Stories from Tikrit

One of the joys of being constantly on the Internet is that you run into people from all over the place recently <a href=””>GJOE</a> pointed me in the direction of a new weblog called <a href=””>Stories from Tikrit</a>. They have this to say about themselves, ?<a href=””></a> is where 24 select members of the 101st Military Intelligence write about life in the Army, life in Tikrit, and life in wartime. Of course, everything is the “operational security” version of the events, so if you’re looking for inside information about military action in Iraq, you aren’t going to find anything anywhere on What you will find is the true stories of United States Army soldiers in Iraq.? If you have some extra time, then you should check out the page and send them a comment. In times like these, our troops need all the support they can get. Now back to your regularly scheduled surfing?

One thought on “Stories from Tikrit

  1. Could you please email me the actual URL? The one above is not working correctly. I’d really appreciate it… my boyfriend is leaving for there next month and I was interested in reading about it.
    Thanks in advance,

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