Nels Traveling

Nels Traveling Picture in Picture Photo

Over the last few weeks, I have done a large amount of traveling. I have traveling all over the Midwest. I even managed to try out the picture in picture mode on my HTC One Max.


Employment Update: I got lucky this time. I really did. On Friday two paychecks came. It lined up perfectly this time. Things could have worked out differently. It was time to make a change. In terms of employment options, I’m fairly risk adverse. The choice to make a change was pretty easy to make. People seem to be transitioning from job to job more often. Throughout my career I have taken changing companies very seriously. Making an employment change seems like a life event. I know most of the changes are not major life events, but they are serious changes.

Weblog Update: Let’s change directions for a minute… I’m going to change up my writing habits. Conducting research brings me joy. Research can easily take on a variety of forms. Over the years, I have always enjoyed conducting research and writing reviews. On a go forward basis, I will be conducting research and writing reviews to publish online. That research will be mixed into my functional journal.

Daily Notes Update: I used to keep each day worth of notes in a separate file. I have been doing that for years. Opening a new document and starting fresh has always been a fundamental part of my process. I’m going to transition to keeping notes in a single file. This change is being initialed to help facilitate the publishing process. The change will be effective as of August 1, 2014.

One Drive Sync Problems

Frustrating. Computer problems can be very frustrating. A computer software problem wasted a few hours of my time. It has been happening for about a week. It happens every time a user saves a Microsoft Office 365 Word 2013 document. During the One Drive save process the entire thing crashes and restarts. You can imagine that this type of problem is frustrating in a very epic way.

One Drive runs natively within Microsoft Windows 8.1. The application does not appear to have a repair function. Other people seem to be having similar problems. The specific error includes the verbiage, “There was a problem signing you into OneDrive.” Most of the troubleshooting advice surrounds checking to make sure the “OneDrive Sync engine host” application is running. I was able to force a restart of the One Drive sync service by hitting the Windows key + r to get a run dialogue box then typing “skydrive.exe /reset”.

That command forced the One Drive application to sync. The sync took several hours. That command did remove the “There was a problem signing you into OneDrive” that occurred anytime the application was opened. However, the main problem related to saving Microsoft Office 365 Word 2013 documents remains. Every time a document is saved to One Drive the application restarts. Documents can be saved locally. The whole point of the One Drive service revolves around saving to the cloud. Right now that functionally is broken. The Microsoft support team needs to encourage One Drive developers to provide a few more troubleshooting options.

World Cup League Update

Today is the big day for my “World Soccer Pick’em” league. Without any real soccer knowledge I have managed to climb the ladder to 2nd place in the league. Picking the correct score on the Germany vs. Argentina game today will make the difference between winning and losing the league.

Android Application Management Day

My HTC One Max has been running a little slow this week. One of the Android applications probably has run amuck burning battery and making me sad. The phone has been restarted and any applications that are not currently being used have been uninstalled. The Chili’s restaurant to-go application, Yahoo Baseball, Yahoo Fantasy Sports, Netflix, and Cisco Jabber have all been uninstalled. We will see if the recent purge creates an improvement.

Website Update

I switched out the rolling homepage for a static post. I’m going to give it a week and see how I feel about the change. Today took a strange turn when I decided to watch Season 1 of The League on Netflix.

2014 Task Review

We are more than half way through the 2014 calender year. Now would be a good time to review my top 10 tasks for the year in no particular order. I’m probably going to set an order later this week.

10 pending tasks to complete during 2014:

  1. Build a 2014 technology frontier infographic and convert it into a YouTube video
  2. Come up with a small business idea and write a business plan
  3. Expand NPL Research Group offerings to include micro targeted data mining
  4. Expand my eGovernment 50 dataset analysis to include all municipalities
  5. Complete a 2nd complete revision of the Modeling political campaign contact performance paper
  6. Publish the Multichannel Contact Strategy for Campaigns book
  7. Complete and publish a 2nd edition of the Graduation with Civic Honors book
  8. Submit a paper to the American Society for Public Administration annual conference
  9. Submit a paper to the Midwest Political Science Association annual conference
  10. Complete at least 3 new YouTube videos related to Multichannel Contact Strategy

I’m also working on studying for the PMP exam. Pretty much everybody agrees that a PMP boot camp is the way to go.

Happy Independence Day America

The 4th of July is happening outside right now. The public commons seems to be working. A couple hundred people are hanging out and waiting for the fireworks just down the street. John Paul was pretty excited that the petty zoo had a goat. Public parks and opens spaces are all over Colorado. The Broomfield open spaces were one of the reasons we purchased our house. Most of them are pretty nice. Weather forecasts are suggesting it might rain at dusk. I’m hopeful that we will still get to see the fireworks. The Public Broadcasting Service presentation of “A Capital Fourth” has been set to DVR just in case.