Grading coursework and watching Stanford University videos

It’s Sunday again. You know what that means. It’s time to grade papers and watch football.

John Paul has been exercising me a little more than usual this morning/afternoon. Apparently, at 11 months old he has gone from very active to incredibly active. Who knew that he would enjoy throwing a ball and crawling to the ball over and over again? We may have to contact some baseball scouts.

I setup my Dell Studio 1535 to display some Stanford University Center for Professional Development decision quality videos on my Sony Bravia television. The setup worked ok. I have been looking for a low cost wireless HDMI option for the last few months.

Laptop to TV via HDMI
Laptop to TV via HDMI

We stopped watching lectures during the Denver Broncos game. As a team the Baltimore Ravens have lost their defensive mojo. I’m guessing Joe Flacco may be replaced next year.

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