The HP ENVY x2 11t-g000 is now for sale

I went online with the intention of purchasing a hybrid tablet from Hewlett Packard last night. My Dell Studio 1535 has started showing signs of imminent hardware failure. It’s four years old and sports an upgraded 40 gigabyte solid state drive. As the holiday season approaches you will start to get the sense that this is the year of the hybrid tablets. Computer hardware manufacturers are basically throwing out a bunch of hybrid tablet options in an effort to figure out what sticks. Early adopters can now buy the HP ENVY x2 11t-g000 online. However, I ended up having two objections. First, the “Customize & Buy” button does not actually allow a shopper to upgrade the device. Second, the shipping date was 30 days out (December 17, 2012). I’m seriously taking a look at the Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T as a potential alternative…

HP Envy X2 11t-g000
HP Envy X2 11t-g000

One thought on “The HP ENVY x2 11t-g000 is now for sale

  1. I agree Dr. I too was waiting for the release date to head to my local store only to find the device does not ship for a month after purchase. This is truly not my definition of a “release date”.

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