Friday night dinner and a fantasy football draft

I’m getting back into the swing of blogging. I wrote a few paragraphs about the weight of modernity’s shadow. A few of the pages challenged the nature of modern society. They looked at the nature of our lost commons and the diminished sense of public. I took those paragraphs and stored them away for later. A few sentences later, I was back in blogging mode writing about how daylight will never know hesitation and how I enjoy donuts. It’s true.

My coffee tastes bitter from sitting on the counter for about an hour.

It’s time to get going. Today is going to be a big day. It’s my last day working within the online operations group. Next week I’ll be working for the information technology group as a Sr. Business Systems Analyst. To celebrate Joni and I will be heading out to the Craftwood Inn which specialized in “Colorado cuisine” for dinner. Executive Chef Brother Luck has not disappointed us yet. I have high hopes for a truly enjoyable dinner.

After dinner, I’ll be decimating my coworkers during a fantasy football draft.