no more china

it will take me a couple of days to transform my notes into prose. of course it will then take me several additional days to turn that prose into readable form. i hope to see you all soon in the next couple of days. my days of being a guest of the PRC are over. i was on the news several times in china. i will tell you all about it in my next post. i have several ideas i am working out at the moment.

3 thoughts on “no more china

  1. Nelson, when does the madness end? When will you be back in KC? We have adopted the FAS while you’ve been away. Don’t worry, we’ve taken care of him. Why, just sunday night he was with us at the Peanut drinking an entire pitcher of beer in one drink……….kind of like old times. Call when you get back.

  2. if you’re already back, welcome back, if not, welcome back anyway. hope all is well with you and maybe i’ll see you after you adjust to being back.

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