Colorado Rockies at Coors Field

One of the things that I learned from Andy (BLUE) is a deep and devoted appreciation for the game of baseball. Last night I wasted the Colorado Rockies play the New York Mets for the love of the game without any hope for the playoffs or even a hint of wild card in the air. You are right of course that they are professional athletes. However if you look at the rosters of both of these clubs they are not full of elite players with gigantic contracts.
I am a Kansas City Royals fan. That is not something that is going to change. However, I can say sitting in the bleachers at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado was refreshing. Think about this, you are one mile above sea level. Forget seeing the sunset, the mountains are in the way. Andy would never forgive me if I went to Coors Field and did not have a Coors beer. I opened up my wallet and handed the cashier the $5.75 for about twenty ounces of rocky mountain golden goodness of Coors Light. Andy is right beer and baseball just seem to belong together.
Supposedly, Coors Field is a hitter

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