Day 118 The one with where the weekend really started

2018: Day 118 The one with where the weekend really started

Dear Reader,

Today was supposed to be more about writing a few decent words than anything else. The weekend had started and it was time to engage in some epic writing. Maybe my intentions were better than my execution. Things just did not go as they should have gone. My best efforts were just fighting upstream against a current beyond what was going to be overcome. Sure that might read a little bit better than it actually was. It happened in sort of a hap hazard daze of moments and thoughts that passed abruptly. Before I knew what was happening the YouTube live stream for the day was complete. Things on that front seemed to work out ok. The new format for the weekend live stream takes the vlog posts passed the 20 minute mark. Taking for that long in one straight shot is a little bit outside my comfort zone, but I’m working on adapting to it.

For some reason it feels like my blog posts are getting shorter and shortly. That is probably more of a fact than an assumption. I’m still in the rhythm of writing every day. My energy is really focused on writing some papers related to artificial intelligence. That is where my primary attention has to be for the next month or so. I have some blocks of time that are set aside for some serious in depth writing sessions. Right now my focus is on reading at least one good article every day.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado

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