Day 88 the one with some reflection on picking direction

2018: Day 88 the one with some reflection on picking directions
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Dear Reader,

Ring the bell. Not in defeat. Ring the bell to signify a new round of adventure. Reflecting on why we pick the directions we pick take a certain something. Probably a little bit more than just ringing a bell and starting a new round of inquiry. Today the blog post title was almost something about picking ideas that rise to the level of whiteboard level thought. To me that has a very specific operationalized definition. The topics or narrative threads that are complex enough to be evaluated on a whiteboard session. For better or worse that means they require some degree of ideation followed by some type of analysis. For those of you awesome readers that have been around this digital space for some time you probably know my prefered framework for analysis involves deriving the form, function, structure, and assumptions (FFSA) related to the subject in question. That may not be the best methodology, but it is my methodology and it helps me understand the world around me in a deeper way.

So the word whiteboard did not make it into the title of the blog post today which revolves around reflecting on why we pick certain directions. Sure you could reduce down the complexity of our analysis and decision making to a science of muddling through. You would argue that we accept the decision in the moment, but engage in a dispositional intellectual pivot from that moment forward. Beyond being a relatively interesting turn of phrase a dispositional intellectual pivot is meant to highly that we make the next decision based on the moment it is not based on the previous position. No inertia or implied degree of consistency is driving us from one decision to the next. No overall guiding philosophy helps to derive a decision making path. I’m not really ok with that line of thought or the fact that it is a pretty well accepted framework for folks to use at this point. I tend to fall back on some value choices related to being transparent, being collaborate, and actively working to prevent failure. You can probably see just how trying to uphold those values would be in conflict with a dispositional approach to decision making.

My phone is alerting me that a new episode of The AI Podcast from NVIDIA is available to listen to on my Google Play Music application. That is pretty good news. Much like the trap of listening to audiobooks at night really good podcasts tend to lower my writing output. It looks like it is trying to get me to listen to episode 51 which is about saving lives by predicting extreme weather. That podcast is pretty much a trifecta of my interests. I like to learn about severe weather, deep learning, and podcasts entertain me. One of the great things that YouTube and podcasts in general provide is a forum for long form discussions. A lot of YouTube technology related shows are really jus podcasts with video. That is not a bad thing. Some folks prefer to watch folks talk and some just like to listen to the sounds. Sure that is fundamentally different than knocking on the sky to hear the sound. One is a purely reflective action and the other is more about learning and being entertained. You could argue that deep reflection could help you learn and entertain you, but that might be a little bit more inside baseball than I have patience for at the moment.

All of this writing is supposed to be linking back to inquiry about picking directions. Some of these musing are probably tugging at the edges of that narrative thread, but maybe it is not addressed it head on enough to really bring the best of the topic under full consideration. Digging a little bit deeper directly into the reality of picking a direction might help move things along. Being present is the moment helps you understand the context of the choice. It helps bring it all together as you figure out that next step. Each step along the way is a part of the journey. Throughout the journey different directions and decisions are going to get made. That is a much a part of life as anything else. You cannot really find a routine and repeat the exact same steps every day. Things change and the world around us is not static. Sure part of that is due to the impending intersection of technology and modernity that will be a touchstone for everyone that experiences that moment. Really it will be a touchstone for everyone that sees the ramp up of technology that breaks down modernity.

Topic 1: I’m picking a new vinyl record store

Given my new focus on buying items locally here in Denver I’m working to pick a new vinyl record store. Sure I could just buy older vinyl from eBay, but that lacks the experience of looking at records and visiting a store. A quick search of online vinyl record stores produced a pretty interesting list. Another search helped me locate all the physical records stores near me. A few actually exist here in Denver. Going to visit one and being willing to look around and buy something on the spot is a different buying experience for me. Most of the time my vinyl record buying experiences either involve a whim or an opportunity. Sometimes a whim is as simple as hearing a song and thinking i’ll buy that on vinyl. It is a little more complex to sum up an opportunity. Sometimes I get an email or a notice of some sort that a band I’m interested has a kickstarter or a small printing of a vinyl record. Those opportunities usually trigger a buying decision. A quick search for “vinyl record store near me” found a few that are pretty darn close. I’ll pick one and go visit it to see how things go. I’m sure you will hear a little bit about that journey as we go along.

Topic 2: Some new Hot Ones hot sauce

Ok —- I need to make another YouTube hot sauce review video. The first one that I did for the Last Dab was pretty fun to do and worked out well enough. My latest purchase of the Last Dab Carolina Reaper edition is a little bit intimidating. It is probably a very intense hot sauce. Sure making a couple of my vegan wings in the oven and drenching them in hot sauce is not that hard. Trying to convince myself that it is a good idea to consume millions of scoville units worth of hot sauce is always the hard part. I’m good with really hot sauces up to a point. The Last Dab sauce with Pepper X was hot and I remember it being extremely hot, but it has some solid flavor to it.

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado
Written on my Storm Stryker PC and or my ASUS C101P using Google Docs

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