Today I signed up for a #PoweredByTF 2.0 challenge contest

Earlier today it seemed like a good idea to sign up for a TensorFlow contest from DevPost that ends in about 27 days. My efforts are going to focus on using the TensorFlow 2.0 Alpha release code to model out changes in voting patterns. I’m going to train the model to look for irregularities. My best guess at the moment is that within the next 27 days I can setup my Google Cloud Platform instance and get the model running. The #PoweredByTF 2.0 Challenge on DevPost! will be a good test of my skills. Maybe jumping into a few coding challenges is a good way to push myself to move forward and enhance my programming toolkit.

Maybe this will be a good reason for me to go on a video diet for the next 27 days. For the most part, I have stopped consuming most social media. Maybe trying to avoid consuming video for the next 27 days is a good logical next step. It could be a good method to go about really digging in and doing some deep learning about TensorFlow. I have done a bunch of certifications and used it for a variety of reasons, but none of them were related to a GitHub project. This will be my first effort to post a bunch of notebooks on GitHub to allow people to replicate my work. Maybe this will be a good test of my coding skills and my paper writing skills at the same time.

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