the great wall

what a fun day. i ran to the top of the great wall of china. that is 1.6 miles. in fact i did not really fun i sort of walked. it is up hill you know! ok, fine, if you insist, i was pulled up the hill. (by two people, one of which carried my backpack.) it was a good time and i am ready to get some BBQ, PIZZA, and of course some TACO’s. i now know why fat people do not live in china. it is really hard to manage to eat enough to gain weight! i am thinking of all of you and hope that you are all doing really well. i am not sure why, but i wake up everyday at sunrise and then am tired all day. go figure!

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  1. So, is the Chinese government watching everything that you’re putting on this website? If I were the Chinese government, I would ban it! ;P

  2. I hope you saw that I did a search for “seduction” and I was VERY disappointed that there was nothing.. I am very very sad. But I hope you are have a good time in China!!!

  3. If I were the Chinese government, I would publish pictures of Nels on top of the foldy-boxes that rice comes in when they deliver Chinese food to apartments. Now that would be seduction.
    Glad to hear the Chinese are dragging you up their monuments.

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