Curriculum Vitae (Resume)

Curriculum Vitae (Resume) for Nels Lindahl Educational History Stanford University: Strategic Decision and Risk Management Certificate, Stanford Center for Professional Development, In progress Stanford University: Advanced Project Management Certificate, Stanford Center for…

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Working out the pitch

My goal for tonight involves finishing the pitch for the multichannel A-UP model. Writing a pitch is a funny thing to do. The interpersonal dynamics of making a live sales pitch matter. A written pitch may not be audience specific, things might change after it was written, and it is not interactive. I can present the heart of a good pitch in 1 to 3 slides. Anything beyond that and your drowning the idea in details. The pitch has to be elegant in nature. It has to be elegant enough to be almost conversational. Great ideas inspire organic growth. Put bluntly, people steal great ideas. The pitch should be good enough that after hearing it anything else would seem unacceptable. Sure sometimes the pitch gets co-opted or absorbed into current plans, but that happens in the  business world.

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Writing chapters

The outline for my new multichannel contact strategy book is pretty much complete. The next piece in the puzzle involves writing the chapters. A couple of them are complete. All of the examples and stories are ready to be penned down on paper. It is time to follow the plan and get the book completed. On the positive side of things, I have the math worked out to expand the A-UP model to include optimized multichannel contact strategies. The union of those models looks pretty gnarly on paper. It may be the first complete system of numerical optimization algorithms that calculates the effectiveness of contact channels for campaigns that evaluates multiple points in time. My goal is to have the book complete by the end of May.

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New running shoes

Procured a new pair of Nike running shoes yesterday from the local Sports Authority store. They weight about half of what my old shoes did. The last time I had purchased running shoes it was technically a different century. The old ones pretty much had only been used during sporadic lawn mowing sessions. Our last yard was pretty small. I could now it with a push mower in about 15 minutes.

At the time of the purchase the Sports Authority store was pretty empty. A nice  college age employee told me all about the different shoes. Apparently, that particular employee really liked the new Nike Free running shoes and the arch support insoles. Before I went to the store after work my coworkers told me not to get the insoles, but it seemed like a good idea.

This morning after warming up and wearing the new shoes the plan seems to be achieving the desired effect. No shin splints today. That’s pretty awesome in my book. After a month of working out it appears I need to better manage my exercise routine.

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Class starts roday

That strategic planning for business class I picked up this term starts today. The first 26 pages of the textbook were ok. They were very example heavy. Only one model was introduced. The textbook needs a lot of multimedia work to get to the next level. I’m looking forward to welcoming the students to class today.

The new multichannel contact strategy book is starting to take shape. All of the formatting is complete. The document shell has been updated. My trip to Chicago really fuelled my need to write. My 30 day writing path is still on track, but I’m going to need to pick it up a notch moving forward.

Over the course of the last month my weekday gym visits have become a part of my routine. Joni offered to get me a Fitbit for my birthday. I was about to buy the new flex before it got recalled. How long will it be before Citizen makes a watch with the same capabilities? 

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Denver zoo visit


It’s almost 9:00 AM. John Paul wanted to go the zoo today. We are waiting for the mad rush when it opens. I woke up at 5:30 AM today to write for a couple hours. Getting up at 5:30 AM on a Saturday morning demonstrates a certain level of commitment. I knocked out parts of two chapters. It was a productive writing session.

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New Class Prep

It looks like I will be picking up that business strategy class this term. I should find out how many students will be in the class by Monday.

The physical textbook is on the way. Sure — I got an electronic textbook already, but I still enjoy print versions of textbooks. Technology can provide an advantage, but most textbook content has not been adapted to take advantage of the new digital format. Most of the digital texts I have seen are just hard to read versions of the book. You end up zooming in and out and scrolling all over the pages. I’m sure someday they will all be epic multimedia adventures, but that day has not arrived yet.

I will be spending a few hours tonight working on getting the course setup. I am looking forward to setting up the course. After setting up the course, I will need to spend some time writing a chapter. My alarm is already set for an early morning writing session tomorrow. This year each weekend morning has been earmarked for writing journal articles or book chapters. So far that plan has been working. It has been working pretty well.

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Staying on track

This has been a productive week. I seem to be getting a lot of stuff done very quickly.

Joni is super concerned that I do not understand what a mud run entails. I know it will be a difficult to complete 3.5 mile track covered by mud. My weekday running routine has been expanded to include 3 miles each session. If I can maintain my weekday workout regimen for the next couple of months, then I should be able to complete the mud run.

On the academic front, I may be picking up a business strategy class this term. Over the course of the last two years, my course roster has only included intro to business. It will be nice to get back to grading APA formatted papers again. Introduction to business is a first term class. Business strategy is a 7th term class. I should find out this weekend what classes I actually get assigned.

At the MPSA conference last week, I made the decision to start volunteering to review journal articles. My research background is pretty technical in nature, but I think being a reviewer could be a rewarding experience.

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A focused Wednesday

I’m back from Chicago. I’m running on a treadmill before 7:00 AM writing this post on my HTC One Max. Pretty much everybody who notices the phone thinks it is a tablet. It works for me and that is what counts.

My exercise routine took a hard fall off the wagon last week. I kept up with my vitamins, but the only exercise I got was walking around the City of Chicago.

Joni had me walking all over Chicago. We walked from Hot Doug’s to Wrigley field for the Cubs opening day. We walked from the hotel to Sable Kitchen and Bar for dinner one night. It felt like we did a ton of walking.

Strange things were afoot while I was away from work last week. Apparently, the IT team planned a mud run. In a couple months they think it is a good idea for me to run 5k in the mud.

I have time blocked off to exercise each weekday. I have time dedicated to writing everyday. The 30 day book writing plan is in progress. A shell has been setup. Chapters have been drafted. All that is left is the execution part of the plan.

More on that tomorrow…

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The book writing fever

Well – it happened. During my trip to Chicago it happened. The sudden and overwhelming need to write occurred. All I want to do is write. It’s pretty overwhelming. I have ten chapters floating around in my head. A few hours of writing need to happen. I’m working on a book related to multichannel contact strategy. Right now the examples are all related to campaigns and elections. It’s going to be epic. I’m in the process of extending the A-UP model to evaluate multichannel campaign contact strategies.

Making progress

Two things of note happened yesterday. 

First, I made some real progress on answering one of my principle electronic government research questions. Stay tuned to figure out which one.

Second, the event last night was pretty decent. I got to meet Jeff Kaplan from CIO magazine. It was a relatively small 50 person meet and greet. Now that I’m living in Denver, I feel like making a better effort to network. So far I have been converting that strategy into action. The IT community is smaller than the broader business community, but it is still pretty big.

The event was hosted by CDW. They titled it “Maximizing your private/hybrid cloud strategy.” The speakers/hosts were from VMWARE, CDW, CIO Magazine, and NetApp. The best commentary of the night surrounded getting data back from the cloud for business analysis, long-term storage, or to manage vendor change. Some partnerships requires so much integration that vendor lock in can seem irreversible.

It’s interesting to hear people talk about Amazon web services. People have such different takes on cloud services. I still look at the cloud as an off premise service, but I do acknowledge that some things exist in a hybrid format.

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