Sometimes ideas outpace actions

Recently, I have come to question why my stack of ideas keeps growing much larger than my list of actions. Sometimes it is so much easier to dream big and keep dreaming when focusing in on one goal or action could take months or maybe years to complete. For example, I know that writing an academic paper on how to convert machine learning plans into actions in a corporate setting is on my list of things to do. I sketched out the paper some time ago by hand in a notebook, but I never sat down and actually wrote the paper. That like so many other things in my idea notebook, scratch pads, or just lost from my stream of consciousness ideas have fallen away out of focus. That probably is the key point of this entire string of words. Really using and being focused is important. Focus and dedication are the recipe for converting an idea into a series of actions that makes things happen. My idea of action is always rather noble in nature. That is one of those things that just fits within my general plan to strive to improve things on a daily basis. Sadly, I think my entire perspective on this took only about 211 words.

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