and that did not work at all. It directed me back to the airline website. That makes sense. I imagine the speed test would be very interesting. Oh —- I almost forgot to give you an update on my Amazon music service experience. I did finally notice the difference between unlimited and prime music. A bunch of albums that were saved to my phone are now blanked out. They are sort of darker than the other albums and they do not play. I guess you could say they are letting me know that they are not lost, but they are not mine to listen to at this time. Maybe half of the albums on my phone were apparently in that bucket. That is pretty much the only difference I have seen so far. It is probably not enough to make me want to subscribe again, but in full disclosure I did notice.

I really do enjoy writing on an airplane. This should have been a two hour time slot devoted to writing a short story. For some reason, I spent a good chunk of my time just looking out the window. That time right before it starts getting dark is really visually striking. I may have eaten a bag of chips and a slice of cheesecake. On the brighter side of things breakfast and lunch were both Soylent. It does appear that the 7-11 near my hotel sells Soylent. That should be an interesting shopping trip. I wonder how many people visit 7-11 wanting to get Soylent. You can order it online, but it is not sold at very many stores. You can tell that I’m pretty committed to this diet. I guess that is a good thing at this point. My journey to get back under 200 pounds is going to take a little bit of time. It could happen this summer, but that will probably involve getting into routine where I’m using my treadmill desk and walking Captain Pickles our new puppy. Peppercorn the dog gave up during our last walk. You might think that is an exaggeration, but it is not. We were walking to the park and Peppercorn looked back at me and just layed down on the path. That was last year. We waited a little bit and then walked home. It was one of those moments that I remembered the dog is well over 10 years old.

Right now the ground has disappeared under a layer of cloud cover. The sun is setting in the distance. Soon enough night will be here and this voyage through the sky will be over. Writing with some degree of rhythm seems to be escaping me at the moment. Maybe it was the cheesecake. It was tasty and all, but was it worth a few hundred words of writing productivity. At the airport tonight I may very well buy a pretzel. The only two places that tend to sell me pretzels are malls and airports. I’m sure other places people have pretzel cards a plenty. The clouds have an almost purple tint to them. We are 15 miles out from Chicago. This has been a pleasant flight. A little bit of turbulence, but nothing serious. I was hoping to produce a few more words doing the flight today. It seems like maybe my motivation wavered in the middle of the flight. A bunch of time got lost during a few moments of staring out the window. We are just above the cloud level now. Here shortly we will pass down through the clouds and begin to cruise in and land. All the people around me seem pretty happy after that round of snacks.

I’m going to need to remember to get my coat from the closet after we land. It is cold in Chicago and a top coat is probably going to be the right way to go about things. It will be windy and brisk in the morning. It looks like it is done snowing for the day. That is good news all around. I was not ready for a snow storm like what they are getting on the east coast. It has been a month of interesting snow storms and warnings on the east coast. I’m pretty much ready for summer at this point. That is pretty much how things will go up until the moment that I’m ready for winter again. That is the best part about living in Colorado. We have all the seasons in full effect. Sometimes it can feel like you get a couple seasons in one day, but that is part of what makes it interesting. I’m sure the internet is about to fail out here shortly. That happens toward the end of a flight. I think the journey to the hotel should be interesting enough. It could be one of those things that is more adventure than I planned for. That should become pretty clear here soon enough.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs

Day 71 the one with a 3rd graphics card

2018: Day 71 the one with a 3rd graphics card
Word count 158,729 + 2,001 or 160,730 of 1,000,000

Dear Reader,

Well I’m not sure switching to Amazon Prime Music from the Amazon Unlimited Music services has affected me in any way. I guess it saved me a couple dollars per month. Yesterday I watched some videos from these folks that sail all over the world and post YouTube videos. They call their channel Sailing La Vagabonde. I’m pretty sure that they are not using any of the Amazon streaming music services. The thing that I wondered most about when watching a few of their videos was how they connected to the internet. I assume that it is possible to have a stable internet connection on the high seas. That probably involves a satellite connection and some type of interesting hardware. I spent about 30 minutes looking at different options for ocean going internet. Some of them seem to be both very slow and very expensive.

Earlier today I powered down my Storm Stryker custom computer build and installed a Radeon RX 560 graphics card. That means that the Radeon card can power my monitor and the two NVIDIA GTX 1060 cards can sell hashing power to NiceHash. I’m hoping that separating out my 4K graphics usage from my mining activities will help increase my selling power by just a little bit. Strangely enough it actually lowered the temperate on one of my GTX 1060 graphics cards. That car is sitting right under the Radeon card. Only running some basic 4K display content does not drive any real heat on that additional graphics card. That means that the fan for the card is pushing relatively cooler air at the bottom graphics card. That made me wonder when the NiceHash mining software was going to go back to supporting AMD cards without having to use the legacy version. It would probably be better to be mining using all 3 cards and maybe now would be a good time to install the legacy NiceHash mining software. I would imagine it would have to be faster than the current card configuration. Mining with 3 graphics cards would have to be better than mining with 2 graphics cards.

Having a sweet three graphics card setup in my main Storm Stryker computer build is exciting. My MSI Afterburner software is setup and I’m tweaking things to have the temperature set up correctly for the case. The one thing that I have learned about mining cryptocurrency is that heat is the byproduct. John Oliver made some interesting arguments this week about mining cryptocurrency and equated buying coins with gambling. I would argue that blockchain really is an interesting technology. Bitcoin and all of the alternative coins utilize the blockchain technology. At some point, people really will use blockchain to keep track of things in a decentralized way. Most of the cryptocurrency coins that exist today have no real reason to exist. To that end you can probably equate buying cryptocurrency on the markets with gambling. I have made similar arguments and so has Warren Buffett. My arguments have been based on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies being a bubble.

My 100 day mining effort has basically paid for itself. Using the NiceHash mining software to sell hashing power has been really easy. They pay me in bitcoin and I have kept all of it. The reason I have kept all of it is pure speculation at this point. I keep thinking that bitcoin will have another spike and that maybe at that point I’ll sell. Now my collection of turtle coins is entirely different. I just like them. The value they hold is entirely based on my happiness related to having them. I’m not sure John Oliver accounted for the excitement that most hobbyist miners get from going after aleternive coins. My investment in mining involved a graphics card purchase and some electricity. I don’t really consider that to be gambling. Maybe the easiest thing to do would be to call it an entertainment expense. Outside of that I might make a few arguments about how it is for purely research purposes. I did it for science. Science can be fun and full of adventure I assume based on the right research design.

Topic 1: Thinking about word counts

All things being equal is looks like I produce about 2,000 words per day in a blog format. Trying to sustain 3,000 words per day has been problematic. Writing 2,000 words per day every day of the year would produce a weighty tome full of 730,000 words. That would be far short of 1,000,000 words, but it would still be a pretty big writing year. I’m guessing that on new years eve I will be somewhere between 730,000 and 1,000,000 words published on this blog. At this point, I think getting to the 800,000 word mark would be a pretty big accomplishment. Sure —- I’m rationalizing failure at this point. Missing the target would be missing the target. I will give it my absolute best effort and I think no matter what happens I will achieve my main goal from this writing journey. I want to get passed the first layer of thought and push way deeper into the very fabric of my thoughts via stream of consciousness writing. That is pretty much about getting to the next level as a writer, as a thinker, and ultimately as a creator.

Ultimately that is the point of this whole writing experiment. It is about moving passed all the basic mundane thoughts that march around taking up space and break through to something objectively more meaningful. That means you have to wade through a ton of nonsense to get to the true heart of this inquiry. Sure at the end of this writing experiment you could just pick up the coffee table book and open to a random page somewhere in the middle to figure out if things progressed. That would be one way to go about. Right now I’m about halfway to the minimum writing target of 2,000 words for the day. I thought things were a lot further along tonight. Maybe it just felt that way. I’m going to need to pick some better topics to write about or maybe I’ll just need to really dig in and write a higher volume of words about each moment happening during the journey.

Topic 2: Approaching Wind Tower: A short story

Pathways can lead in many directions. Every moment on that road was leading up to something magical. It was going to be one of those days. They knew that the moments in front of them would be meaningful. A measure of excitement grew well beyond words as the roadway turned from pavement to dirt. Things even smell a little different on a dirt road. The smoothness of the city gives way to dips and shaking ruts of the roadway. Every day the weather changes those roads. Even the dirt being kicked up was enough to shake the senses. Driving a truck has been the way to go for this trip, but maybe a motorcycle would have brought the world around them even closer. This was one of those trips where having the right equipment was going to make all the difference.

Picking the right harness is really a point of personal preference balanced with safety. Every carabiner clipped to that harness has a point. Climbing would be the best part of the adventure. Driving toward the mountains was exciting. Driving on old dirt roads was enough to spark the imagination, but it was nothing like being clipped to an unforgiving rock face that challenged everyone. It was like a vertical work of ant. Only a trained eye could see the path lurking just behind the majestic beauty of that rock face. The trunk was holding the keys to that pathway. All that equipment had been carefully packed and checked. It was the difference between a successful climb and a disappointing journey. That was how things were shaking up. The drive alone had taken the better part of the day. Every one of those miles would be less memorable compared to that last mile of dirt road that brought people into the park.

Parking opened the door to anticipation of an adventure that was about to happen. You can start to feel the wind after getting outside of the car. You forget sometimes when driving just how much a little bit of wind can change things. It can pull moisture right out of that rock. It can rob you of any warmth and remind you of just how cold and unforgiving a rock face can be. Every bit of the equipment was read and packed in the right way. A helmet was in order this time. The park was known for having some gravel runs during a climb. It could be the wind or somebody else that set that stone free, but a helmet would make all the difference. Shoes really do make a huge word of difference during a chilling climb. That feeling of learning into the rock as your shoe grips a rock face that has been around longer than anybody you know really does put things in perspective.

It was just a few thousand feet from the parking spot to the base. You may have figured out that Wind Tower only offered technical rock climbing access. This was not a trailhead or a place to approach without specific intentions. Those intentions had to be geared toward making a reasoned and prepared climb. That was the reason for getting in the car. It was the reason for packing up all the gear. Being prepared was every bit as necessary has having the will to start that first upward reach. Ropes and gear never feel heavy at the start of a climb. Somehow that sense of adventure makes them just a little easier to manage.

Topic 3: Rounding out the night

Sure my short story writing skills are not really improving. That is something that I need to spend some time working on improving. That is one of those things that you just have to jump into and make the most of the motivation and the passion that you have. I’ll have to work on focusing in on penning a few more short stories to really shake off the rust that appears to have manifested. If the name of the game was producing stilted and disjointed prose, then that would be my short story game at the moment. For some reason right now my thoughts just shifted to eating some really good french fries. That is really the only thought left linger in the forefront of my consideration tonight. I’m sure that means I’m hungry and french fries are my specific food hunger for the night. Normally that distinction falls to the humble onion ring. I totally get how and why Lorde was reviewing onion rings on Instagram. Sadly that account was shut down. My Instagram account still exists and is full of pictures of food. That is where I have elected to post food photography. That is not something that I need to do or have to do. It is something that I elect to do.

Maybe tomorrow will be a good day for writing. It could be a good day for writing. Inspiration might strike. Maybe I will be able to focus in and produce an epic short story or some type. Writing a short story a day might just be the way to improve my skills. It probably would not hurt things. Today was one of those days where the first part of this blog post was much easier to write than the last section. That is probably a reflection of my motivation and passion on the subjects being addressed. I pick the subjects so that is entirely my fault. I will work on doing better tomorrow. That should be easy enough to accomplish.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs

Day 70 the one where I pondered my Margaritaville shirt

A walking path

2018: Day 70 the one where I pondered my Margaritaville shirt
Word count 156,652 + 2,077 or 158,729 of 1,000,000

Dear Reader,

Every now and again I spend some time looking for new Margaritaville button down shirts. I picked up my favorite shirt back in Los Vegas at some random store. It says Margaritaville on the tag and is made of 70% silk 30% cotton. The tag does say, “Washed in the ocean. Dried in the sun.” I checked the Margaritaville website and spent some time surfing on eBay. One shirt was purchased on eBay it had the exact same tag as my current favorite shirt. That seemed like a good option to expand my wardrobe for summer. Searching on eBay for sweet Margaritaville shirts seems like an ok thing to do from time to time. A couple years back I did manage to find another backup shirt, but it got damaged during some type of tragic even in the garage. Somehow I managed to get a bunch of grease on it and that pretty much sealed the fate of that backup favorite shirt. I guess my preference is for almost Hawaiian style button down shirts with a bit of an interesting pattern.

Getting more shirts I’m sure is on the extended roadmap for summer fun. Something that may not be very fun is the looming change to my music consumption pattern. It looks like my Amazon Music Unlimited subscription will be ending tomorrow. That is good news in terms of getting another subscription removed from my monthly routine. It will be interesting in terms of figuring out how it impacts my ability to listen to music. The bulk of my digital music purchases have been through Amazon over the years. Mostly that holds true thanks to the autorip feature associated with purchasing albums. I bought a copy of the metal cover of the song Africa by Leo last year. Otherwise I do not really buy digital singles. In fairness to the whole single track buying scenario, I did not really buy singles on vinyl or compact disc either. I guess my subscription will still have access to Amazon Prime Music, but not the Amazon Music Unlimited set of songs. Stay tuned for an update on that ends going throughout the next week. My other set of digital music is on the Google Play Music service. It has a few songs on it. I’m not entirely sure how that ended up happening, but it has a few things on it.

Topic 1: Oh NiceHash you are confusing

This whole NiceHash mining plan has been working out well enough. I have for the most part recouped the costs of buying another graphics card. Tomorrow I’m going to drop in a 3rd graphics card and use that card for just my monitor. That should allow me to get just a little more mining power out of my main graphics card. You can tell very quickly from looking at my NiceHash wallet mining payments below that they have been getting further and further spread out. That is problematic in terms of achieving a good return on investment. Both of my graphics cards are earning about 2 USD per day. Things were working much better during January and February. My ability to earn 3 USD or more per day seemed to be the way of things in the mining world. I have read a bunch about why that is happening. People generally believe that mining will keep getting more and more difficult. Alternatively, people have built out a complex explanation of how alternative cryptocurrency coins are recovering from the correction at a much slower rate than bitcoin (BTC). Those two facts in combination pretty much mean that my ability to selling mining power to NiceHash is going to be reduced by about 1 USD per day.

NiceHash wallet payments in reverse order:

17. 2018-03-11 Mining payment → 0.00115447 BTC
16. 2018-03-05 Mining payment → 0.00109993 BTC
15. 2018-02-28 Mining payment → 0.00112356 BTC
14. 2018-02-23 Mining payment → 0.00106113 BTC
13. 2018-02-19 Mining payment → 0.00119364 BTC
12. 2018-02-15 Mining payment → 0.00102799 BTC
11. 2018-02-12 Mining payment → 0.00102953 BTC
10. 2018-02-09 Mining payment → 0.00102322 BTC
9. 2018-02-06 Mining payment → 0.00101337 BTC
8. 2018-02-03 Mining payment → 0.00135065 BTC
7. 2018-01-30 Mining payment → 0.00102840 BTC
6. 2018-01-27 Mining payment → 0.00120973 BTC
5. 2018-01-24 Mining payment → 0.00125795 BTC
4. 2018-01-21 Mining payment → 0.00133244 BTC
3. 2018-01-18 Mining payment → 0.00119401 BTC
2. 2018-01-15 Mining payment → 0.00105970 BTC
1. 2018-01-13 Mining payment → 0.00118327 BTC

At the end of my 100 day mining extravaganza I’m probably going to point my mining capacity at some other type of opportunity to earn some extra funds outside of NiceHash. Sure my exciting run of mining Turtle coins was an adventure. It sure felt like a lot more fun than watching my cards just generate heat from selling hashing power to the NiceHash community. Overall I think it was a good adventure to start to learn how to mine cryptocurrency and to really get hands on with the technology.

Topic 2: NCAA Tournament Selection Shows

I’m just going to go on record and say that the format for this years NCAA tournament selection show was forced and just unfullfing to watch. Instead of simply running down the brackets this year Greg, Kenny, Charles, and Ernie walked through horrible graphics on large television screens that illustrated the teams who were automatically qualified into the tournament. They then in a weird 6 team at a pop hand off in alphabetical order explained what other teams made it into the NCAA tournament field this year. It was just forced and weird in terms of being informative entertainment television. After that series of strange back and forth handoffs the team then went down the regular bracket announcements of who would be playing who. That part as ok, but it lacked the live cut in moments to teams as they found out they were in the tournament. They had a few of them during that weird opening sequence, but they just did not manage to make the moments relatable and human.

They really need to work on a rock solid cadence for how they want to present the bracket and walk through the matchups and moments of excitement in a way that works with a television broadcast. You would think that since this only happens one time per year they would have enough time to deliver something special. It could be that moment of world class television deliver that elevates broadcasting. This time around that did not happen. It did not happen at all. The format was highly contrived and lacked any real excitement. All of the banter about the last 4 teams in and last 4 teams out was a little bit of inside baseball that probably did not help anybody. Being the last team out probably does not make anybody feel better about the season they had. It probably just creates a degree of frustration for the players and teams that within the arbitrary and judgement based game of thrones that is NCAA tournament basketball they were a slight bit of preference outside the field vs. being included.

Topic 3: The thumbnail for this blog post

I took that photograph on a trail inside Eldorado Canyon State Park. You might have guessed that is in Eldorado Springs, Colorado. It seemed like a pretty interesting park. We had a picnic lunch at the part. A ton of technical climbers walked by us and people walking a wide assortment of dogs. It seems like those were the two buckets of people who frequent that part. People with dogs and people who want to climb the pretty vertical rock faces in that park. I’m generally opposed to technical rock climbing. The last time I did anything like that was in Boy Scouts and that was about 20 years ago. I’m not in good enough shape to engage in that type of climbing activity. However, being out of shape is not the reason I avoid that type of climbing. It just does not appeal to me. I’m sure for some folks it is just amazing, but within my view of things it is something that I’m going to avoid.

Sure that thumbnail could have been much better from the accent of that rock face. It probably would have been a much better picture. That may be something that you will have to surf Instagram feeds to locate. You are more than welcome to look for those types of Eldorado Canyon State Park pictures. I’m sure they are beautiful. We will probably drive up and hike in Rocky Mountain National Park this summer. That is really the type of activity that I enjoy. We sort of walk along at a reasonable pace and enjoy nature. The only climbing that is going to happen during that hike is on to a rock to rest for a few minutes. Today I kind of wanted to drive up to Estes Park and visit the Stanley Hotel. That sounded like fun. Maybe that will end up being part of our summer vacation planning. Assuming a little bit of traffic the Stanley Hotel is only about an hour from our house, but it feels like an entirely different world. That might just be my imagination or how I perceive things.

It would be fun to stay at the Stanley Hotel and knock out a few blog posts or a write a few short stories. Based on what I remember of sitting at the bar and ordering a scotch it was a great place to sit down and write. That location has inspired more than a few people to write some memorable words. I’m sure it could be a great place to write a couple of short stories. Maybe this summer could be the summer for that type of adventure. It looks like Colorado residents get some type of discount before May this year. Maybe that will be enough of a spark to push my planning into execution for a trip to Estes Park. Living in Denver opens the door to a ton of short trips to pretty cool places. That is the joy of vacations that do not require a ton of driving time, but still feel like you are in a new place experiencing new things. Our trip to Breckenridge last summer was a great example of that type of adventure.

Topic 4: Rounding out the night

Maybe tonight will be a night that my writing output gets back on track. I know that throughout the rest of the year that my writing productivity will have highs and lows. That is just the way things go. Sure at some point people will build out writing bots that just publish words based on an established pattern. My writing does not work that way. It is entirely based on my thoughts and emotions at the time. I probably have enough words published that a reasonable bot could be built that sucked in some of the days news and wrote in my style. Maybe that presumes that I have a distinct writing style. Sure that might be more of an assumption that anything else published on this blog this year. I like to think that my writing style is unique enough to be my own. It has been built out out throughout all of my life experiences that brought us to this moment right here right now. Sure you can search for unique phrasing and sentences from my blog entries against the whole of the internet. I do produce sentences that have not otherwise occurred out in the wild. Is that a ton of hubris on display or something that could be proven out. You can test it out and you will find out the same thing that I have noticed over the years. My writing style is somewhat unique based on phrasing and word choice.

I thought this post was a lot closer to 3,000 words than it is right now. Maybe I should not have spent the better part of 30 minutes searching for Colorado vacation adventures. All right some of those searches were related to visiting Disney World. It does appear that traveling is on my mind for some reason. Sure that happens from time to time and a good vacation seems like a healthy part of the human experience. Maybe the search for a good vacation is something that entertains me and keeps me searching. It could be like my constant searches for the best computer build. It is something that I just like to do with my time. I’m not sure it helps my writing productivity in any way. It probably detracts from my general level of writing productivity.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs

Day 69 the one where some new hot sauce arrived

Hot sauce bottles

2018: Day 69 the one where some new hot sauce arrived
Word count 156,652 + 1,006 or 157,658 of 1,000,000

Dear Reader,

Today was going to be the day that I caught back up. It was a weekend day. Saturday could have been the day that catching up happened. I mean it has to happen at some point and today very well could have been that point. Right now it is 19:36 hours and writing just started happening. That is probably a sign that today is not the day that I will catch back up. My goal here for next week or maybe just for tomorrow is to write enough words to regain my 24 hour buffer. It might not seem like much, but is the key to being able to think about or review what is written each day. Right now I’m just writing off the cuff and hitting publish right before the writing deadline for the day. You can imagine that is not the best method for writing world class prose on a daily basis. Sure it is probably how things will end up toward the end of the year.

This morning involved a car ride to the museum. During that car ride it seemed like a good idea to listen to a Bob Dylan album. Today it happened to be the “Blood on the tracks album” from 1975. It is one of those albums where you really want to listen to the lyrics and they all tell a story. A lot of modern albums do not focus on telling a story in the same way. Sometimes a car ride just gets better with a great soundtrack. For some reason traveling always makes me want to listen to Bob Dylan albums or maybe something from Tears for Fears. My smartphone is full of albums and ready to travel at this point. One thing I do not travel with is hot sauces…

Earlier today three new bottles of hot sauce arrived. My fascination with hot sauces has been growing in intensity throughout the last year. Building a collection of hot sauces was an interesting thing to start doing. Sure the freezer is full of vegan wings and some very hot sauces. A couple times a week I end up making a few wings and they get dipped in a variety of hot sauces. Some of them are seriously hot sauces. Today bottles of Karma Sauce Extreme Karma, Queen Majesty Scotch Bonnet & Ginger, and Hot Ones The Last Dab Carolina Reaper Edition arrived. I’m kind of curious to see what the Karma Sauce will taste like next week. Some of my favorite hot sauces of all time are made by Queen Majesty hot sauce. I think my favorite one of all time is the scotch bonnet and ginger sauce. You have not know that anything with the Carolina reaper pepper in it is going to be hot. That pepper is not joke on the scoville scale. I’m pretty sure that will one of the hottest sauces that will ever be in my fridge.

Now would probably be the right time to break out into a short story writing session. That is probably the way things should wrap up tonight, but I’m not sure if things are going to break that way. Nothing at the moment is really jumping out to me. The last short story idea that I have been kicking around for a bit is about a road trip between California and Kansas. One of the topics I think could be explored in more detail are the roadtrips people take to get out and explore this country. Sometimes we focus on the destination instead of thinking about the journey. A good solid road trip is all about the journey. Most of the time the destination is going to be right back where you started in the end. People rarely just pick up from one location and wholesale move to another one. That type of story is another narrative thread that should probably be pulled on at some point this year. Maybe those two themes together would be enough to help me power through a few short stories.

For some reason I have not really wanted to write any fiction this week. I still find it a little mind boggling that this is day 69 of the big year writing extravaganza. It has probably been more than a decade since the last time that I published this many blog posts on consecutive days. I’m not exactly sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but it is for sure a difference in writing trends. I need to pick some substantive topics and just dig into them and write about every detail of the topic until I reach the point of intellectual exhaustion. Right now all I want to do is login to YouTube TV and watch the end of the Big 12 Championship basketball game. The University of Kansas Jayhawks and Coach Bill Self were victorious, but I did not get to see the end of the game. I’m pretty sure that YouTube TV saved it for me. The other show I need to watch at some point is the season finale of Top Chef.

Ok —- I setup YouTube TV on my Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone to play the last 5 minutes of the game. Right now I’m tying on my Chromebook with the game on next to me. I’m going to work on grinding out the rest of this blog post and watching the end of the game. That should be an exciting way to wrap up the night. This may not have been the best idea in terms of writing productivity. I’m watching the game and knocking out a few words very slowly. The game is almost over and maybe that will help speed up my writing effort. This game does appear to have been a highly contested game up until the end.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs