Homework makes me tired

I had a very busy Sunday and ran all over the state of Colorado. These last couple of days I have been tired and hopefully I am nearing the home stretch of this whole blood infection debacle. The last time I was seriously ill was when I had mononucleosis in middle school. I actually ended up having to test out of eight grade for the most part. Over the course of the last month, I have felt tired, cranky, and lost a little bit of motivation.
Homework has been the major focus of my writing during the last month and I hope that maybe tomorrow during my eight-hour ride back to Kansas City I will be able to write some good old-fashioned free stream of thought Nels prose. Maybe the day of driving across the countryside is what I need to relax and enjoy these days without feeling excessively tired. I am getting mentally prepared for the LSAT this Saturday. This should be a major test of my abilities to focus and stay on topic for the daylong test of reasoning.

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