before the graduation party

I guess today is the day of the big graduation party. My parents are coming in from Kansas City to be in attendance. I have a few friends traveling from various places to be a part of the event. Parties are difficult to plan and even more stressful if you do not know who is going to show up. This party is going to be a little different since it is a three person graduation extravaganza. Jaccie and Mr. Borys are making the party experience a little easier since they have invited some peoples and helped out in the planning process. I hope that everything turns out well tonight. I am rather worried about the fact that the party last for such a long time. From 6pm to close is like an eternity for things to go wrong. An eight hour party is a very serious event and cannot be taken lightly I would not have endeavored to achieve such an outcome without sharing the party responsibilities within the abilities of three people.
The royals game was last night it was strange, because it was so cold for being the month of May. Even though it was 1$ night it was hard to be motivated about watching the Kansas City Royals since Gobble gave up four runs in the first inning alone. I swear the Kansas City Royals should start a practice squad of just pitchers that could follow around the team and give batting practice to players. Something has to be done to help advance the progress of the young pitchers if this team does not get back on track then all is lost in Kansas City. I am now waiting for the new NBA team. I have decided that a Kansas City NBA team of all former University of Kansas players and of course some stand out Big Twelve talent would do better than the Royals. Baseball needs some form of parity through a better draft and market system. I am now in favor of a salary cap or at least some sort of better talent dispersion.

4 thoughts on “before the graduation party

  1. Nels,
    You know who it is, your friend from the frat. I am writing to say that I am very dissapointed that I am not at all mentioned in this little blog of yours. 1$ night and no mention of hanging out with your buddies luke and mike at the rager of all tailgate ragers? Tsk Tsk Tsk. Graduation party and no mention of your good buddies showing up to give you the congrats you deserve? I am sad inside. Oh well congrats on the gaduation and sorry that the fractals didn’t work out how you planned. In closing, I expect some mention of your buddies from melrose posted on this site effective immediately, May 25.

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