KU vs Illinois Live Blog Post

The game will be starting soon enough…

I will be live blogging throughout the evening.

6:35 PM Texas just got zebra’ed at the end of the Arizona game.

6:42 PM Joni is debating between a taco salad or the black and blue burger. I went with the cheese steak sandwich and sweet potato fries. The zebras are becoming a major storyline this year.

6:53 PM The game got delayed… at least CBS stopped game hopping. The new distribution model with multiple channels was a brilliant move.

The game has started…

7:04 PM The inside game started strong enough to get the hi/low going.

The first timeout…

7:10 PM The Jayhawks need to maintain this intensity level for the rest of the game.

7:24 PM The emotional start has faded into NBA style half court defense…

7:32 PM Both Morris twins are making a strong case for positive NBA scouting reports…

The first half is over

7:47 PM I hope Bill Self talks about maintaining a good tempo, using the inside game versus taking 3’s, and playing inspired defense at halftime.

The second half has started

8:10 PM The Jayhawks need a strong start to gain momentum…

8:17 PM Why is this game still competitive?

8:26 PM What happened to the inside game?

8:39 PM The Jayhawks have the advantage inside, but the whole team is settling for 3’s.

9:00 PM When did the pivot screen become legal? If you move during a screen, then the screen becomes illegal.

…and the Jayhawks won.

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