KU vs Richmond Live Blog Post

The game is under way…

5:55 pm The Jayhawks are off to a great start. When the inside game develops in the second half this game could get out of hand for Richmond.

5:59 pm 29-9 would be the time to put on the gas… letting up in the tournament is recipe for disaster.

6:06 pm I just finished a cheesesteak sandwich and am considering a 3rd beer…


6:36 pm A strong start will probably include the inside game. Getting the Morris twins involved early cold pay dividends down the stretch.

6:50 pm Richmond has had a few good stretches… the Jayhawk have stopped pushing the ball up court on every possession.

7:06 pm The Jayhawks have not been able to push the lead beyond 20 points.

7:16 pm At some point, the coaches are going to empty the benches 75-52

8:13 pm The Jayhawks won the game 77-57 and advanced to the elite eight.

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