Today passed along without any fanfare

Things got going today without any real plan for the day. Sure, it was easy enough to make some coffee and sit at my desk. Right now, I sat down to write about five hundred words about the things that are top of mind. You could easily call it a stream of consciousness or maybe it is just a literal offload of thoughts. After using Google Docs for the last few months, I am making the switch back to writing using Microsoft Word online. I’m really curious to see how things have changed. Maybe the new tools will provide some useful level of feedback and oversight. It is also possible that this journey back to writing in a traditional Microsoft word processor will be short lived. Tonight, I watched the movie Reality Bites (1994) on my Google Pixel 3 XL smartphone. That film is such a time capsule of behavior and culture. Things seem very different now. Maybe fragmentation of attention has forever changed the nature of how a cultural touchstone would develop. Nothing really catches the attention of the people anymore. Even the basics of a common shared education experience are not grounding generations together anymore.

Maybe this new station on Pandora internet radio will amuse me this evening. So far it has played some great songs and I debated paying to stop the commercials. I’m probably not going to pay for a subscription this month or next month. That should work out well enough. I’m pretty much able to tune out the commercials these days. That is probably more common than advertisers are willing to accept. Our attention does not go as far as it did in previous years. Even if you manage to break into my focus and capture my attention for a few months that shelf life is fleeting. Attention just does not go as far or last as long as it used to for some reason. That might seem like an outlandish statement, but it seems to be proving to be more accurate every day. Having three or four broken keys on this Chromebook is really frustrating sometimes. Every time I start to really get going the onscreen keyboard pops up taking over a good portion of the screen. All of the keys that are broken are number keys and while they are important, I can do without them most of the time.

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