the red bull festival begins tonight

I will be writing until I am done. Determination is not a something to strive for it is something you have or you do not have. Now is the time. I will return when the projects are over.
Things Nels has to complete to graduate.
1. Finance paper on state gambling revenues (April 27)
2. Best Practices Paper (May 5)
3. Final Law Paper (May 11)
4. LDCHA Policy Issue Paper (May 19)
5. Professionalism Paper (May 22)
6. Thesis ?The Future of Community Labor Markets: A labor market test of the suburban exploitation thesis/hypothesis.? (May draft 5 final 22)

One thought on “the red bull festival begins tonight

  1. Goddamn, Nelson. What are you going to do when there are no more classes for you to take? I, personally, think that you will go insane with boredom and end up blowing something up.

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