Day 130 the one with some flights that did not have internet

2018: Day 130 the one with some flights that did not have internet

Dear Reader,

A little bit of a gap developed in publishing to the blog. Some of that had to do with the fact that both of my flights this week with Southwest did not have an internet connection during the flight. Oddly enough that was really disruptive to my overall experience during the flight.

Let’s flash back to Monday and my flight…

This flight today has no wireless internet. This is the second flight in a row on two different airlines where the wireless internet was not working. Right now I’m writing on my Chromebook and watching the first episode of the Cobra Kai YouTube Red show. I downloaded the entire 10 episode first season of the reboot on my Google Pixel 2 XL. At the moment, that phone is sitting right in front of my Chromebook and I’m watching the series again and writing a little bit. This weekend I checked out a good portion of the Cobra Kai episodes. I mostly just downloaded the series to try out the offline made for YouTube. It works way better than the Google Play Movies offline mode that I tried out last week. The only thing I’m running into at the moment is some glare on the screen. Watching things on an evening flight is totally different. The level of glare present is way lower and that makes it easier to watch a show. Given that this flight has no internet connection getting anything done outside of writing or watching a show is really out of the question.

Strangely enough the inflight map still works. It says that this flight has 2 hours and 3 minutes remaining. I’m not going to get into any spoilers from the series, but it is pretty decent series. I’m guessing that this will continue on into at least one more season of content. They shared the first 2 episodes for free on YouTube so you can check it out and make a determination on your own. At this point in the flight, the second episode just started. I’m not exactly sure how many episodes that I’ll get through during the flight, but so far it is enjoyable. My seat this flight is right over the wing and this pilot has not flown through very much turbulence so far. The folks at Southwest gave me a bag of toasted veggie crackers. Sure I ate every one of them and watched some Cobra Kai. Maybe that is enough to hold off my need for lunch until this flight lands. At the airport, I had picked up a couple of protein and nut bars to help supplement my lunch.

About an hour into the flight the turbulence picked up a bunch. At that point, I could not really type anymore and focused on my Pixel 2 XL smartphone. It is charging right now via USB Type-C. My Jackery Titan charging brick works out really well on flights and other places. The only thing that makes me want to upgrade to the newer model is getting away from using a patch cable vs. straight USB Type-C to Type-C cable charging. Right now I’m using a cable that crosses over from the standard USB ports to the new Type-C reversible cable. Strangely enough the Type-C cables work out pretty well and not having to guess which way is up is oddly a pretty great feature. Maybe at some point I’ll go with an upgrade.

Sure that was a fun flash back to earlier this week…

My prose has moved back to the current moment. Things are pretty much being written in real time. This blog post will go online here in a just a few minutes. Normally, I do not write things and forget to publish them after the fact. Seriously, that does not happen very often. My publishing errors are usually on the side of being early vs. being late. Speaking of publishing things online. Right now this blog post will be automatically shared with Google Plus and Twitter. Earlier tonight I was considering updating the publishing notices to include LinkedIn. It also has push features setup for Facebook, Tumblr, and something called Path. Given that it has been some time since I gave up on Facebook that does not seem like a viable option. It is not really an option that interests me either. Apparently, I do have a Tumblr account. During the process of trying to setup an account the website prompted me to reset my password and log back into my account. Oh the suspense… I’ll kind of curious to see what type of account was setup.

It looks like some time ago I setup an account to connect to my blog posts and sent over maybe 25 posts. From what I can tell Tumblr is exactly the same thing that it used to be. Ok —- I have set up a new link from my blog back to Tumblr. Today here in a few minute I’ll make my triumphant return to Tumblr. That seems exciting. It kind of seems exciting. Maybe it might be somewhat exciting. I’ll probably forget about Tumblr after this blog post. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what the Path social network really is all about. I’m now all signed up for Path. At the top it is indicating that the website is still in beta that seems a little bit weird. This very blog post will be my first update on the Path social network. We will see how that goes I guess. Based on how things are setup over at Path I’m not exactly sure that anybody will ever see the post on Path, but the connect is setup and that is kind of interesting.

Now that all my sharing settings are updated the blog should be firing on all cylinders. Most of that linking was just for my own personal entertainment. For the most part the entire effort of writing and blogging is a very personal one. None of this writing product is really intended for a wide audience. Over the years the process of writing and publishing has really just been for my own personal entertainment. Sure this is online, but it still feels like my own little corner of the internet. It is not a corner where I yell get off my lawn or anything like that. It is more or less a pristine bastion of unexplored thought that just more or less remains the same. Maybe my writing has improved a little bit over the years, but who knows.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado

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